My life saving Appetizer ... Edamae! 🙂

What happened yesterday?  Well, Mikey took me out to dinner and shopping after our power went out and we had been working on our back splash (by-the-way it is FINI’–yeah!).  Things got very interesting when the power went out and made preparing to leave a challenge.  Have I mentioned how nice it feels to have the option to go out for dinner again?  It is very sublime, even if my options for food are limited and wine is not even an option.  I can live without drink when I can get into smaller jeans — more on that later.

The power came back on long enough for us to get ready.  Since we were not going to have time to get ready to go dancing — nor did I have anything to wear dancing as it turns out — we rushed to see if we could find me anything new and interesting to wear. I did find two different tops that I believe will go with my one skirt.  🙂  I hope to find a few more things tomorrow to wrap up this whole I-got-no-clothes thing.  I am afraid I can’t be the emperor and sport my birthday suit.

My blood sugars dropped, and I began to get really grumpy.  No, I don’t have major swings most days, but when I do get hungry like that I have to eat and eat as-fast-as-humanly possible, or to say I am not a ‘pl’ person is a colossal understatement.  Bad words start flying out of my sweet-southern-lady mouth that would make a sailor blush.   I tend to look very angry, and I sound angry … and … well, you get the picture.  It is BAD.  I work very hard to avoid that.  I usually bring some kind of food with me to keep these behaviors at bay.  I forgot to do this.  I started getting short with the woman in Coldwater Creek when she wanted my address — I did explain — but being short isn’t a good southern girl thing ta do; I’m just sayin’.  This chick needed to get to the food and yesterday.

I had previously had a fantastic time at White House Black Market — found two amazing tops.  Everything fit or was too big that I picked out.  How fantastic is that??? Major!  Just sayin’.  I found several things that I wanted but didn’t get because I wasn’t sure I was ready for leggings (my rear was hanging out BIG TIME).  There were two very cute girls that helped me look and find things.  They were so excited about how much weight I had lost — really annoys me that I can’t remember their names — they were so sweet.  I also had an amazing time at Talbots.  There was the cutest white shirt.  I wanted it very badly, but Mike didn’t like how much the twins were exposed, so it was sadly left behind for another more daring customer.  I did find two lovely shirts, one peach and one brown, and a well fitting pair of shorts.  🙂

Can you figure out what happened to my jeans shopping?  You guessed it … I went shopping for jeans after dinner!  Can you believe it?  You are so smart; I knew you would figure it out.  That’s right, after jumping into the bar seating at The Cheesecake Factory eating edamame, the tiny arugula salad, and grilled shrimp (even a little bread), I went to try on jeans.  Oh, I forgot I had a small taste of the low carb cheese cake.  Smiling here.  Regular jeans from The Gap.  Yeah! It was beyond cool, amazingly awesome, and terribly fantastic to try on jeans at a “regular” store and wear 10’s in one cut and 12’s in the other.  It is so amazing it is hard to fathom.  I got to know the sweet clerk there really well, except I can’t remember her name.  I always think I will remember and then poof it goes out of my head.  Next time I am leaving myself a text message or voice mail!  While there, the lights went out on me in the dressing room.  Yep, you got it, another power outage.  Our super friendly helper came and called out in the darkness to make sure we were A-OK.  Mike has a flashlight on his phone that is quite bright.  We were fine.  She got me through the process of purchasing my new jeans in the DARK with humor and grace.  Thanks Sweet Gap Sales Girl!  That did take a while, still, it was a fun evening and I feel very blessed.

I hope I lose when I weigh in on Tuesday, but if I don’t, I can say I have had a GREAT WEEK!  May I keep this attitude when I am there on the scales.  🙂

Fashion show tomorrow … probably late though …S

12 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. That’s what I need Shonnie – another shopping trip 🙂 Ohhh I would have liked to have seen the white shirt 😉 hahaha – I’m glad you had such a great time! I think when you embark on this kind of journey you somehow get it into your head initially – that the motivation you have at the start – will see you right though – but I’ve learned that motivation is like fresh milk – you have to keep going to the store and buying milk because once opened – the milk goes sour after a period of time – you got to keep replenishing it – and shopping is a good motivation replenisher – don’t you think? 😀

    I hope you have had a better time on the scales than I have – will check back to see how you’re doing this afternoon – this morning I have to get ready for coffee with my friend! Love to you Shonnie xxx

    • I would love to have a shopping trip with you girly girl! Dizi! Shopping is a good motivator. Seeing that I might just have to take those jeans back and get the smaller 10’s and 8’s respectively is BLOWING MY MIND! This IS A motivator for sure!

  2. Oh, what fun!!!! I should make it my goal to shop at white house black market… always love the outfits in their windows, but doubt they’d have anything that fits!

    Congrats on the new clothes!

    • Thanks Girl Anne!

      It was wonderful. I actually got to purchase a few things from the sale rack. Something that normally NEVER happens for me. Regular sized clothing is FUN! ahahahahahha! I love that store and now I can wear the clothes. hahaha Some things were too BIG! haha! Sorry, that was just to Wonderful.

  3. Shopping IS fun when you lose weight. I’ve been able to do a little “closet shopping” myself, where you pull out clothes you haven’t fit in for awhile, and now you sort-of do? Almost as good as buying new clothes! (And cheaper.)

    I know what you mean about moods and needing food. This weekend I got caught again somewhere without enough Optifast “product” and broke some speed limits getting home to my Optifast soup. What I would have given for a bar in my purse!

    • Yes it is fun when you lose weight! 🙂 I loved that “closet shopping” that was such a HUGE deal for me, now they are all long gone. Nothin’ left but the new stuff! 🙂

      Do I ever know what you mean! You have to have them bars or a shake in your purse or things get messy!

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