Yea! I am not becoming a man!

What's a girl to do but smile when she is .... 63.5 pounds lighter?!?!

Another day. Another doctor. I bet you were not worried about my becoming a man … but I was.  Well, not actually becoming a man but overdosing on male hormones.  I am completely uninterested in being the bearded lady or sounding like I have swallowed a horse either.

My last blood work stated that I had 4800 something-or-others of testosterone (If a man had this high of test they would be bringing him in for work) … most healthy muscley men have around 600 something-or-others of testosterone.  When she told me this, I looked at my bod and grabbed my chest to make sure it was still there.  I am not sure how I thought that would help keep it from disappearing.  My voice is always deep so … gosh how would I know???  Well … they had me do another blood test to make sure that I had no real problems.  That was two weeks ago.

Today, I go in for my visit and she says that the numbers are still up, and it makes no sense because I feel well, I look well, I don’t have an acne breakout (normally if you are over your limit you break out), in fact my skin looks really good.  I haven’t grown hair on my chest, so we were going to do another test.    She leaves the room to check on something and comes back in smiling.  They hadn’t put my up-to-date tests in my folder!  Yeah!  I am not becoming a Man!  I am still a woman … in case you couldn’t tell.  Whew!  I am higher than the normal girly girl … but she thinks this is normal for me … I always knew I was off, but, thankfully, I am not as off as it looked.  Yea! Yea! Yea!

Note: I realize this is a personal thing, and probably should be kept in private, but I guess I am just not that private.  For clarification, my hormone maker acquired a nasty cyst on one of it’s halves that had to be removed, and its lonely partner gave out from exhaustion, so I must have artificial help.

You have NO idea how relieved I am.  I really didn’t want to change around the meds now that I am starting to lose again!  So, now I can stay the same and keep rocking forward with the plan I have now.  I will have to adjust, at a later date, when I am much smaller … cuz … well that is just how it will work.

On a FUN note — The hubby realizing that I need a break is taking me for a quick get away to the beach, so that I can download all the stress that has been building!  Yea for de-stressing!

Talk at ya later …..S  Pics coming soon.


10 thoughts on “Yea! I am not becoming a man!

  1. I love that you are not precious about your privacy! Gives me a sensation of really knowing you. I’m beginning to understand why my mother was always so “close” to her penpals. Despite years of resisting writing a blog, I am learning from “real” women like you that just maybe the “evernet” is a pretty good thing, LOLThanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Bleau … I think. haha! I think I am just me. Sometimes I just don’t do closed well. 🙂 I am glad me being “me” is brightening up your day. That is nice. 🙂

  2. AHHHH lol this made me laugh – what a relief to find you don’t have chest hair lol I am having hormone problems too – I tell ya I could grow a goatie better than your Mikey’s ha! 😉

  3. Well, I hear one good thing about having high testosterone count as a woman, is that hubby gets the benefit of your libido; lol!!! I had a friend who had to go in to get an Rx of testosterone for that reason, so I am assuming that it helps either way 😉

    • haha! Barb … that has been a factor all my life. 🙂 Even when I wasn’t making more female hormones than a 70 year old woman … still had the testosterone goin’ on. Haha! She kept trying to balance me out … you know … make me more female heavy, and girl it would make me yippie, criey, mean even, and just kinda bonkers. Mike went with me and said, “PLEASE! can I have my wife back?” 🙂 Life has its humor. 🙂

  4. I’m glad you’re still you… the you you’ve always been. You’ve got weird medical stuff, too. What can I say? Between the Optifast, Macs, and this… there’s no reason we shouldn’t be friends. 🙂

    • You know Beth … YOU are so right. We have so much in common it is crazy! You are a blessing on so many levels. It is nice not to be odd, unusal, and abby normal all by myself. hehehe 😉

      • Now where’s the fun in being odd, unusual, and abnormal all by your lonesome… it’s more fun in the loony bin with the rest of the fruit loops!

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