H …E….L….L…O ….O….U…T T.H.E.R.E.

I had my hand in this about to take several when I snapped to my senses! NO!

I hope you all have had a BLESSED and exciting weekend.  I have had a VERY interesting week and weekend. Whew!  I guess we will see how things worked out for me on this Tuesday.

Wednesday, when I hopped on the scales–Like I am NOT supposed to do–I weighed 196 (my scales have me weighing about 3 pounds heavier than the UAB scales).  I kept that lower weight for another day …and then everything changed!  For the Worse!! Well, after several days of my working out more than normal, and adding back in my weight lifting–you guessed it I jumped back on those Lovely Scales and the reader hit 203.6– FREAK OUT!!

Why Freak Out?  Well, as many of you know I burn a LOT of calories just sitting on my rump, 2,500 to be exact.  I have to be careful how much I workout and eat, or I could find myself back where I was when we started–Gaining weight–because my body is under too much stress without enough food/nourishment.  I Do Not Want That!  I am following Dr. Ard’s plan, and I will cut it back if he says I have too.  I DON’T want to though.

My fears renewed, still, I did not let my concerns stop me from walking more, and lifting again, nor did it stop me from trying my legs at running/jogging again.  We (Dr. Ard and I) have a Plan, and I am going to work it first before running in terror that I am back on the wrong cycle!!!!  Saturday night run was a fun moment: I ran 1 mile of the 2 1/4 that we lapped the track.  I even jogged a little in our neighborhood today with Mike when we hit the road for a walk this morning for pre-wedding preparation.  Weight gain didn’t stop me from hopping on my bike to go for an hour ride with Mikey — I messed up the Map My Ride, so I am only sure of the 3 miles we did early on; we probably did about 10 to 13 miles.  It felt great.

On a positive note, my blood sugars are dropping.  No meds and an hour after eating, my reading was 95 — very low.  Looks like meds will be dropping Very soon.  Losing meds is a GREAT THING!  🙂  I was going to say that when I got up this am I was back down to 198, but this evening I am back up to 202.  Booo Hiss!!!  I am going to wait until Tuesday to get worried — and I am NOT getting Back on the Scales again!!  I’m just sayin’!!

The wedding we attended today was one of my younger daughter’s best buddies, Amy and Cole.  We love these two kids a LOT!  We had to be there, and I am so glad that we were!!

And here we go with the Pics:

The party guys, girl, and Squirrel ... yep ... a pet squirrel. His owner was not pictured.

I had ONE bite of a tip of my sons pizza! It was good, and I left all these other things ALONE!

After a few minutes of the party and the squirrel, I headed back up to make MY food!!

MY Meal! Mikey said to tell you that this is a SAUCER Not a plate.

The taste of cake that lead to my RUN ... later this evening. 🙂

These are the things I stayed away from. I had an OptiFast Berry Bar. 🙂

The Cakes ... Mike got a Large slice of the one on the right--I tried a bite. I had one strawberry, one raspberry, and one blackberry. They were wonderful with my 24 oz of water. 🙂

What can I say ... I really like to make Mikey chase me. Hehe! He always catches me and passes me though ... unless I am on the Cervelo. 🙂 Gotta get me some training wheels for that one. 😉

Now that you all are all up to date I will call it a day.   The count down to Tuesday weigh in is just around the corner ….Blessings ya’ll …S

7 thoughts on “H …E….L….L…O ….O….U…T T.H.E.R.E.

  1. Oh my oh my! Look at the temptation your resisted – you have exactly what it takes to get you where you need to be!!! I hear so many excuses (I’ve made all of them in fact!) when people are faced with that kind of temptation – seen so many fall by the wayside (fallen there myself on a number of occasions!!!) and you get a second sense for knowing when people are going to give up – but… you and I both know – we’re not giving up – girl…. you done good and you are going to keep doing good 🙂 xxx

  2. Don’t get discouraged by all means. You know that the scales that we have at home are never right. That’s why my family stopped buying them years ago, but for some reason I’ve heard some people say the thing about the scales at our eat right program. You’ve come so far in this program to start back tracking now, besides look at all the people that you have counting on you, praying for you. and wishing you continued success until to reach your weight loss goal.

    Looking at this food on your blog doesn’t make it any better lol. I hope I don’t go into panic mode while typing this lol. Thanks for sharing, and good luck with tomorrow’s weigh in.

    • Thanks Nesha! Haha! Thanks … the food can be a bit trying. We keep it away from me most days. No one is THAT strong that they can do this everyday with loads of junk around. Thankfully my family likes to eat healthy.

      Thanks again for taking the time to encourage me. I know you have been stalled out for a bit an your words mean the world to me! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow! 🙂

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