I want a NAP!!

Sexy .... right? I knew you would think so. It is VERY SEXY when you wear it cuz then you aren't TIRED! 🙂

I am so STINKING TIRED!  Why??  Oh, let me tell you why.  I haven’t worn my blasted breathing machine the last two nights!  UHGGG!  Why?  Cuz I will lie down and pass OUT cold without putting the mask on my face.  It’s like I have taken a drug or something, and I just pass clean out!

I had my reformer time this AM …. I had my Sophie girl …. I had my boo man and his buddy, and we all went shopping together, all while I am tired and hungry.  I haven’t put the groceries away.  I chased Sophia all over my house.  She was in a mood of course, because Ami (my grammy name) was draggin’ booty!

My house is a wreck, and I just want a NAP.  I am sure I could blame it on the 95+ degree weather.  People would believe that.  It may have something to do with it all, but mostly it is just NOT SLEEPING with the blasted breathing machine.  How on earth did I live before this???  I have NO idea!

Nap time ….S


18 thoughts on “I want a NAP!!

  1. I was given one of the masks to use but just couldn’t do it. Couldn’t sleep, and sleep is too precious. They did say losing weight helps with sleep apnea – one reason for me to keep up with the Optifast program I’m on! Do you think when you’re reached your goal you might not need the mask any longer?

    • OB — girl — I think I will be wearing that thing until I die. My daughter who is not large has to wear one too. I just think that we DO NOT sleep without them.

      If I forget to wear my mask — I wake up tired and yawn all day long. I just do no know how I made it through my life before sleeping with the mask. I had to use a sleep aid at first to get to sleep with it on, but that lasted about 3 or 4 days and now it puts me to sleep when I put the mask on. My body relaxes and knows it is safe to sleep — so it lets me. I have slight alergies so I have to take meds for that to use the machine as well.

      • OB — you are right. I have missed more nights this week than I have used it. It may affect me on the weigh in this week! Dang it! I have to tell you, if it didn’t work for me there would be NO way you could pay me to use the thing. It takes a bit of getting used too. 🙂

  2. I love a nap myself, and as for the mask, for your husband it is part of who you are, and if it helps you I am sure he is glad you have got it, even if you occasionally rip it off in your sleep

  3. Please forgive me in advance for this question, but is there some kind of drug in the machine that makes you sleep?
    P.S. The pic would look sexy to a man into S & M.

    • Haha! Lafe — my hubby sez that it is sexy because it makes me less likely to die in my sleep. No, there are NO drugs in the machine. It’s sole purpose is to force air into your lungs. If a person has bad enough sleep Apnea they can add oxegyn to the machine — I think. I sleep in constant distress without the machine–which means I DON’T really sleep — which in turn runs my Blood Pressure up and causes my body to store FAT. Fat is a four letter word in case you didn’t already know that. 😉

  4. Ohhhhh SHONNIE lol you really have to sleep in that contraption? Oh my word I bet that takes some getting used to! I wonder what it is right now with all the tiredness? I feel exactly the same way and I can assure you it’s not 95+ degrees weather!!! My house is a wreck too and I don’t want it to be but I just can’t be bothered – I feel for you cos I feel the same!!! xxx

    • Yes, Mam, I do Daisy Dear. I really do have to sleep in that contraption. Some nights it I rip it off in my sleep. You would be amazed how little getting used to it took. It is almost like a sleeping pill. Once I put it on my body starts passing out.

      I am so glad some budy can feel me — so I don’t have to feel alone! 🙂

      • Oh bless you! haha what with you wearing that and me having to make sucking whizzing noises on my inhaler everynight – ohhhh boy – doesn’t that paint an attractive picture of the pair of us hahaha love it! 😀

      • You said a mouthfull there Dizi girl! We sound so very sexy don’t we! hehe! Good thing our hubbies like us how we are! 🙂

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