Weigh In #16


You can’t really appreciate the stress of this morning’s weigh in until you understand what I did this weekend and what I ate.  So … I am going to tell you about “The Ride” first.

Mike and I did our longest ride yet, 59 miles.   We almost made it to 60; there is a very good reason we did NOT make it to 60 miles, and I will tell you about that later.  First, I want to share with you “The Plan.”  Just so you don’t think I went off willy nilly, my plan started with Dr. Ard at UAB, and finished up with some add in’s from The Paleo Diet for Athletes, written by Loren Cordan, PhD and Joe Friel, MS.  Doctor Ard and the Paleo Athlete book both said that I needed to consume at least 100 calories an hour that I exercised.  That is a LOT of food and WAY more than I am used to eating.

2,500 Calories is a HECK of Lot More calories than I am used to taking in ONE DAY.  Yep, you read the number correctly.  Saturday, I consumed one shake an hour while riding, along with one regular 5 1/2 oz can of V-8 juice, and ONE Whole Wheat Cracker with cheese.  I had 5 1/2 24oz. bottles of water during the ride–I stopped counting after that.  I added a Beneprotein scoop to two of my water bottles that also had a half scoop of REGULAR GATORADE.  I had a banana the night before, and mixed fruit early the morning of the ride with Two OptiFast Shakes (on schedule).  I had another banana just before hoping on the bike.  You have to understand … I never eat or drink these things.  I was beyond NERVOUS about how this would work.

After Ride Snacks

During the Ride snacks and back up cold 24 oz water.

 I know it took a lot of prep, but it was worth, AND it was an exciting day — I got to add fruit back into my diet.  🙂

My Sweet Ride

I felt great.  Mike ate like I did, and He felt great.  We clipped up the hills at 14mph all the way to Cedartown, GA.  On our way back, it was downhill, so we made MUCH better time 20mph even in a headwind.  We were feeling great, UNTIL we decided we didn’t need to stop for that last meal break.  BIG MISTAKE!  If we had stopped, we wouldn’t have hit the WALL and would have made it all the way to 60 miles … but no … we didn’t have any idea how much we needed that fuel!  We do NOW and will never forget it in the future.

We felt great the next day.  It was amazing.  We followed these two plans — approved my Doctor — and we didn’t feel like we had the flu.  Normally, after a 30 mile ride, it takes two days for me to recover.  I was weak, but not like the norm–sick for two days.  I can hardly believe it.

Mike and Shonnie about to hit the Trail

Yeah! Riding!

Mikey and Shonnie making it to Cedartown, GA.

Drinking these Babies Worked Like a CHARM! Yes, this is the same day. I got concerned about sun damage and changed into this shirt and my cooling sleeves. 🙂 A girl's gotta take care of herself.

Nestle — If you are reading this — GET A copy of the Paleo Diet for Athletes.  Make up some GREAT protein shakes that can be taken by athletes — has to be a gold mine in that!!  I know it would be amazing to have something so filled with nutrients that would be as easy to cart around as the bricks.  I know I will never leave home for another long ride without my premixed drink boxes!  Just sayin’.  🙂

Still, I was nervous … how would this affect my weight loss or lack there of.  I haven’t even mentioned that I cooked for Easter and ate additional foods that day.  YIKES!  Would it be like the previous week?  Little to no loss?  Would I rebound from all the food and head up the scales?  I had no idea what to expect.  My scales said nothing had moved.

Well … without further ado …  Today … I lost 2 pounds!  I have now lost a total of 60 pounds on the OptiFast Plan!!!!  Since starting with Donna and Loseit.com, I have lost an amazing 68 pounds!  Yeah!  Baby!  While lifting weights, riding hard and LONG, and eating an amazing 2,500 calories in one day.  I have to say I am BLOWN AWAY!

AM I Happy?  Yeah!  It seems we have jumped another hurdle in my weight loss journey.  Hyped up exercise and still losing!

The breakdown:

                      Weight    BMI

Pre weigh            255        41.8

1st weigh                249     I don’t know

2nd weigh              244          40.0

3rd  weigh             239           39.2

4th weigh              234.5        38.4

5th weigh              231.5        37.9

6th weigh             227            37.2

7th weigh             223             36.5

8th weigh            218.5         35.8

9th weigh            215.5          35.3

10th weigh           Missed

11th weigh           209            34.2

12th weigh          204             33.4

13th weigh            Missed

14th weigh          197.5           32.4

15th weigh          197               32.3

16th Weigh      195               32.0

I am going to try and post the mini video I made of the photos of the ride.  We shall see if I will be allowed to.  🙂

It won’t … so I have to figure something else out.  Booo HISSS!

Hahaha … I just realized I am supposed to be in my Class right now!  Think maybe I was excited??  I just left!

I have to say that, while adding food back into my life has been wonderful, the stress of will this work right–am I doing this right tends to wear on your nerves. …. You all have a GREAT DAY!  S

17 thoughts on “Weigh In #16

  1. I’m sooo doin’ the Snoopy Dance over here! Toldya you can rock transition and still lose weight! And don’t you just love those round numbers, like 60?!

  2. Hi Shonnie:
    Great Job Girl! So glad you and Mike have each other to work through the day and encourage each other…you are a wonderful pair. Love Nancy and Dick

  3. I had a dream last night. You and Mike had come to see us. You were down to a size 8 and looked fantastic! The odd thing however, was that you had also lost height… maybe about one and 1/2 feet – 2 feet. Weird I know. And I don’t have clue what that means.

  4. Great job again. After 3 weeks since weighing I was pleasantly surprised to have dropped 6.5 to 179 lbs…..six pounds UNDER my goal weight. So, it’s off to maintenance for me..I can’t wait till you join me…..our instructors won’t know what hit them!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are sooooooooo AMAZING! SIXTY EIGHT POUNDS OMG! A 2lb weight loss is absolutely perfect – doing a little dance for you 🙂 teach me how to fit in all that exercise – I don’t know you motivate yourself but if you can bottle it – I’d buy the whole factory lol xxx

    • Dizi girl … you made me smile like Danny O made me Laugh. I think I have an addiction to riding my bike … so … I make a way to play. It is just plain fun. 🙂 Thanks.

    • Hahaha! Danny O! Thanks. It is hard to think of myself as skinny. I am trying wrap my mind around that idea and give a good ole squeeze. 🙂 Thanks for all your support. You are a blessing.

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