Sexy Sunday

Sexy is in the eye of the beholder. 🙂

Why is my Sunday sexy, you ask?  Is it because Mikey and I have escaped to some exotic get away?  I am at some hot new show that is a must-do-before-you-die kinda thing?  Have I turned a corner in my weight loss that I can exercise to my heart’s content while I still lose 3 pounds a week?  Did I discover the fountain of youth, and now I can share with you the secret to ageless beauty?  Is it because I look hot covered in goo and wearing cruddy old clothes.  Nope.  🙂

It’s sexy because Mikey and I have been wrapping up some loose-end projects, well, almost wrapped up, and a fellow blogger Counting ducks said to me he couldn’t understand the “FAT” in The Diary of an Angry Fat Woman.  He also complemented my writing, which always makes me feel beyond good.  These are two very sexy things.

The opening picture is of our new kitchen backsplash — SEXY!  Why is a backsplash sexy?  Well, cuz I have waited almost a year to finish this kitchen remodel.  I don’t do waiting well.  Why did it take so long–that is a VERY LONG, Very nasty-angry story–one I have no intention of writing.  I will share a picture of my completed drawers once they are all put together–they are truly amazing!  Love them!  What? What did you think I meant?  I meant the kind of drawers that go in a cabinet–silly, did you think I was gonna take a pic in my (stealing Beths [click the link to check her out] words) unmentionables?!?!  Not this girl.  You saw me as raw as I’m a getting (at this time–maybe in the future if I look amazing in a swimsuit) in my workout clothes.  I’m just sayin’.

Ducky  (click the link to check him out) wrote saying that he didn’t understand the fat in my blog.  Haha!  Thanks, again and again, man, for saying that.  That made me smile from ear to ear.  No, you have most likely picked the right woman.  You have to remember I am technically classified by the BMI scale as OBESE.  My BMI makes me more than just overweight by 1.9 points.  I have just under 40 pounds left to lose to put me in a healthy weight range.  I am not going for skinny, but I don’t know many women that would consider 150 pounds skinny.  That is my goal and a LOT of women start working to lose weight when they are at that weight.  I am concerned that much smaller and I would look sickly after so many years as a large woman.

Me Christmas 2010 weighing in at 255 pounds.

The angry fat blog came about because I was so frustrated that I couldn’t figure out how to get the weight off my body.  I started it to hold myself accountable … to keep myself moving forward toward an answer.  I found one with OptiFast, and the folks at the EatRight Clinic. So … when I started this, Dearest Ducky, I weighed in at 255.  I was still down from 263, but I was very frustrated, because I had lost down to 230, then I started a new medication that caused me to gain back what I had worked for 6 months to lose.  In only 2 months time I gained it 25 pounds back. My can-do attitude was breaking apart; I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to beat the battle of obesity.  I am still in that battle, but, now, I do feel like I am winning.  🙂

Me and my Mikey. Friday, June 3, 2011

SCREEEECH (think record needle being ripped across a record) …….

My back pain is absolutely NOT sexy, but having Mikey to pic me up and stretch out my spine is incredibly sexy, especially since he tells me how beautiful I am while covered in tile glue and massively oversized work clothes.  He even tells me this while I am extremely grumpy because of pain.  I have had several injuries to my back and neck that can be cripplingly painful at times.  Working on projects seems to aggravate my weak points.  I hate that because I LOVE to work on crafty stuff.  The pain at this moment has escalated until I have retired to the bedroom with aspirins to write and lay with my feet elevated.  This isn’t sexy at ALL!

…. It got worse.  Now, hours later, I am finially posting.  I had to stop doing anything.  Dang it all.  This is a NEW and different back pain from the other day.  As I said, I have fallen and injured my back in THREE places and now I am hurting in TWO of the Three!!  UHG!  UHG!

Sexy stopped and pain in the … uh …  back took over.  Niters  S

14 thoughts on “Sexy Sunday

  1. I get paid for reading people. Not like a psychic kind of reading (although that would be fun). But reading people who are fairly dangerous and always being a step ahead of them. Basically I am all about the eyes.

    Your Mikey loves you soooo much (his eyes told me that). But I am sure you already knew that.

  2. LOVE the pics as always! Ohhhh two things you said I can totally identify with – the kitchen that has taken a year to complete – well mine has taken exactly that amount of time too and it’s still not 100% finished – it’s a tiny tiny kitchen – you’d never believe it could possibly take so long lol and… this is a big big BIG bugbear for me – goal weight – that our goal weight is 150lbs and I see so many people STARTING there diet at 150lbs – it really gets to me – it truly does!!! I feel that it’s important to be a healthy weight and I know that when I lost weight years ago I went to the other end of the scale and that was just as bad as when I was at my heaviest! It’s no more healthy to be 5’5 and weight 105lbs than it is to be 5’5 and 200lbs!!!

    • We are roughly the same height — I sooooo want to be just 10 pounds from that 150 mark. I am so jealous and so happy for you all at the same time. It makes me even more determined to get there — then figure out a way to make it over to England so we can pose for pics in our blogs! hehehe!


        10lb from goal is exciting – I truly am totally desperate to get there – it’s a bit worrying because it feels so marvellous to be here – that there is a danger that it would be easy to just stay here – but I need to see how 150lb feels 🙂 it’s driving me! xxx

  3. Chuck told me about foam rollers that work on “Trigger Points”. Trigger Points are knots in your body that are aquired when their is an injury. The knots have toxins and stuff in them. With a foam roller you can put some weight on the trigger points and they will dissolve. They have worked miracles for me. On the other hand you have to prevent those in the first place by excercising moderately and not pushing yourself to hard to fast. 🙂 I know use the rollers for a good 15 min before I start exercising and If I were doing it right I would be using them after exercise too.

    • Greg, I have one of those things. I am gonna try that! Thanks for Sharing!!! You have NO idea–well maybe you do–how bad this has been getting in my way!!

    • Thanks Mom. It has been a week of a weak back. When I lift weights and do reformer regular, this just doesn’t happen as much. Just getting back on my schedule. 🙂

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