I am LATE again!

My Sweet Ride -- that I took to the Hills today!

I know … I know … why am I late???  I guess I will have to take myself out to the woodshed and get myself REFOCUSED!   I have had a few interesting things happen today.  Both good.  🙂

I must get something off my chest; it has been weighing me down!  Uhh … I have not been particularly good at logging my food today or yesterday, and, oddly, I can’t really remember what I ate.  I know … I know … how could I forget to keep up with my food??   I did though.  Am I the only person who gets in stress situations and forgets normal routine?  I have the hardest time staying on schedule.  I know I ate according to plan, but I don’t like forgetting to record things.  One day here or there is NOT terrible, but two days running?!?!?!  That is a good way to make VERY BIG MISTAKES in food consumption.

What is going on in my life besides the catastrophic tornadic experience from the other day? Quite a LOT as it turns out.  🙂

For starters today, I couldn’t wake up this morning.  I missed my Pilates Reformer Class.  I NEVER miss that class unless I am ill.  I felt like I had taken drugs, but I had not.   This threw me completely off.  I barely made it to get my nails done at 10 am?!?!  Who doesn’t get up for that??  My brain still didn’t work so I just came home, because I thought I would be babysitting; my son-in-law got off early and took her instead.  I was both sad and relieved–I was STILL dragging.  I decided that I would have some fruit and go for my VERY FIRST bike ride in The HILLY neighborhood.

I don’t know grades, but we have some VERY steep grades and around here.  I rode the full length of Berk, and Wood twice, then returned home to get more to drink.  It WAS HOT!  I ran through 24 oz. in 30 minutes.  Mike was very impressed with me.  I was going to go back out, but something got in the way, and I never made it out.  I still wanted to ride more and called Mikey to see how quick he would get home–because I am not riding in the hood with no daylight!  These folks would run OVER YOU!  He made it in time, so we headed off on those same two streets again.  Instead of doing an immediate turn around loop we headed down Wynn Drive, and then we got up the nerve to tackle the Aft Drive hill — we made it up without getting off our bikes!  YEA!  Big accomplishment!

We were very proud of ourselves.  We were having such a good time we decided to make another loop down Berk, and that is where we ran into some neighbors and started chatting.  The light drained from the sky and became twilight, meaning time to return home before becoming a hood ornament.  Well, we were going to load up our bikes and ride at the school.  So … I ate some more fruit (fruit without activity runs the blood sugars up and mine went to 150)… THEN my son who lives in Alaska calls.  I stop to take his call, and of course any further riding is a lost dream.

Life is good, because I am going to be an Ami’ for a second time.  It seems little ones keep pulling my attention and energy away from all my personal focus.  Such a horrible problem to have … Wink … Wink!

Blessings …..S

4 thoughts on “I am LATE again!

  1. Hey that’s was funny, but yet oh so, very true. Forget about being scared to go outside when its dark out. Every time I step out my house I’m scared for life and death. It’s so bad in the area where I live I can here guns being fired from my bedroom window at night. This is something that happens every other night, and lets not forget that I don’t life very far from all the drug dealers either.

    I don’t think your neighborhood could be any worse than mine. If it is I’m scared for you.

    Thanks for sharing and maybe you’ll have better luck tomorrow with blogging your food schedule. 🙂

  2. I read the title and started singing, “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date… no time to say hello, goodbye. I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!” a la the rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland.” Yes, my life is one continuous concert. 🙂

    Congrats on the pending bundle o’ joy. I love new additions to the family (as well you know). When I was in California, my sister-in-law pointed out that my nephew will never know what his Auntie Beth looked like a year ago, he’ll only know me as thin. The same applies to you on this one. Can you imagine?! Someone who doesn’t know you heavy?! Cuh-ray-zee!


  3. Shonnie I am always so amazed with how honest you can be with your emotions and keep on truckin’ and find inspiration in the day…Hugs to all of you…Nancy

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