Weigh In #14


Today had the potential to be another milestone Weigh-In Day.  New Class, at a new time, new factors–eating real food–were added in, and I was gone for two weeks.  HUGE nerves, but More Excitement.  Wondering would I break the 200 pound barrier?  I won’t make you wait for the reveal like I usually do ……….. there is a in the first number of my weight NOW!  hahahah …. Happy dance …. Happy Dance …. do a little wiggle … do a little strut …. give me a LOUD shout-out …. I am below 200 pounds! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! 🙂

Am I happy …. ahhh … YEAH!  This chica gets to buy a new piece of jewelry.  Well, we may have an anniversary ring, that Mike got me years ago that NEVER fit, redone.  I would love that.  We will see what we should do once we go look later today.

This makes a Total loss while on OptiFast of 57.5 pounds.  Hehehe!  I know … I keep laughing … I can’t help myself.  I have lost a total of 65.5 pounds since starting Loseit.com and working with Donna Jones.

my graph from loseit.com

Weight         BMI

Pre weigh       255                  41.8

1st weigh           249     I don’t know

2nd weigh         244       40.0

3rd  weigh         239         39.2

4th weigh          234.5      38.4

5th weigh          231.5       37.9

6th weigh          227          37.2

7th weigh          223          36.5

8th weigh          218.5      35.8

9th weigh          215.5       35.3

10th weigh     Missed

11th weigh       209           34.2

12th weigh       204          33.4

13th weigh       Missed

14th weigh     197.5      32.4

Ok ... Take a Look ... Oh, Yeah! Shonnie Got a 1 in front! hehehe! That is a 9 ... it would be WAY sweet if it had a 4 as in 147. 🙂 I am Still VERY HAPPY with the 197.5!!

OptiFast has been my Difference! Each band represents 25 pounds. I love getting those! I should get 2 more before I am finished! Hehehehehehe! You all be blessed ... this chick is gonna go find something fun to do ...S

38 thoughts on “Weigh In #14

  1. Shonnie is a rock star! Again!

    Talk about the mental relief of getting below 200… it’s crazy, isn’t it? Whudda thunk that number on the scale could be such an ego boost, but it is! And the weight will continue to peel off. It’s so fun discovering the skinnier person inside our protective layering. I am so, so, sooo proud of you and even happier for you! I, too, lost some weight prior to beginning the Optifast program and I love tacking on that extra ten pounds I had lost. Hey, we lost that weight, too!

    Like I said, I’m sooo happy for you! And excited!

    • Beth, it is HUGE. That is why I am so nervous today–I really DO NOT WANT to jump back up to 200. I can stay the same, but no going back up!!

      Exactly on the additional pounds … THEY ALL COUNT!! 🙂 I still can’t believe you have less than 25 pounds to go — that is SO AWESOME!

  2. OHHHH WEIGH TO GO!!!!!!! 😉 Congratulations – amazing – you have done exceedingly well – time to celebrate with a little dance!!! 😉 fantabulous! Breaking that barrier is just what you needed to keep you motivated and to spur you on to goal! I’m so happy for you – you deserve the success you have worked so hard for it! Well done my dear friend – onwards, downwards and up to all good things 😉 xxx

  3. Shonnie,
    You look GORGEOUS and you have inspired me to start my own blog. I too am an optifast patient. I just discovered your blog yesterday, but have read through it completely. I love all of the pictures as you look so happy and content. I am just beginning this journey, but feel confident that it is going to change my life for the better. It is nice to know that there are others with the same feelings and trials in this life. I am pleased to have found you and will continue to view and share.

    Wishing you much continued success!
    Live, love, laugh-

    • Thanks Lisa,
      I went and checked you out. I plan on following up on you … you are NOW on my blog roll. I have several other good OptiFast blogger buddies. Dean Jones (who has already made goal weight), Beth (A Leaner Me) and OptiFast Loser. When you can eat … there is the site Be Well.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and checking me out. I hope we have a fun OptiFast Journey together.


    • Hahaha Donna! Thanks for keeping up with me on the other side of the world. I feel special! Thank you so MUCH for drinking that Vodka for me — since I can’t! hehe! I knew you were a TROUPER! I will be watching for those photos. I know you are having Wonderful time! 🙂 Without me! hehe

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