Just a quick hello ..

me and Mikey walkin my rear off! I got cramps in the nether regions from running up and down hills. One day when I have more of brain I will take pics of these hills that ouch me. Right now it is all I can do to get up and down them. 🙂

Just wanted to say hey … I am doing YARD WORK today … So I have to get on it while I have help.

I want to talk with you about last nite’s dinner and dancing.  I forgot my camera … but my buddy Dean Jones did bring his, so if you want to see some pics of the evening click over (link is the name of blog) to Dean Jones is Losing it.  You will see me with my Trainer Nazi and my big loser buddy Doc or “Dean Harold Jones.”  His post is great and there are some great photos of the yummy food we ate.  I hope to get Mikes phone pics up loaded later — but his phone is a bit of a challenge for some reason — so you can see the fish I ate.

Mike and I went for a 3 mile walk jog this AM and I am not sure I should have done that before working in the yard … but OH WELL I am here now.

See y’all …S


8 thoughts on “Just a quick hello ..

  1. To quote a friend of mine… ghuuurl… you is ROCKING the black dress! And look at those skinny calves above the awesome shoes. And the white sweater that goes in at your waist. Beautiful, as always! Don’t you just love getting all dressed (and having some place to go, of course) and knowing that you look fantabulous?! We’re all the biggest losers… that show ain’t got nothin’ on us! And we’re loud and proud, right?

    • Thanks BETH! 🙂 yes … I love getting dressed up. I am in horrible need of new clothing! Hahaha! yes we are all the biggest losers! 🙂

    • Thanks we did. Not as much fun as the bike though. It was great to see the order come back to the front yard and the deck. Now, we just have to get the side yard (if you could call it that) and the back of the house completed. I keep seeing that Pool where there are woods — sounds soooooo YUMMY! 🙂

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