Lions, Tigers, and Birthday Parties OH MY!

Today is my grandgirly’s first birthday.  I have been preparing for that over the last few days, thus the silence from the angry woman over here.  Well, I went for a short 45 min ride this AM to ensure that I was not angry and quite calm with a few extra calories to consume for the part.  This would have been GRAND if only I had remembered to drink my shake before hopping on the bike and then packing one for imediatly following the ride, but I didn’t do either of these things.  So, I crashed.

Mikey and me on our AM ride. Before the crash. 🙂

Crashing before my Grand-girly’s Big Day is not a good thing.  Why?  She is having her celebration at my house–and I am way behind in getting ready.  Gotta love it when a plan DON’T come together!  😉

This was a part of the plan that came together. 🙂

Dis too! It was a Yummy fruit salad. 🙂 No sugar added.

We managed to get it worked out.  The food was good.  The fellowship was Great.  My girly was Wonderful!

What was on the menu?

Field peas with snaps  sauteed in tablespoon of olive oil with oinion, garlic, and canadian bacon.

Zucchini marinated in Greek Dressing and grilled to perfection.

Red Potatoes sauteed with olive oil, oinion, green chilies, greek dressing, and steamed with low fat chicken broth.

Grilled Chicken strips marinated in hot sauce and grilled — YUMMY!

Grilled Sausage and Hot Dogs for men and kiddies.

Veggie tray with a yummy dill dip — I skipped the dill dip — well mostly.  🙂

Fruit Salad and Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing.

I did very good on portion control for the meal.  I had many options for eating healthy, but then, came the C.A.K.E.; YES it is a four letter word.  That was an amazing cake.  I asked for a small piece.  I got a large-ish small piece.  FAIL!  I ate it all.  It was that good.  I have NO idea how many calories were in that.    I am sitting here wondering if I have blown my whole week on this one meal.  Stranger things have happened to me.  😦

Bout to go hit the track and run around and around.  Gonna try and burn off these calories.  I wanna go down on the scale.  Not up.  Do I hate me?  Naw … there was a LOT of food here today.  I was very good and avoided over eating for the most part.  I didn’t drink the wine, and I only had the one piece of cake … well … when I was cleaning up, a bit got on my finger, and I did eat that as well.  Heck, I didn’t over eat on the cake; I just ate a tad bit more than I had planned and an extra serving of fruit later in the evening … so I know I did well all things considered … just wish I had done better.   😦

My Girly Girl 🙂

My Girly was cute, and she had fun … so all in all it was a GREAT DAY!  🙂

Blessings and smiles ……S


5 thoughts on “Lions, Tigers, and Birthday Parties OH MY!

  1. Remember the cake I ate on my not-date date six weeks ago? It didn’t ruin everything and I still enjoyed it! Special occasions are special circumstances. Remember that!

    • We did … We did. She did … She made such a mess of that cake. It was so cute. She had her own little individual cake and she tore into that thing! 🙂

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