The journey in pictures …

... and a weekend

I promised to share the pics … so here they come.

Food for tummy upset and scale Flatline! uhhhhhh

Day one … Major Fail … you remember the story … uhh…. in weigh in #19.  I won’t make you suffer through yet another telling of my gastric anomalies.  🙂

X marks the spot for our 30 mile treat. 🙂

Yea! We have arrived! HEHEHEHE! 5 months since I had a donut comes to an end. 🙂

I have a VERY hard time thinking of this treat as a FAIL.  It was part of my plan.  So ….. I can’t stamp a red FAIL on this stop.

My Honey -- payin the sweet girl for our treats.

She was so sweet and helpful. I think she has a nice smile and sadly I have forgotten her name. 😦

Across the street checkin' out the beach while we wait for our Shrimp Lunch Basket to get ready.

The second day began with such a promise of fun.  It was fun … UNTIL … we hit the wind.

Before the wind hit us ... We were feeling Great, Like we could take more miles ... little did we know.

Just up the beach road we were going to hit the wind — Each peddle became a STRUGGLE.

Almost to the half way point and starting to wear down from the wind beating.

After running into the wind we became concerned that we might not make it all the way back before dark.  We stopped at a bike rental shop to see if we could get a headlight and taillight for Mike’s bike.  We found out that the Target back down the road a bit carried stuff like this. So we headed back toward Sandestin and the Target (I say that Tar – gey as in the French boutique) to get Mike’s lights and hopefully find me a longsleve cooling shirt, I had forgotten my arm sleves.

I found a Shirt ... happened to be black ... such a slimming color. Besides ... I only had a black bra and that would have been strange looking under the white one! Just sayin'

Thought this was a pretty view from the bridge that we were so afraid to ride on. Turns out this area was much wider than expected.

We decided to get off the HWY and ride side by side on a bike path near the beach.

Lovely path ..... but not sure about the cobble stones. 😐

Had to stop for a pic and a Shake.

Ok ... almost a full body photo. Kinda like the fact that my body almost looks NORMAL SIZE ! hehehehe! 🙂

Another bridge on our senic ride. This one turned out pretty good for a picture taken on the go. 🙂

The Wind let up ... can you see it in our faces?? I had a bit of a kick left in us. We decided to make the change and headed to the condo on speedy 98. 🙂

Can you say AHHH?? That is how this water looked to me. What a way to sooth away the aches and pains from the ride with a light swim. 🙂

I have to say … I still feel good about my trip.  I don’t feel bad that I didn’t lose.  I feel like we accomplished a LOT and I had a wonderful escape with my hubby.  I hope you enjoyed our photo trip.  🙂

10 thoughts on “The journey in pictures …

  1. great pictures ~ lovely weekend ~ don’t even want to think about the calories and fat in the baskets of food ~ darling young woman at the donut shop ~ looking absolutely svelte there missy! love you guys! 🙂

    • She was a darling girl! It was such a fun ride. The donuts were great. I am Not a big fan of fried food anymore. 😦 Thanks for the complement. I need to here them these day with the stall and all. 😉 Love you BACK!

  2. Oh Shonnie! what a lovely time away you had – the photos are beautiful and you look GORGEOUS in all of them – you don’t even look as if you should be considering your weight! You look amazing! I think this is working for me because when I looked at your fried food in a basket URGH noooooooooooo! The only ugly picture lol woohoo! I’m getting somewhere! 😉 XXX

    • Thanks Dizi! I really appreciate your encouraging words. I know you know how it feels to flatline and stand still while working hard. Thankfully I only ate one chicken finger and about 4 bites of the frito pie and then I went to a shake — but I didn’t switch fast enough! hahahaha!

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time. I am glad you aren’t feeling bad about it. What a great trip together.

  4. How fun!! Looks like the weather was great. Ugh I have been SO bad this last week….can’t stop putting things in my mouth! haha and as I’m reading this blog I’m debating whether or not to go to the gym. Alright already….I’ll go, but only cuz you look so great 🙂 Now stay away from my cocktails 😉

    • Thanks Mrs. Cummings — I have really enjoyed reading about your cocktails!! I am waiting until I reach goal -minus about 5 pounds or so and THEN I am hitting your page for a few fun drink mixes. 🙂

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