Fashion Shows … and Swimming Pools

Da' Pool!

Remember my telling you how the Trainer Nazi put the hurt on my knee and my ankle?  That I intensified while riding.  Well, the pain from this injury has directed my activities over the last few days.  Couldn’t go dancing because the ankle was just flarin’, but what does that have to do with Fashion Show’s and Swimming Pools?  A girl’s gotta size (exercise), so I took myself and my new suit to the pool, and the ankle thing has NOTHING to do with the fashion show that is completely ancillary.  🙂

I had many crazy things that almost jumped up to block my way to the Y.  I don’t know about you, but do a MILLION things jump up and slow you down when you try to workout?  … Or is it just me?  I digress.  When I arrived, there were not many swimmers … mostly just some kiddies learning the basics of how to swim.  I slipped in the farthest lane from the kiddies and started my laps.  So much for a peaceful swim, they were very cute though.

About midway into my first few laps, my suit broke — NOT — this really LARGE muscular man arrived and dove into the lane next to me.  There wasn’t an ounce of flab on the guy, not much hair either.  He cut through the water with ease.  Me, well I swim to one end breathe hard and tread water to catch my breath before swimming back to the other side.  Mind you, the pool is olympic in length, so it isn’t a short swim, but he was just flipping at each end — continuous swimming.  God, how I wanted to trip him up so I wouldn’t look so bad as he kicked my butt like I was sitting still.

Pause: Just in case you wondered, he is married and hairless — I am married and like my big hairy dork, so there is no romance working here. Now, back to the story, I just wanted to clear up the reason for my constant awareness of his presence — Jealousy.

Now, I know mentally that I can’t compete with this guy.  He is obviously in MUCH better shape than myself, and this is a sport that he works at.  So, why did he make me feel like such a loser?  I have NO idea, but I was killing myself trying to keep up with this guy.  Later on one of my treading moments, another fit but slimmer guy arrives.  I watch him walk up to the edge and watch the Mr. Big swim back and forth.  He looked at his body after watching Mr. Big swim; it was obvious he was comparing himself with Mr. Big and coming up short in his own mind.  I was not aware at this time that they knew each other; I was aware of the Slim Man slightly deflate as he watched Mr. Big swim.  When the Slim Man dove in, he swam in a manner that cut through the water like he was sliding downhill; I was confused by his previous insecurity.

Again … I was competing where I could not compete!  I was doubly trying to swim hard now … as if this would actually work!?!?  The funny thing I noticed was once Mr. Big noticed the Slim Man swimming his strokes fell out of sink, and he seemed to begin to struggle.  Odd how we all affect one another.  When it was just me and Mr. Big, he cut through the water like it was nothing and made me jealous, but when the slim-man arrived and could fly through the water, Mr. Big lost his stride.  I wonder if Mr. Big had seen the depressed look the Slim Man had at the size of Big-guys physique if he would have lost his stride? Stranger still, seeing this whole interaction and reaction caused my confidence to soar.  Why?  Because I realized that there is always someone better than even the Mr. Big’s of this world, and I need to just do my best. I enjoyed the rest of my swim much more and eventually got invited into the “cool” guys club.

The lifeguards started taking down the lanes, and, realizing that these guys were probably preparing for a race of some kind, I offered to get out and let them have the my lane.  I explained I was only working out the soreness from my 80 mile ride with hubby this weekend.  They both turned and smiled big at me and wanted to know where I rode, and we chatted about our route because they had both ridden it.  I learned also that Mr. Big had a 3 mile open ocean swim this coming weekend that he was training for.  I can’t remember why I made the comment that I was working my way to up to strength, but Mr. Big interrupted me and said, “If you rode 80 miles, YOU Have Arrived girl.”  That comment made my day.  🙂

Then, I ran into a class buddy that I hadn’t seen for weeks in the locker room, and she squealed and told me that I looked amazing.  I said that I hadn’t lost in a bit, and she said, “Well, you’ve lost inches then, cuz you are looking smaller!”  What a YUMMY DAY!  🙂

So … now on to the fashion part of the show.  let me know if you can see the difference.

Me Christmas 2010

May 19th 2011

Today, May 19th, 2011

Believe it or not ... I am swimming early morning and wearing long sleeve shirts to keep from tanning ... I guess the indian in me is starting to shine. 🙂

Chow …..S


12 thoughts on “Fashion Shows … and Swimming Pools

  1. Hey Girl…

    You are just an amazing person….!!! Love your hair also…!!! Keep on truckin or should I say bikein…:)

    • Thanks Tammy. I am glad you like my hair, cuz I keep missing my hair appointments. Mike and I keep heading for the hills to ride and I always have Sophie girl … so hair and nail appointments have gone by the wayside.

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