Weigh In #18


The day started with a lot of promise.  It was bright and sunny.  Cherry weather indeed.  I am trying to find a way to talk about my weigh in today.  I didn’t have bad news; I should be happy and excited.  I was.  I had a great time with my daughter (Aunti E –Erica) and granddaughter looking for shoes and then grabbing lunch.

Then about 1:45 central standard time a bomb went off in my day that derailed joy of any kind–for any reason.  I am ok — I think.  I have been experiencing bell palsy like symptoms (probably due continuous stressors).  You know …. Life happens … everyday.  It doesn’t take a break for weigh in days.  This is not the end of the world kinda stuff … so don’t worry about me.  I just have a hard time faking joy.  I will find a way later to readjust my mental attitude.  Today was just one day too many of the normal everyday JUNK!  I will be fine, probably by tomorrow.

I didn’t want you all to worry that I something bad had happened … like I gained … or that I had an accident or something truly horrible … so I am on here givin’ you the LOW DOWN on my very good stats!

Am I happy with my life?  NO.  Am I happy with my weight?  YES!

Today … I lost 3.5 pounds!  I have now lost a total of 63.5 pounds on the OptiFast Plan!!!!  Since starting with Donna and Loseit.com I have lost an amazing 71.5 pounds!  I think we have got it back on track.  THANK YOU LORD!  I was beginning to worry just a bit.  Didn’t get to see Dr. Ard … he is away in Geneva … so I will have to wait to see what he says about the tummy and digestion.  For now, I am sticking with having “a meal” and filling in with product for all my extra food needs.  This seems to work like a charm.

The breakdown:

Weight      BMI

Pre weigh      255       41.8

1st weigh         249     I don’t know

2nd weigh       244         40.0

3rd  weigh       239         39.2

4th weigh        234.5      38.4

5th weigh        231.5       37.9

6th weigh        227          37.2

7th weigh        223           36.5

8th weigh       218.5        35.8

9th weigh       215.5         35.3

10th weigh      Missed

11th weigh      209           34.2

12th weigh      204           33.4

13th weigh        Missed

14th weigh       197.5       32.4

15th weigh       197           32.3

16th weigh       195           32.0

17th weigh       195           32.0

18th Weigh   191.5       31.4

My loseit.com chart ... gotta love that flat line for two weeks! Thank you Lord for the Dip this Week! 🙂

It is wonderful to be back losing again.  Now, I am going to go work on my mood until it matches my good news.

Blessings …..S


16 thoughts on “Weigh In #18

  1. Oh I checked on you earlier but I got interrupted (best interruption of all though – my grandbaby 🙂 ) and so I didn’t get to leave a comment at the time I did my catch up! So… 3.5lbs OMG GIRL – you are doing amazing!!!! AMAZING!!! Well done!!!

    I’m sorry to hear about the stress though – but like the diet… I’m right there with you – I know how things can be and how they can get to you! It’s normally those things in the past that have sabotaged all my best attempts – but I’m not letting happen this time – and don’t let it happen to you either! Sending you all my love and BIG BIG CONGRATULATIONS on this weeks loss! 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks Dizi girl! I am not letting anything … and I mean nothing … get in the way of my working through my setbacks and moving forward. I have made it too far this time to give up easily, not that I ever really give up. 🙂 I just plan on keeping on at this until I find a way to make it. 🙂

    • Beth, I know you are probably right. As nasty as it is … it did help me figure out how much exercise and food was actually working for me. I have to say I do NOT like weighing every morning. Way too much stress. Then you add in weighing in afternoon, and then again in the evening— YUCK! I used it to plot a plan of action … but I HATED IT!!! Thank God it seems to have helped me figure a plan. 🙂

  2. Good work Shonnie….you are handling the stress well, you are blessed with family and friends who care….keep up the good work….tomorrow will be brighter….Love Nancy and Dick

  3. Truly unexpected good weight lose news! After all your other postings I did not know how it was going to turn out. I am glad for you.

    • Thanks Loretta … it was for me too. I was so very glad to see that number be smaller this week. I think I may have found my grove again. We will see when next week rolls around if I am on to something. 🙂

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