Stormy Weather

Today, we are dealing with quite a LOT of Nasty weather across the Southern United States.  Wind gusts of over 75 mph and tornados galore.  At 3 AM, this fine morning,  my parents lost their home to the storm.   The same storm that roared through my town and caused power failure here and downed trees was more fearce where they lived; it ripped through their town in Mississippi and brought a massive tree crashing down upon their home.  They are well in body but slightly broken in spirit.  I am frustrated because I cannot get to them to be with them as they struggle through this.

I tried a Very short jaunt across town to give my daughter something before we knew the extent of damages in the surrounding area. I was stuck in traffic for over TWO and a HALF HOURS!  Never made it to where I was going.  Completely stinks!  Our internet is down and Mike’s “HOT SPOT” phone is barely limping along enough for me to post this with NO pics or anything else.

I suppose you can discern the agitation in my writing … forgive me please … I will return to my normal happier self.  I am normally only angry about fat, but I  don’t do fake emotions.  When I am happy it shows.  When I am not it shows.  When I am Angry … Get out of the way.  I am only agitated right now.  Why?  Because I can do nothing to help my family.  I know they are going to be fine.  They will move on and get going as they should.

Why do I mention any of this?  Do I think you all can cyber-space me help?  No, I am just frustrated, and this is my blog, and I just figured I could write about what is buggin’ me.  It does affect how you view eating.

I am also concerned because I can’t exercise today, and I am dealing with Massive hunger issues.  It is probably left over from working out, but emotion is not helping.  I am not an emotional eater per se, but today I think I am battling wanting to eat things that make me feel emotionally satisfied.  I have substituted my cravings for comfort food with real food that is good for you, and is according to my eating plan.  However, I am using more real food than my OptiFast products, which IS a HUGE break from the norm and cause for concern.  I believe I am making wise choices, but it makes me nervous even so.

I know I will be fine and all will return to normal in a day or so.  Life happens somedays, and we just have to roll with it.  I am not gonna beat myself up because I am hungry for real food, or that I am eating more of it than usual.  I am just going to make wise choices and move on.

Y’all be safe where ever you are …S

8 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. Shonnie… I’ll be praying for you and your family. Being unable to help those you love is about the most frustrating feeling one experiences. And right on the heels of other family tragedy. It doesn’t rain, but sometimes it sure does pour! When life gets tough I always remind myself that no where in the Bible does it say I can’t be overwhelmed (that verse about never getting more than you can handle applies to *temptation*, not *life’s curveballs*) and that nothing comes as a surprise to God. He’s still in control even when everything is topsy-turvy.

    Hugs to you, my friend! And as I said, I’ll be praying for comfort, wisdom, and the where with all to keep your heads up!


    • Thanks Mom. I shared with them your kind words and well wishes. They were touched. Since seeing the utter devastation here in Alabama they are feeling extremely blessed.

  2. Shonnie dear, please take care of your family there in Alabama and stay out of harms way if at all possible. I sure hate the fact that your mom, dad and David are having to go through this today. Hopefully the storms will be over with very soon and everyone can move on in their lives.

    The river is rising down this way and I was told today that the river may crest at 60 feet, which is the highest ever. That means that Natchez and Vidalia may have some damage. We could also have problems down here in baton Rouge. But I don’t think it will be as bad as there.

    I do know this for sure though….I can’t wait for April to over with. Every since the very first day with Chris’s death and so on has been horrible for me. Not only did I lose Chris. I also lost a friend of the family a few weeks ago ( who was the same age and died the same way as Chris ). Then this past Easter weekend I lost 2 more friends to death. One to Overdose and the other to a wreck. And now this happens. I am sooo mentally exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Love You Cuz,

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