I am going to beg your forgiveness on my lack of post today.  I was rushing around to make ready for a trip to Mississippi, where my parents live, with my Sophie girl all day.  Somewhere in the day I hurt my back most likely lifting something in a damaging way.  I have been in pain for hours.  The strongest medicine I have are a couple of aspirins.  So I am ice packin’ my back and laying here.

I will see you tomorrow … Donna has promised to help me work my back to strengthen it tomorrow.  We shall see!!  🙂



5 thoughts on “BACK PAIN

  1. I’ve whined a lot about my back, so you have my utmost sympathies! You have no idea how much you use your back until it goes on strike. Then? Aye-yi-yi. And if it doesn’t get better soon, go to the doctor! And then take whatever is prescribed. And when the scale doesn’t change just remember my water retention moanings and groanings.

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