Hey Y’all! It’s Weigh In #20


I know I am late getting this posted, but I was NOT a happy camper after the weigh in and I was tired and extremely hungry.  Does that mean I didn’t lose?  I’m not tellin’ ya yet.  Hehe!

I got up on time, went for a run/walk up and down the hills of our neighborhood for about 3 miles before going to the weigh in.  I had my phone to listen to tune; be able to call for help if I fell ill; in this case to talk with my Mikey, who likes to know exactly where I am, so he can feel like he is there running with me.  In psychology they consider this much togetherness to be enmeshed; I call it yummy.  I was not supposed to run, just walk, but I kept having the urge to run … so I did!  As I ran the final downward jaunt to the house, I passed by my “Running” neighbor’s home (she is terrifically fit and very slim–I want to be like her when I grow up–only I am older than her now).  Just before I made my way to the drive way, my chest buzzed.  (Shaking my head and holding up my hands) Well … I couldn’t find my iPod holder, and the phone had to go somewhere.  I had a notification that Erin (my running neighbor) had posted on my wall.

Once, had stretched out a bit and started to cool down I just had to know what she had said … this is what I read, “Looking good out there running, girl!!! Run Shonnie run!”  That made me smile.   It is so nice to have such wonderful support from those around me.  🙂

The weigh in and why I was NOT so happy.  Well, after all the calories burned and watched, and blah, blah, blah … I wanted a big loss.  Three pounds, Four pounds, Five would have been Grand (not expected), after the flatline of the previous week.  What did I get?  A measly 1.5 pounds.  All this work and I have been STARVING for weeks.  I don’t mean that I have been over cutting calories, but I just can’t get full.  No matter how much I eat, I am STARVING.  I just figured I would have lost a bit more after all the work that I have done.  So, it took a nap, and a mirror, a BIG MEAL to fix my mood.  🙂

The nap happened without my permission, but did improve some of my mood.  I was still fussin’ about things to my Mikey though.  I was whining that I was HUNGRY and that I wanted him to take me out to eat a STEAK.  That is what I was hungry for.  I started getting ready and kind of got distracted with thoughts about my post.  When all of a sudden, I had an idea for an update photo’s I wanted to take (these are positive–you can’t leave your mind in the blues gutter–I’m just sayin’).  My rear has shrank; this is a good thing, but has developed a somewhat interesting shape–sorta funny (a girls gotta laugh at things, ya know).  So in my distraction I pulled out the hand mirror to check my rear view out.  As I was looking at my full-body-rear-view with a hand mirror, I noticed something, AMAZING.  I look like a NORMAL woman from the rear.  Now, this was something to smile about.  Of course I had to tell Mikey, who as usual, heartily agreed, and off we went to eat Steak!  🙂

Before, I go on with the STEAK … here are the stats:

Today … I lost 1.5 pounds. =-P  I have now lost a total of 65 pounds on the OptiFast Plan.  Since starting with Donna and Loseit.com I have lost an amazing 73 pounds.  🙂

My Weight loss Trend from Loseit.com. the last bit has been sad. 😦 But it is still going down. 🙂

                            Weight       BMI

Pre weigh      255              41.8

1st weigh          249       I don’t know

2nd weigh        244              40.0

3rd  weigh        239              39.2

4th weigh         234.5           38.4

5th weigh         231.5           37.9

6th weigh         227              37.2

7th weigh          223              36.5

8th weigh          218.5          35.8

9th weigh          215.5           35.3

10th weigh              Missed

11th weigh          209             34.2

12th weigh          204             33.4

13th weigh                   Missed

14th weigh          197.5          32.4

15th weigh          197              32.3

16th weigh          195              32.0

17th weigh          195              32.0

18th Weigh         191.5          31.4

19th Weigh         191.5           31.4

20th Weigh         190          31.1

Sorry about the bad lighting and that I had cut the steak before snaping the pic. It was YUMMY!

