Weigh In #19


Hey Y’all ….. I know you are waiting for me to tell you if I am I a LOSER or a GAINER this week.  I am really sorry that I didn’t get on while I was away, but, as you read, you will see why I didn’t have much time or brain to write.  I am not sure how to go about recounting my week and weekend.  I will tell you that I am VERY happy with myself, and my week.  Does that mean that I lost weight?  NO, it doesn’t.  I didn’t lose; I didn’t gain either though.  Let me tell you why.

-Friday — I thought we would get to our room early enough to go for a walk — so I had a small snack off plan on the drive down Friday.  First mistake.  There was an info screw up that took until 11:30 to sort out and get us settled in our room.  uhhh… no walk and swollen legs from the ride down, topped off with about an ounce of junk food.

-Saturday — I rode 20 miles or so, we also walked and swam.   Horrible headwinds made it hard to ride far.  So, we saved our energy for the ride, even with the conserved energy … still on several occasions, I cursed the Trainer Nazi for working my legs so hard before a big ride.  OUCH!  Lesson — don’t do hard training before big ride.  FAIL.

–Food — We had a few additional food choices to carbo-load for our ride on Sunday.  Not, terrible food choices for the most part, but definitely a FAIL on the ONE Fried Chicken Finger and couple of bites of Frito Pie.  Mistake number TWO.  These food choices didn’t last long in my system.  There was a gurgle.  There was a rumble.  There was a terrified gesture to my hubby that WAS followed by an abrupt exit from the store and a mad-panicked dash for the ladies’ room.  My stomach violently rejected those choices in a manner that left me with no desire to consume said foods again for a LONG while. 🙂

-Sunday — we rode just under 80 miles.  We rode 33 miles to get a donut (I really wanted one–well two).  We thought we were going to ride 60 to maybe 70 miles … MAJOR miscalculation.   We burned between 4,788 and 6,156 calories.  Depends on how fast you say we rode.  I know about half the way out we were flying … (Correction-per the Hubby)16 miles an hour on the way out to Panama City, sometimes –he thinks–closer to 20 (?!?! not sure on that one).  On the way back — barely 10 for half the way.   There was a MASSIVE headwind that almost knocked us off the bikes.  We were so worn out that we could barely peddle. Thankfully, at the midway point, the head wind let up, and we were able to press hard for home/condo.

My Handy Dandy Bricks -- easy to pack -- but YOU do need enough for being out 7 hours of riding with about 45 min of walking thrown in for good measure. Just sayin' 🙂

–Food — Second Miscalculation of the day was based on the first, the distance.  I didn’t have enough food–Not enough OptiFast Shakes!  No worries.  I told myself, “Most gas stations have fruit for sale” — NOT THE STATIONS WE STOPPED AT!  HUH!  I was major hungry and ate off plan a bit more.  No worries, I would eat a good meal for a finish that would be grilled and not fried.  I told myself, “let these choices go.  Don’t worry about them,” I said.  Famous last words. Lesson — stop at grocery stores to ensure optimum food choices. Why didn’t we think of that on the ride?  Gosh, I don’t know … maybe we had no brains to do anything but peddle?  🙂

— Third Miscalculation of the day was the nice meal we had planned to reward ourselves with.  I asked the man at the desk for a place for grilled seafood; Mike asked for a steak — he sent us where we could get what Mike wanted, but NOT me.  By the time I walked to the restaurant and figured out that there was NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING that I could eat that would be on plan yet again,  it didn’t matter any more, because I was too HUNGRY!    Lesson — never leave on a big ride without a knowledgable plan for where we can get the food I NEED to eat.  Should have called my Neighbors, they would have known.

Let me just put it this way — If I had gone back for a shake at this point of hunger, I would have been arrested or placed in a white jacket.  After an 80 mile ride, the thought of another shake made me homicidal, and this Chick was gonna eat.  I ate pan fried fish, baked potato, and whole grain dinner rolls.  I am just sayin’ … I was gonna eat … and I was in PAIN so I was going to have a Glass of Wine so I could sleep.  DIET FAIL. I am sorry, but I just didn’t care … I was eating, and I was drinking.

