Sags, Bags, and Where is the Duct Tape?

Before OptiFast .... and the rest of the story after these messages ...

My Hubby asked me today if I had lost any more weight, because my face looked skinnier … when he said this I thought of you, Beth.  Beth always says that she can tell when she is about to be smaller because her face looks different.  I told him that I thought my legs looked bigger and I know my tummy is, but he insisted.  I decided to let him.  I could use the flattery.  🙂

I am beginning to notice a pattern for myself.  When I lose or change size, I notice the appearance of sags, bags, WRINKLES, and crappie stuff.  YUCK!  I am not young like Beth. I have a slightly different experience than a girl of 20 or 30 years, notice how I didn’t clarify how young I am.  😉

One month into OptiFast

Mike will be saying your face looks skinnier, and I am sitting in the bathroom or in front of the computer pulling my skin tight and contemplating the duct tape.  My oldest daughter has hidden the duct tape from me, in an attempt to keep me from applying it to my neck.  I had clear duct tape, well I HAVE clear duct tape if I could just FIND IT.   I was about to start attempting to use this handy-dandy tool while my skin catches up with my weight loss, when she decided it needed to become LOST.  She defiantly told me that I wasn’t getting it.  I mean what is up with that … NO respect!  I carefully explained to her that it would just be for a short time, while my skin tightened up.  I’m just sayin’ WHO wants sags, bags, and wrinkles?  Huh?  Not Me!  What she hasn’t considered is that I CAN purchase MORE clear duct tape when she isn’t around.  I bet that is why she keeps leaving Sophia with me.  Hmm…. What could be worse?

Let me tell you what could be worse.  Mo Fat on the Mad-fatter-girl over here.  If you give me a choice between sags, bags, and wrinkles and fat … well … my mama didn’t raise no fool (I slipped up and typed food for fool — what does that say about me?).  I like being lighter even if lighter is still HEAVY, and the mean little BMI scale says that I am still obese with saggy crappie skin.  Healthier always wins the day.  🙂

I have to tell you; I am blowing raspberries in my mind at the BMI scale makers.  You know what?  Forget the raspberries — let me get the rocks. Hehe.  These people who make up the BMI info are probably SKINNY; never struggled with weight in there lives. I know that they use science, and it doesn’t take into account all the info for getting our weight, but still I just want to smack someone for telling me I am obese.  I’m just sayin’. Additionally, one of those parental curses creeps to mind for the makers of the BMI chart, that constantly label me as BAD.  You know … how your parents would imply one day you would get yours … like you will see how it is when you are my age — implying something of doom was impending for your life.

It’s late and I gotta wrap this here post up (Dot, Dot, Dot, and dash, dash, dash).  I am having a love affair this evening with the …’s.  Forgive me.  I finished with my decision and things are not right in my head … ok … so … maybe they are never quite right, but cut me some slack today, please.  I am tucker girl.

Today on week 20 of OptiFast .... I have to say I like the look of today much better. 🙂 Now don't you just wish you could have a filter that followed you around making you look so smooth and wrinkle free? 🙂

Today, in living color. 🙂

I tried out some new makeup today can you tell?  What ya think … should I keep it?  😉

Blessings …..S


13 thoughts on “Sags, Bags, and Where is the Duct Tape?

  1. You’re so funny! You do know I’m 35, right? Go with the skinnier face like Mike said. I’m tellin’ you! It’s true!!! The mirror doesn’t lie when it comes to weight loss!

    And no MacGyvering your neck! Repeat after me: Just say no! 😉

    As for the BMI scale… pshaw! Garbage! I sit next to an ex-Marine at work. The man is in tip-top condition. They measured his BMI and it came out to 30 because his chest and arms are so dang bulked up with muscle it skewed the numbers. I tease him about it…

  2. Holla Shonnie,

    but… I saw what youa re referring too 😉 Still the changes are for the good.

    What you forget about wrinkles, bags and sacks is what they tell. All you women condem those, but have no clue how the partner who loves you thinks about it.

    Ask him and don’t complain. You wont imagine the answer – I bet!


    • Thanks Martin. 🙂 Holla back at ya buddy. Oh, Martin, my honey tells me how sexy I am … he is cracked in the head. I like him that way though. 😀

  3. How apt your blog is right now… I was at my parents house lastnight with my brother after we’d had a lovely day shopping – and we were discussing weight – David (my bro) has gained over a stone this past 18 months and I said I have a stone to go and my Mommy Dearest says to me ‘yes and when you’ve got rid of that stone you’ll have a turkey neck’ what is the icon for ‘SHOCKED FACE?’ lol charming mum – but I get what you’re saying Shonnie – it doesn’t ping back anymore does it? BUT despite that – I still want to be at my healthy weight and anyway – if I’m honest with you – I think we BOTH ROCK! lol xxx 😉

    • Dizi, I have been told drinking the water helps with the ping back. So far it has helped, but each time I drop a level it I get the big saggies. So sad, but I am with you … I want to be healthier and I can’t do that with a fluffy body. I will deal with the sags, bags, and wrinkles. I know you understand, I LOVE being able to do more. 🙂

  4. When I lose weight my body looks at all the places where lots of fat is stored, and then decides, yeah, I think I’ll take some from her FACE so she looks old and haggard! Wish we got to vote on WHERE the weight should come off!

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by. 🙂 It does feel like that doesn’t it? I know it isn’t true, and I am holding on to the drink lots of water because it give the skin the ability to reshrink. It may be a myth, but it helps me drink my water. hehee 🙂

  5. You look pretty good to me. And you look younger in your last picture. Yeah the colors look good. I go up and down in weight and mostly up in the last few months … oh what am I talking about I meant this whole year. Come visit me sometime.


      • Girl … you gotta play with that one, cuz it is different for everyone of us. Usually, slightly above eye level makes a marked difference in how a girl looks. I look like a vanity queen if you see all the pics I take to find a good one. I am always horrified when folks pull a camera out .. they always post the worst ones. They catch you with your mouth open or with food in it. I am learning from some girlfriends of mine. You see a camera … POSE! 😉

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