Back to the STEAK:  I haven’t had steak for FIVE months.  That is a long time.  I tried to eat some on Easter, but my tummy just wouldn’t hold it down.  Today, baby, this chick ate the whole deal.  It was YUMMY.  It was a filet between 4 or 5 oz and cooked to perfection.  I had a salad (dressing on the side), steamed asparagus, a medium baked potato with a pat of butter, and a couple of slices of bread (they cut the loaf in half so a slice is less than half a slice more like a quarter).  Oh, almost forgot the 2 grilled shrimp.  Can I tell you that I am so satisfied for the first time in weeks.  Just like the old Pepto commercial, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!”  I did not eat the whole thing, but I ate way more than I expected–most of the steak–and I wasn’t the least bit stuffed.  I have a great mental attitude now … wonder what that means?  I don’t even know If I want to tell you how many calories was in that meal. It was a LOT!  I can tell you even with my exercise calories I went over by several hundred.

Does it mean I have finally cracked my noodle and now I am a gonner?  Does it mean after months of shrunken stomach on liquids my tummy is bigger now than before?  Or was I just plain hungry and needing of beef???  Who knows.  I feel great, and that is AWESOME!  I have NO intention of eating like this everyday, but I have been ravenous for weeks now and for the first time am full and satiated feeling.  I am going to go with that and hit the gym in about 30 minutes to work off a few more of those gone over calories.  🙂

Blessings and happy healthy eating …S

16 thoughts on “Hey Y’all! It’s Weigh In #20

  1. Congrats on the new weght level — about to crack into the ’80’s!
    No wonder here at the steak.
    You were on high protein shakes for so many weeks and real food is no replacement for all the protein they gave you on Optifast.
    I had a dream once of a steak wth arms and legs running down the street and I was chasing after it.
    Steak just seems to be the thing you crave on Optifast.

    • OL … it was what I was craving. I seem to remeber a very funny post about you chasing a steak. Haha! I am still on meal replacement. They told me that it was time for me to slow down … can I tell you I DON’T want to slow down … not yet. I have been in the 190’s for 6 weeks … WAY too long.

      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  2. I can’t believe you Shonnie girl!!! You should be CELEBRATING and dancing a jig – 1.5lbs is perfection! If that’s what I got every week – no stand stills – no gains – 1.5lb – I’d be so happy 🙂 as for the steak – your body was crying out of some iron I reckon! I also think sometimes you need a good gut buster to get you back on track – it’s actually not falling off the wagon – it’s a controlled eat and not a regular daily diet – you’re doing fantastic – I wish I could go out on those walks with you (I’m afraid I’d have to just watch you run lol) xxx

    • I know you are right, but ride 80 plus miles and you KNOW you would want more than a flatline followed by a 1.5 loss. I know YOU are right and I am telling myself this over and over again. Not quite worked on me yet, but I do feel great today other than a wrist boo boo. 🙂

      I would have a GREAT TIME walking with you. I would want to run my mouth so the running wouldn’t happen, cuz I can’t run and talk well … only Shout. Haha that can be jarring on the nerves.

  3. Hi Shonnie,

    A 1.5 pound loss is still a loss! Better than holding steady or even a gain. You are doing fabulously and you are inspiring MANY! I think your body needed that big steak and shrimp. You work out hard, and just as the above comments said, your body probably needed the extra protein. Don’t be hard on yourself. YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!

    Be well-

    • Lisa, I know you are right, but after biking for 80 miles one day and 20 another, while swiming and walking/running kinda chaps the hide a touch when you flat line. I was hoping for a BIG loss the next week, but 1.5 pounds just didn’t set well.

      I am starting to agree with my hubby and all of you that I need the food. I haven’t felt this well in a while.

      Thanks for the encouragement. I appreicate you stopping by and making me SMILE! I needed it … Thanks! 🙂

  4. Don’t belittle that 1.5 pounds. You worked for every ounce! I’m sooo proud of you! As for the surf and turf dinner, who cares? One meal does not a diet break! And every nutritionist in the world will back that claim. Now, about that chest buzzing comment… you are too much, girl!

    • I am trying Beth! I am trying. I just wanted a big whopper after not losing and riding 80 miles the week before…. you know?! It was so good. That was the first time I have not been hungry in weeks. AMAZING!

      I know … I know … I am slightly “Wrong.” It is part of my charm … Right? 🙂

      • I think cutting loose every once in a while helps to keep us going. After all, this isn’t the most culinary-inspired weight loss program!

        And yes, it’s definitely part of your charm! 🙂

  5. Sometimes when I’ve worked really hard (like the 80-mile ride), I NEED BEEF. After that, my body starts to recover. Let’s hope that’s what you needed, and your body will relax and start to lose again for you and not keep you SOOOOOO hungry.

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