The Day After Destruction

This was a steamed chicken salad ... So YUM!

Due to inclimate (sp) weather and the following war like fallout, I have spotty internet connections.  I began this evening going through and answering replies, but I became concerned that I might ought to strike while the connection was active by writing a brief blog.  I wanted to give you all the 411 scoop on my fluctuating connectivity, so you wouldn’t think that I had fallen off the wagon.  I promise I am well, on track–mostly–and desperately try to communicate.  **Note:  I can read your comments on my phone, and they are a blessing.
However, I cannot reply.  Thank you all for checking up on me and keeping me encouraged.

Considering the devastation all around us, having spotty internet just does not seem to be incredibly important.  Not when 200,000+ folks in the state have no power, countless numbers have no homes, and sadly 205 have passed away here in Alabama at the last count.  I must say

Egg and Cauliflower Scramble with sweet peppers. Turned out Beyond YUM.

that these horrific storms have left myself and my family down and emotional.

We are all feeling completely blessed, while at the same time grieving the losses of so many. This would include my Parents who are dealing with the loss of their home.  After seeing the destruction here in Alabama they looked around them, then decided they were very blessed, and now feel that life is good even with the harsh reality of destruction.  I have to say I was very impressed with their attitudes.  I am not surprised but still I am thankful to say these strong people are my parents.  I know there will be a solution and I believe they will be blessed in this as they were when not a soul was lost in there home that night … not even the puppy.  🙂

When the storms passed yesterday the stress related hunger kicked into overtime.  I made a judgement call to allow myself some of the foods I

My Bread Treat. I have found this very tasty creamy mustard that 0 calories -- count 'em baby! 0

was craving.  I made myself a Yummy Sandwich on a single slice of dark german bread.  I allowed myself one ounce of chips, and two tablespoons of bean dip.  I topped the whole treat with a one and one quarter ounces of a red wine.  For those of you wondering — NO — I was not able to get any real exercise in yesterday.  Still, It was a very nice treat.  I enjoyed it very much.

Today, I was unable to head to the gym as I planned due to a very cute girly named Sophia, Boo Hiss on the No exercise.  I just can’t find it in myself to say boo hiss about Sophie girl though.  Hehe!  I just LOVE me some Sophie Girl. I did however return to my regularly scheduled eating program.  To make sure we didn’t fall too far behind in our training, Mike and I took our bikes out for an hour and half ride.  Yeah … that felt GOOD!

I am going to share with you all some of the meals that I have enjoyed

Yes, I weighed my chips. 🙂

over the past week.  I love cooking and it is fun to see how I can make low to no fat food.  🙂

Why is OptiFast on the table when I wasn't eating it? I don't want to forget how far I have come. I want to keep the goal in focus. 🙂

Today's FABO Greek Salad. The dressing comes on the side and I avoided the cheese, but the I ate the whole 4 oz of chicken. 🙂

Blessings, Shonnie

12 thoughts on “The Day After Destruction

  1. Oh Shonnie I’m so sorry to hear about the stress of the storms – I’m so glad you are all safe and well – I’m sad that your parents have lost their home – I know how devastated I would feel if it happened to me – but what a blessing that they are all safe including the puppy!!! Such a relief – and if a bit of comfort eating didn’t kick in right now I’d be more than surprised! Sounds like you are handling it very sensible – you’ve inherited your parents’ strong genes! All my best wishes to everyone suffering from the wretched weather! xxx

    • It was a BIG relief Dizi that everyone made it through that storm safe and sound. It was some kind of freak weather event. If I have my facts correct there were 150 tornados in Alabama alone that Wednesday. That is more like a harsh SEASON — not a DAY!

  2. Got caught up with you after my vacation. I am very sorry about your parents house. I am amazed at the strength of your family. We send you our energy and our thoughts.

    Your food shots made me hungry… Ha Ha… But I really liked the idea of leaving the Optifast on the table to remind you of where you came from. Excellent. I think that is good for during the fast and after. I just put a box on my table and one by my sink to always remind me. Maybe it will help with the 64oz. of Optifast Water!

    I know it is hard with what is going on around you, but keep up the good work. Remember, you have the energy and the body to help now — before you would be exhausted from carrying around that 60+ pounds with you!

    • You are so right OL — I have a much stronger body. It has been fun discovering it. I really want the numbers to keep coming down. I will do what I need to do to get the rest of the way down.

  3. You are strong staying on plan with all the stress! Glad everyone is safe and praying for those with a loss…Nancy

    • Thanks Nancy. I have gotten off in small points, but am trying to maintain a 95% control over things. I am about to rein things in a bit more.

  4. Hey . I hear you. A relative of mine lost the house he lived in over fifteen years. Fortunate he’s still alive and well.
    I ‘m glad you staying focus on your nutritious and delicious diet. Focus is great.

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