It’s Tuesday and I Weighed In for week 21.


It’s Tuesday and I Weighed In.

Sorry that it has taken me so long to get to my post, everything I have touched today ran long.  I am pooped.  I am going to deviate some from my normal scales and such to adding pictures today … I know … I know tomorrow is usually picture day.  Forgive me. My back is KILLING me: I have worked with wood until I am covered with sawdust (I really love all things creative), and I gave Mike an ear-lowering today.  That all after being at UAB from 9am until 12pm. … I am one tucker girl, who is slightly swollen from being out in the heat all day.

Today … I lost another 1.5 pounds; it seems the plateau is over.  YEA!!  I won’t lie to you: I wish it was more like 2 or 3 pounds, but I am glad to be moving in the downward direction.  I think I am due for a big loss … I’m just sayin’.  I have now lost a total of 66.5 pounds on the OptiFast Plan/EatRight.  Since starting with Donna and I have lost an amazing 74.5 pounds.  🙂

                             Weight      BMI

Pre weigh        255           41.8

1st weigh            249      I don’t know

2nd weigh          244             40.0

3rd  weigh          239              39.2

4th weigh           234.5          38.4

5th weigh          231.5            37.9

6th weigh          227                37.2

7th weigh          223                36.5

8th weigh         218.5            35.8

9th weigh        215.5             35.3

10th weigh                Missed

11th weigh        209               34.2

12th weigh        204               33.4

13th weigh                 Missed

14th weigh         197.5           32.4

15th weigh         197               32.3

16th weigh         195               32.0

17th weigh         195               32.0

18th Weigh        191.5           31.4

19th Weigh        191.5           31.4

20th Weigh        190              31.1

21st Weigh       188.5        30.9

 One completely cool note here regarding BMI — the nasty little number — I am very close to the 29.9 that would take me from being OBESE to just being overweight!  Yeah, baby!  Can you do the Happy Dance???

My 4 week graph showing my plateau starting to break. 🙂

In order to get that big loss, this here girl is gonna have to modify some things.  Today in class, I listened to those who are continuing to lose during transition.  I have discovered the secret to their managed this amazing feat; they achieve this success by keeping it simple.  I thought I could handle adding the exercises back in an aggressive manner.  It is obvious that I cannot. It is very complex getting the correct balance between food consumption and extreme exercise. I think that was too much too soon. It is overwhelming and demoralizing, not to mention I stay hungry.  Finding my eating center with massive exercise is going to be tough–a job more suited for when I reach my goal weight.  I believe I have come to the inescapable truth that I do have to cut the training back so I can better manage the hunger and calorie consumption.

This makes me sad, until I think about the MAIN GOAL for my life right now, and that is getting these pounds off.  I don’t have to do the Martindale race by myself this year.  I can be a team with Mikey one more time.  It will still be fun.  It will be even more fun when I weigh 150 than it will now at 188.5.  I like being in the 180’s … this is so beyond HUGE; I don’t think I have weighed this little for 15 years.  So … I know I am going to enjoy scaling things back for a bit, so that I can go the long distance and end at the weight I want to be (like how I am telling my emotions to get in line with logic?).

I console myself with the changes in my clothing, which are actually massive, and that pretty soon I will be out of everything, but the very last few items that I bought.  I am going shopping this week. 🙂

The pictures that I am about to share with you are clothes that were too big when I gave away my last batch of clothing, but not so big they couldn’t be worn.  It stayed chilly so I have not put them back on since the time I last donated.  Imagine my shock (even with no real weight loss registering on the scales) when I put these garments on today.  The first group of pics are from when this outfit actually fit me tight.  Can I tell you how much fun it is to look back at where I have come from?  🙂

Mike, me, boo ... this is where I was told I was too heavy to ride the horses at the Grand Canyon, and I had to get on a scale when we boarded the plane ... If there had been more people there that day I would have had to pay for an extra seat. Notice the pants legs and how snug the shirt fit the tummy.

The hat in Mike's hand gives the illusion that there is loose fabric, but there isn't. Notice how tight the legs are. Erica thought this was a cute photo, and so do I. We were taking a pic while she was taking a pic.

