Drink-Mares … OH MY … tomorrow is the weigh in!

Will it be a bright morning for me tomorrow? 😐

This is the back-up post to my “Happy Memorial Day” post.  I also remembered — Tomorrow, I weigh in!  YIKES, how’d that sneak up on me???  Am I worried?  Gosh, yes!  I haven’t felt confident since I started ramping up the exercise, and trying to adjust my food with my exercise output.  Massively complex.  I am still contemplating what I am going to do about this.

What was all the photos of wine, port, margarita rimer, and empty-sad-and-lonely wine glasses, you ask?  Well, as regular readers know there are the odd foodmares on a prolonged liquid fast.  Lately, I have been having “Drink-mares’, who knew?  I didn’t think that was possible.  My wine glasses look so lonely, and they are growing dust fur.  My cabinet is lean, but not quite bare, tempting me to partake.  I know this is a horrible sad situation I find myself in.  I am liquor deprived.  How horrible for me.  It isn’t exactly horrible, but occasionally I really enjoy a superb glass of wine with a meal.

Don’t worry … I won’t be acting on these Drink-mares … I just had to talk about them.  When I look in the mirror, I know I don’t want a drink bad enough to further any stall that I might be in.  Oh, let me tell you what happened today.

I went in to my closet and pulled out my work shorts, pulled them on, and they almost fell off.  I mean a few weeks ago I tightened them, yet they are falling off.  Can you say happy dance?  Yeah!  Oh, Oh, Oh … and the other day we went to a party, and I put on one of my NEW Skinny tops and well … it is hanging off me like it belongs to someone else … someone who is LARGER!  hehehe  … I guess it did … a larger version of me. My winter coat, uh well, thank goodness it has drawstrings to synch it in–that’s all I am sayin.  I am just about out of everything.  I don’t even own a pair of jeans anymore, at least none that I can wear.

I almost forgot, what the heck was Mike doing in that photo?  Well, I was trying to take a picture of myself (that didn’t show cleavage–that didn’t work–I had to crop it) when Mike came up behind and grabbed my rear.  ppsss haha … I had you going: he was activating my rear flasher for me so the goof balls who drive around here don’t run me down.  🙂

I got a few pics of yesterday’s ride for ya to view.  I think I agree with Beth, my face has slimmed down, and like Dizi girl … I had to break down and purchase new undergarments, my girl gear was just plain too large.  It was overnight–one day the twins were OK, and then the next they were lost wandering in the vast darkness of their once full home.  It was a sad day, but I had to accept it.  I hope this means I am in for a big downward plunge–a big loss in the gut!  One little step at a time–steady is what I am looking for–at this stage in the game 5 or more pounds would require going back on all liquid.  That is something that I am considering–seriously.

Me riding around on my cruiser. Yes, I blurred the twins. Y'all gotta remember my Mamma reads my blog, even if she doesn't comment. I can't make her embarrassed for me, now can I? 😉

Mikey and Me. Riding has a way of putting a smile back on my face no matter how bad the funk is.

Well, I gotta hit the hay because tomorrow will get here early if I don’t.  … let y’all know how I did tam-marra …S

P.S. Y’all gotta reminde me to tell you a story about the Trainer Nazi and Mike.  hehehe it is funny!


4 thoughts on “Drink-Mares … OH MY … tomorrow is the weigh in!

  1. Congrats on the clothes hanging off of you… that’s great!!

    I’ve stopped drinking long enough where a half a glass of wine and I feel all gooey inside 🙂

  2. Celebrations for goal achievement only! 🙂 Read an article this past week that said alchohol consumption will decrease fat burning metabolism 73%. Hope you celebrate tomorrow after the victory!

  3. Dream states, and the reality of weigh in–always helps keep your eye on the goal. You will win–then we will celebrate with a nice bottle of wine–maybe even a few extra glasses for your friends too!

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