Fartlek is your Friend

Well, at least according to Martin, my good buddy who is a triathlete in training.

I am considering how to apply “Fartlek” who is my friend to my daily life.  What do you think … Should I use what Fartlek has to teach??  There is a possibilty that as Martin sez … Fartlek could in fact be my friend.  I will see.  I think I am going to have to ask Martin how this relationship has worked for him.

Well … off to bed … for early to rise and ride.  …. S

Hahah … I forgot to tell you who or what Fartlek is … well …. uhhh …. Here I will let Wiki explain … I am still learning, but I do think that Fartlek will be my best buddy.  I still don’t know which bike I am taking … the cruser or the butt kicker… I really will post pics later for you to see on this post.  🙂

Oh … and Happy Easter!  🙂


10 thoughts on “Fartlek is your Friend

  1. Interesting… hadn’t heard of Fartlek training… thanks to the wiki article, now I’m in the know.

    (have to be honest, at first I thought you were going to be creatively talking about digestion 🙂

  2. No way, Jose! As one of the physically challenged, I’m leaving this one to you and Martin. You guys do it and look awesome, I’m going to stay outta the hospital, if that’s okay with ya’ll. 🙂

    • Beth, I will have to examine it and work on it — AFTER — I have managed to get the basic workout down. I am always looking for new way to make what I am doing work better. 🙂

  3. Hi 🙂 It is a good idea to structure your training. Fartlek is a cool start since you gain speed, improve your whole system and avoid continous aka monotonous training and workouts.

    If it is for the start, make it 2:1, aka 2 low pulse days of training (max 130 pulse for you) but with looong time. starting with 1 hour at once you buildup to 3-5 hours within several months time. 1 mid pulse day with eg. Fartlek. Easiest is to follow the wikipedia advice it really works that way 😀

    Have fun.

    Ohhh – did I tell, that body fat runs away in horror from people who make Fartlek training 😀 ? It’s like… truth and lawyers – those can’t coexist either in one place 😀

    • Martin,

      I am going to try it very shortly. Right now I am just getting the hang of some of these things. Like running. I loved that swiming video that Tri-Bomber posted. 🙂

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