I have shared this photo before, but notice how tight the chest area is in this shirt. My arms and face are considerably bigger as well.

I had to share this pic because it is too fun not too. Besides it shows you that I don't let a little thing like being morbidly obese stop me!! I rode ATV's to the rim of the canyon. It was AMAZING!

I know this is a little fleshy for me, and I am in a sports bra that squishes you, but I think you can see the difference in the chest area rather clearly. 😉

I think this shirt has lost it usefulness ... what do you think?

This series of photo's show me holding up the pants to the level I had tightened them to wear the last time I tried these puppies on. Then where they fell to when released. Onnie started snapping pics of me as I started my happy dance. So I shared. 🙂 I don't know what was going on with my face in the second snapshot!?!?

This is me taking them back to the position I wore them in the "Fatter" photo's ... I guess you can see what happens when I do that. Thank goodness for a drawstring -- but I think these shorts are gonners too. 🙂

So, very late with my good news, I bid you ado.  Goodnight sweet friends until the morrow ….S

19 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday and I Weighed In for week 21.

  1. OH WOWOWOWOWOW! You are looking amazing and CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss this week!!! Well done you – you are my thinspiration 🙂 I LOVE the way you’re looking and seeing you in those big drown you clothes – fantastic! I’ve had a tough eating day today – I’ve wanted to snack so badly and I have eaten about four biscuits AND a crumpet – OMG – what a fool I was – I should have read your blog earlier because I swear it would have stopped me!!! Keep on keeping on Shonnie! xxx

    • Haha — Dizi — we are each others thinspirations. I have to tell you I needed you massively bad when I went through that stall. It is SO important to have understanding folks by your side in those times … or in the times when you eat 5 1/2 oz steak, a med. baker W/BUTTER, asparagus, half a loaf of bread W/BUTTER … to keep you on the path. I am so glad we can run this race together. 🙂 Thanks for being such a huge encouragement to me!

    • Haha … Onnie thought she was cute … and so did I. I just had to share them. 🙂 Thanks for always supporting me! 🙂 It means more than you know. Love your comments.

    • Hey Miss Emm! How are you? Thanks … I would Love to see you cheering for me all decked out. That would make my day and I know we would laugh and jump together. 🙂 Thanks!!!!

  2. Rockstar alert! Shonnie’s in the house! Granted there’s less of her… woohoo! Don’t knock the whole takin’ it easier thing. I think you’re right in noticing you can pick up your exercise regime as you reach your ultimate weight loss goal. You can still go on some bike rides, walk/jog, and work with Donna the Nazi Trainer. Just scaled back a little bit, that’s all. And keep focusing on how you look and feel and how the clothing keeps falling off! Oh, and the smaller you get, the more a small bit of weight loss affects your whole body! Seriously… it’s a lot fewer pounds between clothing sizes now…

    • Beth … girl I love you more and more! You always say the kindest things to me. I can’t believe we are going to meat 😉 up in a few short weeks! I am gonna hit my new diet plan with a vingance and see how comfy the plane seat are gonna be now! I can’t wait! Gosh … Gosh … Gosh! I can’t wait!

      • The rumpus in the plane seats. You are in for such a treat when we meat! 😉 I’m excited as well! I don’t let my folks read my blog (separation of church and state… you only want your parents in so much of your business, and when you’re single they’re already in too much of it!), but I talk about it. I told them about you and your family and they thought it was incredible that two support buddies in completely different parts of the country actually get to meet face to face.

        Oh, and I only say kind things to kind people. Well, not really, but it sounded good. 🙂

  3. Wow! Good stuff right there. You are scoring victory after victory. On to the championship!

    You are right about the difficulties of extreme exercise and weight lose. I have gained 2 lbs in the last couple months since I started exercising again. 220lbs is considered overweight for me but I feel great. If I can figure out how to drop to 210 or 205 I will let you know. I can’t wait until my belly disappears.

    • Thanks Greg … I am headin’ for the finish line that is for sure. You let me know when you get that figured out, expecially the belly. That is my hardest area. I lose everywhere but there. I think it is gonna have to give up and give in soon. YOU know. 🙂

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