Weigh In #15


Well, today marks the second week on “Real” food, and the first week of heavier training, things that can complicate weigh ins and life.  You remember how I always ask the question am I a Loser or a Gainer?  Today I was both.  Remember my telling you that when I started lifting weights I would gain.  That is sort of what happened.  I lost a half a pound.  I am happy that I didn’t gain — honestly I was worried about that.  So this is good news; somehow it doesn’t feel like good news.  I said bad words in my mind after that!!!!  Now, I am blowing raspberries everywhere, and I am decidedly NOT a happy camper.

There are several things contributing to my NON-weight loss this week.  The weight training is one; I gained a pound and a half of muscle weight this week.  The muscle weight causes me to hold fluid, and I gained a pound in that.  There is this other embarrassing problem I have developed from switching back to “real” food; I can’t go … uh … lets just say I have tummy troubles right now, and this is causing some of that fluid gain.   BOO HISS! BOO HISS!

To further make my day a complete winner, after my hour of torment by Adam the trainer (I think that he and Donna are related — they laugh when they hurt you — I am just sayin’!!), I arrive at my other Doctor’s appointment to find they are running an hour behind.  I am exhausted from my workout, and it is obvious to Pat that I don’t want to wait an hour; she mentions that I have something off in my blood work and that she would like it if I would redo them and come back in two weeks.  I think, GREAT (as in Yea I can go home), sure I could do that.  I forgot how badly I dehydrate during workouts, and I have hard-to-get-blood-out-of veins — can you see the problem developing?  Two more 16oz waters and three sticks later I emerge from the doctors office with a new appointment and bruises to top off my day of joy!  🙂

The good things:  1. My pants are looser, 2. My muscles are firming up, 3. I lost 2 pounds of fat, 4. I gained a pound and half of fat eating muscle, and 5. Lindsey say’s that this will be ok.  Not a lot is it?? Well, no matter, gotta keep a positive mental attitude — even though I do not want to right now — I have come a LONG way.  Oh, I remembered something else to be happy about … I didn’t GAIN.  🙂

The plan: I am to continue heavy workouts and eating the way I have for the past week.  I have meds to fix my tummy issues (we HOPE).  Lindsey’s plan is to watch me for a few weeks and see what if anything needs to be corrected/adjusted.  Can I tell you that I don’t like this plan???  I am going to trust her knowing that she wants me to lose as much as I want me to too.   I have decided that I will reserve getting angry until this thing clogs up for a couple of weeks.

So here is the breakdown:  I have lost 58 pounds in 15 weeks on OptiFast and 66 pounds since starting with Donna “the Trainer Nazi” Jones.

loseit.com reports

Weight         BMI

Pre weigh       255            41.8

1st weigh           249         I don’t know

2nd weigh         244              40.0

3rd  weigh         239              39.2

4th weigh          234.5          38.4

5th weigh          231.5          37.9

6th weigh          227             37.2

7th weigh          223             36.5

8th weigh          218.5          35.8

9th weigh          215.5           35.3

10th weigh       Missed

11th weigh        209               34.2

12th weigh        204               33.4

13th weigh        Missed

14th weigh         197.5           32.4

15th weigh      197               32.3

So … I will be stickin with the plan.  I will be taking photo’s of me in my clothes that don’t fit even now–in this week–of Not much loss.  I will do what I need to do to stay on the path and plan and let my body correct itself.  Just in case you are wondering how I am going to keep myself motivated, I will tell you.  One is what I said earlier–I am going to try on clothes that use to fit and now fall off.  I am going to look back at old pics and see how far I have come.  I am going to listen to my hubby who tells me how great I look and I am going to believe that THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT!  Because I choose to believe it is.

See, all I have to do is look ... it isnt hard to see that I have come a LONG WAY. 🙂

I am WAY happier with how I look today ... 🙂

Blessings … may we all overcome our challenges ….S


20 thoughts on “Weigh In #15

  1. Well I think you have done AMAZINGLY well!!! To get back on food and still lose weight deserves a huge amount of congratulations!!! I’m proud of you and I completely agree with what everyone else has said!!! Well done!!! xxx

  2. Yes, today wasn’t such a great day on the scale of either of us, but we have to pick ourselves up and continue to push forward everyday, But look at you. You’ve lost 58 pounds my goodness I’m proud and scared of you at the same time lol. Hopefully next week everything as far as the scale goes will be much better than today was. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    • Thanks Nesha! Why on earth would you be scared of me. Hehe! I know I am crazy an all, but I am harmless. hehe 🙂 We will move forward … and we will win. 🙂

  3. You are doing marvelously well!!! I’m so proud of you for keeping up with your healthier food choices, exercises, weigh-ins and blog updates. And Mike, I swear you need a medal…and to be cloned. You are such an encouragement to Shonnie and the rest of us as we watch how you have walked (eaten, biked, exercised, danced, etc., etc.) every step of the way together. You are amazing!

    Keep up the great work, you two. We love you!

    Beth & Kimbo

    • Thanks Beth. I am holding my own and I do have a LOT of support. Thanks for being part of it, especially today. 🙂 I agree … Mike needs a medal. He is a blessing. Love you MORE! hehe. 🙂

    • Beth, you are nice to say it. The cool part is all this “helping” Shonnie is doing things together I love to do–ride, dance, run, etc. Shonnie has been kicking butt, and it has been really exciting to get to be a part of it. It is awesome having someone you love sharing your life with!

  4. Re-adjustment sometimes isn’t a fun thing. Sounds like your body is re-adjusting to real food again. I’m a creature of habit – I don’t like change. Over the last few months, I’ve had to shake things up a bit – get out of my comfort zone, if you will. My brain and my body have realized that some things won’t ever be the same. I say all of this because it’s easier to face by reading your blog, following your journey and knowing that you are focused so that helps inspire me to stay focused on my new adventure.

    Thank you, Shonnie! Keep fighting the good fight – you are doing GREAT 🙂

    • Awe… Danny O, you are about to make me cry! A good kind of happy cry. Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. You have no idea how much your support has helped me through. Thanks. 🙂 I am glad that anything in my life might help you face your new struggles and call them an adventure … that make the junk worth it somehow. 🙂

  5. “I will reserve getting angry until this thing clogs up” Your already clogged up! You got meds for it! Poop happens! This too shall pass. (along with your weight) ;}

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