The Calm after the storm….

Yeah ... this is me Choosing Joy, Hope, and Faith in my finishing my Race. Can you see how much lower my necklace hangs now? I can, and I like the fact that I can now crop the picture MUCH smaller because there is not as much of me! 🙂

Yesterday was a tough day.  I am sure most dieters could identify with the way I was feeling yesterday.  Mentally, you know that this is just a bump–an expected bump–but still your emotions run to disappointment and fear that this will be a repetitive occurrence.  We struggle to right our thoughts, because that is where the battle is fought and won–in the mind of the dieter.  You would think that feelings like this would make you just want to dig in deeper and fight harder, but they don’t.  Let me share with you more about my day and my struggles … that were trying, but were overcome in the end.  Tell me how you think I did.  🙂

After writing my blog about my not-so-yummy loss, I began to experience extreme hunger.  This was no real surprise after the workout Adam gave me, but what was I to do about this and stay on plan?  The temptations began BIG TIME.  I was so hungry I felt slightly crazed.  I stood looking through the house to see if there was something I could eat that would be “EatRight” approved.  Finding food that is allowed that is also quick is tough.  I looked at the jar of olives — while not exactly off diet — 3 are not exactly going to fill you up either.  I had three.  Then I had three more.  I was STILL STARVING.  I could NOT stand there eating olive after olive, or I would have real problems!  Thoughts would run through my mind … screw it eat the pizza: it is ready.  Not that the pizza was a terrible choice, but one slice was not going to fill the hunger.  I found a can of chicken that I bought to make chicken salad for my folks when they were here.  I got an idea:  Grinning big, I held the can to check the calories and sodium (especially since I had already had 6 olives 40 calories and Mucho sodium) about what, if anything, I could do with this can of chewable protein.  YEA!  It was low in all areas, but the protein!

My Yum Yum 150 calorie Chicken Salad

Now, I had something I could make, then I paused, because I really wanted the Turkey Burgers we were going to make later that evening.  I tossed, and turned, and contemplated my choices here … what would be the best choice to make.  My emotions ran everywhere with my thoughts close behind joining in the tumultous dance of what to do.  I knew I did not want to blow 15 weeks of success by grabbing junk foods that were around (and possibly start an avalanch of wrong eating), that were NOT EatRight approved, simply because hunger was driving me. I decided that I am in charge of me, and I could choose to have two meals.  I would have My 150 calorie Chicken Salad, and then later I would eat the Turkey Burger with Mike, (since we were planning on going for a jog, I figured I had a few more calories to spare).

My Turkey Burger Salad. YUM!

It just seemed that if I was going to take a gamble and eat something — it needed to be something that would satiate my hunger for “Real” food — heading off the temptations to eat off plan before they could grow into a panic.

Today is a NEW DAY.  I think I made the best choice for me yesterday.  This morning when I awoke my scales had me down 3 pounds.  I know that will probably fluctuate, but still it was encouraging.   🙂

However, I am still battling HUNGER.  Mike bought me some great low calorie pickles that were also low in sodium — I thought I would have 2 of those for only 8 calories.  No go … Still HUNGRY … BIG TIME!  Rather than drink an extra shake, I went for a repeat of yesterdays chicken salad, only to be hungry yet again at 12:30.  I think all my activity has started to catch up with me.  I ate myself a OptiFast protein bar, and finally I feel full.  Yea!  🙂

Another bothersome problem has started to “move” and correct itself, thanks to the meds that Doc’s at EatRight gave me.  Thank YOU LORD!  I mean that!  Well, I should get off here and do some shopping for food.  Tonight we are going to have Bell Peppers stuffed with turkey, cauli-rice, cabbage, and mushrooms. YUM!  I am excited.

These are some of my low to NO calorie friends that make your food taste Wonderful. I use an aerator for the olive oil -- barely get any oil at all (think Pam). The scale is a LIFE SAVER! You know exactly what you are eating with this baby!

Yep ... Yep! This RIGHT HERE is the reason Chica is gonna Keep Right on Fightin' till she gets to the end of her journey!

Mike told me how much smaller my legs and tummy looked … that was nice.  I have to say … gonna go with his take on things … I am going to choose joy, hope and faith that I will see my goal.
Check y’all later ….S


9 thoughts on “The Calm after the storm….

  1. I have discovered there are sometimes days when I’m so hungry I could peel paint off of the wall. When that happens, I don’t beat myself up. I find something doable… truthfully, when I start looking at my food intake for the day or the last two days in conjunction with my activity levels, there’s usually a reason I’m so blasted hungry.

  2. Good for you, one choice at a time! The stuffed peppers gave me an idea for a good healthy meal..thanks for sharing!

  3. Meds can be such a MOVING experience! If you had only had them one day sooner you would not have been BLOCKED UP on your weight loss. Reason NUMBER 2 not to lose heart…worry can put a STRAIN on your metabolism that is HARD to overcome. You want to have the emotional FIBER to reach your goal. It definitely can put a CRAMP in your style and WATER DOWN your happiness. You don’t want the blue bird of happiness to fall of his STOOL unless he has a SOFTENER to land on. I just want to STIMULATE and encourage you in a GENTLE AND EFFECTIVE way without putting a CRAMP in your style. The MOVEMENT toward weight loss must be such a RELIEF!

    • Loretta …. I had this really cool reply all worked out last night and I passed out before I wrote it down… now I am just here crackin’ up at your comment. Well … my movements yesterday, again, became impeded. The flow has been stopped and I continue to suffer STRAIN on my metabloism. I have a feeling this is going to be HARD to overcome for a few days yet. 😉 Thanks for the Laugh!

    • Thanks Sandy … I have gotten nicer since I started losing! hehe! =D BEsides everytime I get angry … I have friends who come on here and make me laugh. Thanks for stopping by.

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