Torment and Pleasure

The city lights from atop Red Mountain.

I had a session with the Trainer Nazi yesterday in the AM.  She knew from my Facebook post that I was in PAIN.  So she was ready for me when I got there Friday at 8AM; to get me the right workout to help with back pain.  She worked on (sweatly tortured) that area for about 30 minutes, and then we went in the reformer room (you remember the pics–different pain) for the regularly scheduled class time, and she kicked my butt in a back safe manner.  Can I tell you that that workout almost killed me?  I had barely had any sleep the night before.  Early on I wasn’t sure if she actually made my back feel better or just bring my focus onto NEW areas of pain.   😉

I woke up Friday morning bright and early at 2:30 AM and never returned to sleep.  I was so tired I wasn’t sure that I would make it through both workouts, but I did.  I sweated like a stuck pig (I am guessing they mean like one bleeds because they don’t sweat–thus the reason they lie in the mud to cool off). I assume I sweated so profusely because I was tired and in pain.  I was STARVING when I left.  I had to control my food intake if I was going to go to dinner and dancing at The Club with Donna “the Trainer Nazi” and Dean Jones (he has pics of the evening too) in the PM.  How to do this????  Don’t eat!  Not even an option!  I’m just sayin’ 45 minutes in the weight room followed by 60 minutes of reformer … not a CHANCE I wasn’t gonna eat — just bein’ honest here. I did OK, but not great in controlling calorie intake, I was just plain HUNGRY.  I kept munching on some 150 calorie edamame.  I couldn’t eat them all at one time (What a nice problem to have!).

I went into my closet to dress for the dance and realized I never made it shopping; consequently, I only own one shirt and one skirt that I can wear out.  My undergarments arrived early in the day, and I was so excited; I would have proper fitting garments for the twins.  NOT.  I had underestimated the twin’s size, and we have to go back and reorder.  I cannot take the twins out in malforming attire; this is JUST not DONE.  Oh, well, I was going, and I would wear what I had, and I would have a blast!  And we did have a LOVELY evening, clothing problems or no.

Here are a few pics of our evening.

Like all evenings with food involved there is bread in abundance .... my weakness. I was starving as we know. Everyone was buttering toast on everyside of me! YIKES! Tom was so very graceous and modeled the bread for me. I heald off for the "food." 🙂

These are three very interesting men. You will notice that only one actually listened and smiled a cheer to me when I asked. The other two were more interesed in their conversation. 🙂

Tom and his beautiful wife Pam. 🙂

















Tom and Pam dance divinely.  I am so jealous of their and Donna and Dean Jones’s skills!  Mike and I have a LONG way to catch up to them, but we are going to try!   Did you notice the smirk on Tom’s face?  Hehe … he had just told me NOT to take his picture.  You can see how sweet I was in honoring his request.  He was a good sport.   🙂

Donna "The Trainer Nazi" Jones and Me. We always have FUN!

We mosed outside to take a few pics. Me and Mikey.

There were two other couples at our gathering ... I didn't manage to get them in photos. I have known Connie for a few years and just met her husband Bill. GREAT couple.

Are you wondering where the pictures of my meal went?  Or the pictures of my log?  Ahhhh … well … that is coming up right now.

This is a screen shot of most of the moring from my page.

My very YUMMY meal. 🙂

I tried to be accurate with my food, not exactly sure if I got enough butter for the butter sauce and what I added to me potato, but it is close enough.  I rethought the cake and upped it on my calorie count but I had already taken the snapshot of the screen.  This will probably cost me some this week in weight loss, but it was a great evening.  I don’t think my dancing actually worked off enough of my calories to really help.  I think this was a bit of a FAIL as far as the eating plan goes, but I did manage NOT to drink wine or have more than one roll.  There are not a lot of the EAT to the RIGHT food choices on this menue, at leas not that EatRight teaches us about to choose from– outside the salad.  I had one with dressing on the side (just realized I forgot to add that to the count. YEA! NOT!) haha!  Oh well!  I think we need to go salsa dancing after that kind of food.  I guess I didn’t want to lose bad enough this week.  😛

I have to say I managed to dance for a bit and enjoy a very pleasant evening; considering how much pain I awoke with Friday morning, the evening was grand.  This morning the back started screaming at me again as I walked through a favorite box store.  Ho hum.  Donna … where are you????

