The day before WEIGH IN


I know, I know, I shouldn’t be nervous …. BUT I AM.  Hehehe!  But I can’t stop smiling.  No worries … Mike and I went dancing to help ease the stress.  It worked, because we laughed until we almost cried at our blunders.  🙂

I think tomorrow just might be the day I have a #1 in the front of my weight instead of a 2 as in 200.  I don’t know about you, but that is WAY EXCITING for me.  This is a first time in 15 or 20 years (since the battle with obesity began in earnest), that I have experienced a continuous dropping of the pounds as fast or almost as fast as I gained.  I keep being surprised.  This time it is a good thing.  🙂

I know I never posted the history like I promised.  Somehow, posting my past–my medical history seemed almost a harbinger of doom–announcing my defeat before I began.  I just could not bring myself post my continued failures and defeats in a concise list.  I have mentioned them in a few posts, but I have NOT listed them out for all to see on here as I did for the Doctor; it was just so overwhelmingly depressing.  Already struggling to believe, believe that I could give my all again, was hard enough without seeing the complete list.  I wanted to hope again, to shoot, shoot for the brass ring.  In my case the gold ring of health and life, or the promise of hope, hope that there would be health in my life again.  It was hard to hope again.  Looking at the numerous failed attempts and setbacks only heightened my fears and my doubts about this program.  EatRight/OptiFast at UAB held promise for me according to the staff and my friends who knew the program.

I had a HARD time scraping up the courage to hope again.  I am very glad that I did take that leap of faith, and throw myself head long off the cliff of hope once more.  This time, after so many times of heartbreak and emotional injury, my wings caught wind, and I began to sore upward in the number of pounds lost and kept off.  I know most people think that the real work is still ahead of me in the “keeping it off.”  You have to keep in mind, I have never been able to get this far … far enough to have a CHANCE to keep it off.  I have no fear of keeping it off … just getting it off.  I have never before lost more than 30 pounds in any of my attempts before Optifast (no matter what method I used). I would be going along well and good only to stop losing, and not only would I stop losing, but start rolling backwards without my having changed a thing to deserve regaining the weight.

What is different this time?  Well … I think … it is my doctors at the EatRight/OptiFast UAB Clinic.  I believe helping people gain control of their bodies is their passion … it has to be … I am amazed by what has happened.   They understand what it takes to jump start a body, and they leave no stone unturned when exploring why and what is at the root of a persons weight loss problems.  🙂

My concerns with the program were more in the beginning — would this program work???  I was not sure, but I hoped it would.  Yes, it has worked wonderfully … still …I get nervous once we change something; like adding bar, and now food back in.  Lately, my body rebells every time I put a shake to my mouth …. but …. we (Mike and I) are having a “come to Jesus” meeting with my body.  We have together demanded that it get in line.   That it stop being ornery and eat what I give it … when I give it … and it is NOT allowed to reject it because of taste (something my body is known to do after a while on a particular plan).

Well … I am off to bed … for tomorrow I rise and face the scales … Blessings all …S



7 thoughts on “The day before WEIGH IN

  1. You are correct; having the people who KNOW everything about the weight battle issues makes all the difference in the world. I only wish more people would try this UAB program; it works, people are healthier, happier and they dance more!

  2. Wohooo and what do the scales tell?

    I am jealous if you hit the 1 in front. having a 1 in front is my goal for this year. It would be the weight, where I look REALLY slim. Not normal, not average, but… slim.

    I so hope I can write in my blog soon that I git the 1 in front of my weight!


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