It is Weigh In #22


I know some of you all might just wonder what happened to me today and WHY I am so late in posting.  I am sorry for the lackadaisical postings of late.  The whole back thing has just put a crimp in my style.  Everything I do takes WAY longer, and I am worn out quicker.  I am much better today, but still struggling.  If I am honest (and we know that I am), I must confess the larger reason I am later today than usual.  Mikey and I went out for lunch after my weigh in.  My college-age daughter has started waiting tables at a nice restaurant in town to help herself finish college, so we decided to eat with her — gotta help the kid get on her feet.  😉

I wanted a nice tasty meal, one that would make me feel satisfied while saying within my Eat to the Right (hence the name of our program EatRight–tell you more about that another day) goals.  I ordered grilled shrimp with couscous for my meal (I didn’t realize it was served with rice).  Mikey ordered Grilled Artichokes — his was an appetizer that came before my meal — we decided to eat on his because he said he was full from something he had eaten earlier; he just went for my company.  I liked that.

Our food was so good.  I don’t know how eat to the right it was, there was oil and I am sure butter on everything.  It was amazing.  Once I realized that this was not a “EatRight” meal, I asked Mike if he wanted to try the carrot cake since this was obviously a diet-blowing-meal.  He said sure.  Not horrible diet-blowing-meal, but it was not as lean of fat as I had hoped for, so there was a little room for a yummy desert.  OOOOMMMMMGoodness!  I love hot cake with no icing.  This cake was served with hot with cream cheese.  This was major GOOD.   The cake took me all the way to the diet blower edge, but I do feel the meal VERY worth the cost of the calories. If you are going to eat to the left (heavier in fat) it should be good fat, good food and savored to the maximum.  I did all that and ate a NORMAL EatRight portion.

Did I mean to blow my goals like this?  NO!  I had planned to go shopping, which was out of the question after such a meal.  I needed to go home and rest.  Most of the meal was light, but that cake was NOT.  Now … on with the results of today.

Today … I lost another 2.5 poundsYEA!!  That is more like it!  I have to say I am VERY EXCITED.

How’d I do it?  Huh?  Did I workout more?  Did I eat less? NOPE.  I listened to my classmates’ conversations on how they were continuing to lose during Transition, and talked with my dietitian we felt doing more moderate exercise and keeping my food levels up would be best for me at this time.  I shared with Lindsey how I had really wanted to train for the Tri/Adventure race in Martindale, but it was just too complex getting the food and exercise perfectly timed.  It was emotionally discouraging for me.  The harder it was to lose–the harder it was to press onward with the diet.  As much as I wanted the race, I wanted the weight loss more.  In this instance, I felt like it was more important to become a loser to become a true winner. Lindsey reminded me that this is my Triathlon — to reach my goal.  She is right.  That will be my focus from this point forward.

Here at the 6 month point, I have lost a total of 69 AMAZING pounds on the OptiFast Plan.  Since starting with Donna and I have lost an amazing 77 pounds.    Am I happy?  Yeah, Shonnie is a very happy girl.  Oh, I know I would love a 5 pound loss, but 2.5 pounds is AMAZING!  🙂

My Six month graph of my progress. I have to say I like the look of that slope. 🙂

Weight         BMI

Pre weigh       255       41.8  Morbidly Obese

1st weigh           249         40.8

2nd weigh         244         40.0 Morbidly Obese

3rd  weigh         239         39.2 Obese (Class 2)

4th weigh          234.5     38.4

5th weigh          231.5     37.9

6th weigh          227        37.2 Obese (Class 2)

7th weigh          223        36.5

8th weigh         218.5     35.8

9th weigh         215.5      35.3

10th weigh       Missed Obese (Class 2)

11th weigh         209        34.2 Obese (Class 1)

12th weigh        204         33.4

13th weigh               Missed

14th weigh        197.5      32.4

15th weigh        197          32.3

16th weigh        195          32.0

17th weigh         195         32.0

18th Weigh        191.5      31.4

19th Weigh        191.5      31.4

20th Weigh        190        31.1

21st Weigh          188.5    30.9

22nd Weigh     186       30.5 (Obese Class 1)

Regarding BMI — the nasty little number — Again, I am very close to the 29.9 that would take me from being OBESE to just being overweight, but not quite there!  I think I will have to lose about 5 to 10 more pounds to break that stinky little hurdle.  The BMI range that is considered normal for my height is between 18.5 and 24.99 (I wrote myself a reminder to add that info–only I just added it. hehehe).  Since I don’t consider myself normal, I am not overly worried if my BMI is normal or not.  I am just worried about getting the pounds down so the meds can come down.  🙂

I have to run and do a million things that I am behind on … so forgive me … but I am going to post this without reading through several times.  Thanks!  Blessings y’all ….S


14 thoughts on “It is Weigh In #22

  1. See? Toldya you’re a rockstar. I don’t lie. 🙂

    And don’t you feel so incredibly awesome for the 2.5 pounds?! Go you! I can’t wait to see your skinny self in a month. Woohoo!

  2. Way to go Shonnie… I have been running around too and am just getting caught up… Great weight loss… Keep it up. I know you are sad about not being able to get your certification to run the “Enduroman Arch to Arc” Triathlon which is known for the grueling swim of the English Channel and the bike ride from Calais to the finishline at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris! But hey, thiere is always next year… You should look into the Hawaii Ironman World Championship in Kona. The training is half the Enduroman — plus I hear the coffee at the end is to die for…

    I guess the point is — the exercise will be there at the end — use this time to look inward and make sure you never have to do this again! I know I can’t and I am sure you feel the same way… Again, Congrats!

    • OL — you are such a jester! You make me smile and laugh out loud when you make the claims about my activities! Haha! We were having the discussion in class about how bizzar it is that I have to cut back my exercise and keep my eating up to lose weight. This is the reason why it is so important to have good docs!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS MY SWEETIE PIE!!! WE BOTH DONE GOOD TODAY 🙂 lol well, my good was a little less good than your good – BUT IT’S ALL GOOD! 🙂 lol

    How fabulous this journey is – it has it’s highs and lows but I tell you – the lows are worth it because the highs are beyond fabulous! You look so beautiful Shonnie – glowing (in a good way not in a sweaty way… well actually, yeah in a sweaty way sometimes but that’s a good way too hahaha)

    Big big hugs to you! xxx

    • Thanks DIZI! Congrats on your loss! I was so excited to hear that you lost, can’t wait to understand what you lost. I think it was a pound? Thanks for all your wonderful support! I know … I know … sweat/glow … either way it makes you look younger when your glowy … right? hehe Just don’t get to close on those occasions. 😉

      • Yep – I lost 1lb – ohhhh I remember the days when 1lb would have me wanting to cry and slam doors – now I know it’s value and I slam doors and cheer 🙂 lol I love it! Each 1lb gets us to where we want to be doesn’t it? 🙂 xxx

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