uh…. Hey. :)

Some days one would be better off remaining in the warm soft covers of the bed than venturing out into the decptive beauty of a sunny morning.

I had a hard time making time to write today.

I watched Sophie girl at the crack of dawn, but she was sleepy so we relaxed until abut 7 something–that deliscous fact teased me into think that I was going to have an amazing day.

Me riding last night with Mikey ... look over to the right he is the ghost of a figure behind me. I forgot the camera this AM so I am sharing last nights post Dance ride.

In my delusion, I started getting ready for an early morning bike ride this was around 7:30 AM.  It was beautiful out.  Just as I am getting ready to go, I realize that I no longer had a wallet.  Kinda made me sad. Sorta took the wind out of my sails; I really liked that wallet.  After feeling crappy, I get up and make myself go for the bike ride; Mike said it would make me feel better (he was down too, what would make him feel better?).  It was nice out and the fresh air and sunshine made me smile.  I realized shortly into my ride, that I had made the right choice to make myself go.  I was starting to feel so good about this me-and-the-hills thing I took a chance on a side street.  Uh … it was all downhill.  I was flying down so fast, I couldn’t hear Mike chatting in my earbuds because of the wind.  OUCH … I was gonna have to ride back up all this.

I take a break at the bottom and work to get my bike to shift into the lower gear (having probs with it  jumping… shop time for my bikey).  I didn’t think it would be fun to find out it wouldn’t shift on the way up.  OMG …. I thought I would die, but I made it up.  I was one wobbling mess.  I shift to make better time with each push, and the blasted thing jumps off.  I get grease all over my hands … and as it turns out … my face.  I make it back home to feel pretty good about myself, except for the fact that I am beyond

I like making him work to keep up. hehhee

limp noodlish, and it is time for me to watch Sophie girl again.  This was gonna be great.  😉

We had a great time in Wally World (what I call Walmart), even though I hate it, Sophia loves it, and Mikey met me there.  So all was good … except I left my phone there.  God only knows how, where, or why I did that, but I did, and they called Mike to tell him.  Thankfully, he hadn’t left his phone so he could take their call and pick my phone up.  Which I hadn’t realized was missing, until it took Mike too long to get home.   Then, I flipped — I grabbed the office phone and called Mike — he was on his way to retrieve my phone already.  He had even had an idea about calling the last store I could remember having my wallet at, and, sure enough, they had it.  One credit card was missing as well as my $20, but I was still glad to have my wallet back.  Cruddy but not the end of the world.   I think my brain must have been left on the hill or is lost in the land before Sophie time, because I never leave my stuff anywhere?!?!?!

I go to wash my car, I am scrubbing the buggs off when I find that

Me and Mikey after our ride. I know these pics don't go with the tone of my adventure today, but I had to think positively somewhere! 🙂

someone has left me a surprise on my car and didn’t even tell me.  A nice gash on the front.  Somedays just keep on givin’; ya know what I mean?  🙂

I get over that and push miss Sophie girl around in her stroller before her mom gets home to kill some time, and keep my little princes happy.  Her Mom and I decide to run a few errands together … I know this all seems so mundane and ridiculous to recant, but it is going somewhere … I lift my left arm and experience excrutiating pain in my shoulder.  Can I say boo hiss on today???  I think I have had enough trials for a couple of months at least … maybe even a year … I’m just sayin.

I got the Trainer Nazi in the AM … this is gonna be fun!  🙂

Y’all have a good nite ya hear?  …..I think I am gonna turn in before anything else happens.  I got the ice packs and heat packs going.  …..S

P.S. I am not telling what the scale said, because who knows if it will remain?!?!  I have stuck with plan.  Mostly shakes … body seems to like this.  =)


6 thoughts on “uh…. Hey. :)

  1. Ahhhhhh! Those days make us stronger – they really do – and we appreciate the other kind of days so much more after a day like you’ve had! What a nightmare on the car – karma will get them I’m sure! Twice in my driving history I’ve bumped someone elses car – both times getting out of a car park – and both times I went looking for th people and found them (once at the gym many years ago and once in a shopping parade car park) but I have to say I wish I hadn’t! The first one really took me to the cleaners – I should’ve learned my lesson – the second one TRIED to take me to the cleaners but I was older and wiser by then – lol I’ve said since I wouldn’t tell anyone if I did it again but I know I would duhhh on me! lol Hope today is working out wonderful for you! Sending love and hugs xxx

    • HaHa! Dizi. I have had to repair one like that. I just not happy about this one the car is only 3 months old and has special black paint that can’t be touched up –well not on a boo boo that big–even though it is small it is too big to fix with a scratch pin. I am just ready for that day to end. Still have pain in my shoulder. Hoping that I haven’t ripped my rotator cuff. Pray I haven’t done that!!

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