-Monday — We arose earlier than we had expected so we went for a morning swim, and then a short walk around the property to work out some of the stiffness in our legs and arms, before heading back home to Alabama.  What can I say … I was starving from the moment I woke up.

–The Food — I hit the shakes as usual, but it wasn’t taking the edge off.  I added in some of the fruit from the day before with the thought that I would walk more of it off.  You know this was a FAIL.  Why?  Cuz, well, we didn’t do the activities we thought we would do.  Diet Tip/lesson — never eat for activity you “MIGHT” do, only that which you have done.   The exception: big events — you have to eat to prepare for those.

–The further food FAIL on Monday — We rode out to an area to view some dunes, and go for a walk on the beach.  This was interrupted when our son called; we drove in high reception areas, which happened to be our bike route.  We noticed that we had driven 30 something miles.  This was not even half way of our bike ride.  So … as you might imagine, we had to see how far we rode.  We DROVE for two hours mapping it out. It went from barely 75 miles to 77 miles at a minimum and more like 79.  No wonder I ran out of food, and was still hungry on Monday.

We visited this cool town called Seaside to walk the beach and look for food …  the walk was grand.  Not sure it was really enough calorie burn for what I found to eat. hahahaha you guessed it … FAIL AGAIN!  There was the most yummy smelling Grilled Cheese Sandwich van.  OMG … I had to have one of those.  I only ate half … but it was the bigger half, and I almost took the half I gave Mike back.  I promise you it was SO GOOD that I really considered stealing it back.  He had already had his hot dog!  I mean REALLY!

I know I keep saying FAIL … Do I feel like a failure?  NO!  I am so excited about how far we rode.  For the weekend it was around a 100 miles.  I have to tell you that I am very proud of that accomplishment.  I lost a pound or so of Fat mass and gained a pound of muscle mass and half pound of fluid. It is hard to feel like a failure with my diet when I had such an amazing time.  I haven’t been alone with the Huney Bunney in such a LONG time and it was Wonderful.  I enjoyed all the food I ate, but really don’t want to stay on that eating path.  I have a plan.  It is a good plan.

My plan is to no longer go on rides that I cannot control the food choices, and eat according to plan until I reach goal.  This will keep me on track, because I want to push for the 100 plus miles bad!  I know … I have a BIKE ADDICTION.  I have NO plan on giving it up.  BUT … there will be no more adventure rides.  =(  Sad, but it is only for a season.  It will be OK to eat the way I did this weekend — when — and only when I have reached goal.  I have to say I want my goal.  The hubby has promised not to ask me for anymore Big Adventure rides.  Which will make all of this much easier to handle.  Only rides that we can control the food for me — the others will wait.

I am MAJOR excited; I know I should be down, but I am NOT!

Pictures coming soon.  Blessings …..S


9 thoughts on “Weigh In #19

  1. There is this really neat website that I use. Its called Calorie Count. Basically its the same exact thing as what weight watchers has but free and a lot better. Check that out. Normally I have been religious about logging in. The last week …not so much. I need to get back to it.

  2. It’s okay to stay the same – definitely okay – as long as we get back on path and keep heading towards our goal – and the best bit is – we know that’s exactly what we’re going to do! 🙂 looking forward to a result that makes us both smile next weigh in! 🙂 🙂 xxx

    • Haha … that is so funny to here myself refered to as an athlete. haha! Thanks for making me smile. I do feel that I triumphed, because I accepted that this situation was just out of my control, and I could plan better next time, but I wasn’t going to beat myself up about not having the perfect food to eat. 🙂

  3. Wow! You are doing great, even though you didn’t lose. You did go off the diet so there would only stand to reason why you were so hungry. The liquid doesn’t exactly satisfy. You are awesome riding that long. You go Mom. Sophia thinks you are the Greatest Ami ever! Love you.

  4. It is amazing in life that when you are positive AND keep your eyes open, you learn more from your “mistakes” than you do from everything done “right.” And, it was a WONDERFUL weekend. 😀

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