If I am quiet …

Dis is where I have gotten off to …

Life's Grand at the Grand

I will be sportin’ my new suit!  Beth … well … it showes the “shelf” or the “twins,” but they cannot run free and depart at their whim.  Very relieved.  🙂

Not completely comfy JUST yet taking a picture in my new suit ... don't want to ruin my mental image of myself. hehe ... Delusions work well when one wants to keep mental dignity. 🙂

Shonnie and Mikey .... headin' to tha pool. 🙂

Cheers and Shakes to ya …. off to hit the pool and the road bikes … later gator …S


15 thoughts on “If I am quiet …

  1. I had no idea you had twins…
    I knew you had a lot of kids but twins…
    Lot’s of work…

    4 Days and you leave us with an empty bathing suit…
    I am having Angry Woman withdrawals…

    Hope you are having a good time!
    Hope your back at home on your computer even sooner.

    • Haha! OL! You crack me up!
      The twins can be a LOT of work.

      Leave you here with an empty swimsuit. I am not that brave … yet. I will have a pic with filled bike clothing and that is revealing enough. 🙂

      We had a GREAT TIME! So nice to be away from home.

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