Cheers …. S

18 thoughts on “Torment and Pleasure

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  2. Hello,
    I’ve always enjoyed your Blog which I think is well written and full of Zest but, if I’ve got the photographs right I can’t see were the word “fat” comes in. Hpe I’m not making some ‘orrible error here

    • Counting — I am not sure if I have ever had a nicer complement in my life. Thanks. My next post is going to be dedicated to you — cuz I am gonna ‘splain dis to you Ducky. 😉

  3. Are we *really* surprised by which interesting man at the table followed instructions and smiled? 🙂

    And you, m’dear, look radiant in those photos! I think you may be surprised… if the rest of the week is on target, this evening probably won’t make a difference in the weight loss.

    • Awe … Beth … thanks for saying I looked radiant (shussh don’t tell anyone I used to be a make-up artist and I kinda know how to make radiant!) I felt really good though. I really felt together and attractive. That was nice. It was fun to dance on the dance floor even with the people staring at you while you danced–the tables are situated around an round dance floor. People in the whole room can sit and watch you dance.

      This used to be a source of pain for me when I visited this club. A constant 360 view of everything you don’t want to show or share. Friday night this was NOT the case! 😀

      I have been a little off all week. Nothing bad, just a little off. I hate to say it but I am probably going to go back to full formula to get a little closer to goal a little faster. I really want to compete in several rides/races that I need to train for and as we have seen — that doesn’t work well for me. 😦 Oh, well, we can’t have it all can we — not everyday. 😉

  4. Sounds like a great evening, and that you were able to balance fun with good eating (and drinking) choices. I hate it when restaurants have really limited healthy food choices, like you mentioned, but it does happen! Thanks for sharing your fun night out.

    • It was OB! We had a great time — I have to be honest — I really wanted a glass of wine with my fish. Alas … I want to lose more than I want to drink. 😀

  5. Hello Beautiful Shonnie,
    Thanks for the little reminder. I just posted. I wanted to tell you that each time I look at your posts, you continue to get more and more beautiful. It looks like you had a fabulous time. I need to start carrying around the new camera Glenn bought me so I too can post current photos.

    Wanted to say, if you use the facebook look me up We can share that way too! You have been my most inspirational blogger and I look forward to each and every one of your posts!

    Be well-

    • Thank you Lisa. I hopped over there and checked you out. Glad you posted and that you were only busy. I understand the home remodel … working on that myself today.

      You do need to take your camera. Even if you don’t like the pics today, in a little while you will see the change take place before your eyes, and you can look back and marvel at how far you have come. I will look you up on FB. I am on there — love to share. I have a FB paige for Diary of and Angry Fat Woman. Do go there and friend me and post your blog on the page. I would love to get a group of folks together sharing their stories across the web. 🙂

      Thanks again for the kind words. I love that we can all encourage each other as we journey on our goals to a healthier us!

    • With some new, and some old friends my dear. I know you sat by Bill most of the night so he and his wife, Connie, were new to you, but she is not new to me. Silly boy there was only one other couple that you didn’t know, and I knew her as well. 😉 Love you. We did enjoy ourselves a LOT! 🙂

  6. You were such a good girl! Looks like you stayed sober… unlike moi last weekend lol your evening looks great and I’m so pleased you got the right workout for your back pain – I laughed at the photo with the Mike and the two guys who were engrossed in conversation lol

    I so identify with your sleepless night – that was me lastnight 😦 not good! Ohhh and the weakness for our daily bread! Ohhhhh YES!

    Sending you lots of love and hoping the back pain stays under control! xxx

    • Thanks Dizi,

      It didn’t feel like I was being so good. Eating that cheese roll–that was so sweet like a donut, or the butter on everything. I really think I am going to go back to full formula and knock this thing out, so I can get on with the fun stuff I want to do, like riding 80+ miles, rowing my boat, running, and swiming. It is just really hard to give up chewing! I’m just sayin’. right at 40 more pounds is quite a long way to go though, so I just may breakdown and go for it again.

      • Ohhhhh SHONNIE – I want to catch what you’ve got… lol an EIGHTY mile bike ride? Oh my goodness you have so much motivation – I want some lol I feel I have been letting myself down not going to the gym regularly – it’s been over 2 weeks now since I last went! Do what you need to do to get you where you want to be I say 🙂 you have to have the passion and committment and you’ve got that in bucket loads 🙂 Ohhhhhhhhhh I’ve just realised – I’ve been so busy today and I FORGOT……. TOMORROW IS OUR WEIGH IN DAY OHHHHHHHH lol holding a good thought for both of us lol xxx

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