Hey there y’all it is Weigh In #23!!


Why am I so dang excited about weigh in #23?  Did I lose like 5 pounds?  Nope.  I did lose, but it wasn’t stellar.  You have to understand this week has been a MAJOR challenge for me.  I haven’t slept well.  Most nights I have taken my sleep apnea mask off in my sleep or fallen asleep without it on.  NOT GOOD.  I am so tired today that I feel like I could fall over and just pass out right now as I type.

I went in pep-talking myself that if I didn’t lose or even if I gained that it was O.K.  There is not much that a person can do about a body that isn’t resting.  I gotta get this thing fixed — YESTERDAY!  I have NO idea how I lived before this machine.  I feel like I am dying with something.  This has been all week long.  Not sleeping will run your blood pressure up and stop weight loss.

Then there is the lovely little thing that Mike and I have eaten out 3 times this week.  Something I do not normally do.  Even though my choices were good, there was probably more fat in them than I would have hoped for–even in the steamed broccoli.  Then, there is the non-sleeping-whiny-feeling that pines, “Oh, Shonnie, you need comfort food.”  While I have been very good in my choices, there have probably been a few too many partakings of the good choices — I’m just being honest.  🙂

Something that Mikey pointed out to me while we were eating out. That is my purse sitting in my lap and there is space between me and the table. THIS IS HUGE!!! 🙂

Add to that the less-than-stellar exercise week.  Yes, I got in 525 minutes of exercise, but much of it was less strenuous than my normal workout week of the same minutes, because I was working on house projects.  For what ever reason, house projects effect my mental attitude of HUNGER; they make me absolutely starving.  I think it is the mental drain playing on the corners of my mind.  Tricking me, working against me to EAT — EAT — EAT.  Even good choices can be consumed until they percolate overboard in the number of calories ingested.

So without further ado …

I have lost 0.5 or 1/2 pounds this week.  NO gain.  This makes me a winner!  I have lost a total of 69.5  pounds on the OptiFast Plan.  Since starting with Donna and Loseit.com I have lost an amazing 77.5 pounds.    Am I happy?  Yeah, cuz with all the variables I was up against it should have been a gain.  So … I win!    Was I disappointed?  YES!  I would have loved a 1.5 or a 2.5 pound loss.  That would have been amazing.  Maybe I can have a big loss next week.  5 or 6 pounds would be GRAND!   🙂

Weight      BMI

Pre weigh      255           41.8  Morbidly Obese

1st weigh          249           40.8

2nd weigh        244           40.0 Morbidly Obese

3rd  weigh        239           39.2 Obese (Class 2)

4th weigh         234.5        38.4

5th weigh         231.5         37.9

6th weigh         227            37.2

7th weigh         223            36.5

8th weigh        218.5         35.8

9th weigh        215.5          35.3

10th weigh         Missed Obese (Class 2)

                         Weight      BMI

11th weigh       209             34.2 Obese (Class 1)

12th weigh       204             33.4

13th weigh             Missed

14th weigh       197.5          32.4

15th weigh        197             32.3

16th weigh        195             32.0

17th weigh        195             32.0

18th Weigh       191.5         31.4

19th Weigh       191.5         31.4

20th Weigh      190             31.1

21st Weigh       188.5          30.9

22nd Weigh     186              30.5

23rd Weigh   185.5        30.4 (Obese Class 1)

Regarding BMI — Dang it all, that thing didn’t move well today 😛

Guess it will be a few more weeks before I see myself in the merely overweight category.  Oh well … I will do better next week.  🙂

How am I consoling myself this week??  Well, let me show you.  I will post a few more pics of my new clothes.  Yep — may have to take these jeans back because they are loser now than when I tried them on in the store, and I haven’t even sat down in them yet — remember I had just eaten at The CheeseCake Factory.  Hahaha!  My daughters (who buy these jeans often) tell me I need to take them back, they sad they will just get bigger.  This makes me happy.

I know ... silly ... but O' so fun! 🙂

This is the non-boob-a-licious white shirt that Mikey approved. As you can see it is cute, but it doesn't show off any weight loss. Still I like that the jeans are size 10. hehe!

Me in my "curvy" size 12's 🙂

OH, NO! It's a REAR view! 😉

See y’all tomorrow ….S


28 thoughts on “Hey there y’all it is Weigh In #23!!

  1. Hahaha Shonnie I can’t even imagine how extreme it must of been – that ‘little’ white top haha I love the black and white one though – it’s stylish, classy and fresh 🙂 xxx

    • the little white top wasn’t really extreme … all the nice southern ladies shopping in Talbots thought it looked great. These are the prim school marm women. It was just that there were buttons and you could see the entire length of my cleavage if you were staring hard. Mikey was! hahaha! Can I say how blessed I am, that I have a hubby who finds me attractive no matter what size I am??

  2. Awesome job! Thanks for sharing your story. I think it helps others see that it can be done. Congrats!

    • Thanks Duckie! I appreicate the vote of confidince. I would love to just be done right here … but those pesky medications just need to go away! That will take a few more LBS. 🙂

  3. Congratulations you gorgeous woman!!! Well done any loss is good loss – and the fact that you’ve been out to eat 3 times, enjoyed yourself, not slept too well – the odds were against you but you beat them 🙂 and you are looking stunning doing it!!! My favourite outfit is the black and white top with the jeans – incredibly sexy and hot 😉 ROCKIN’ IT SHONNIE!!! ROCKIN’ IT! xxx

    • Dizi girl … you are beyond KIND! LOVE and HUGS to ya! I like the black and white one the best too. The other white one was very cute, but it upset Mikey.

  4. Well look at that skinny tush! Don’t you just feel like a million bucks in your size 10/12s?! It’s glorious!!! I’m so proud of you! And I’m even more proud of the smile in your blog at the 0.5 pounds weight loss after such a trying week! I’m in the middle of two of those myself… muddle through! That’s what we do!

  5. Mickey is gonna have to put a “proceed with caution” sign on that cute rear just to protect his territory! (Guess he was too busy guarding the twins!) ;}

    • I know … can you believe it??? I still have a hard time believing that they fit. My daughter’s insist that I need to take them back and get a smaller size, because they will stretch out and won’t draw back up. This is too surreal.

  6. Saw you on the Crazy Chicks Club list. Congrats on your weigh-in! I think your curvy size 12 duds look adorable! Keep up the good work and remember to love you no matter what the scale says. It’s a lot easier to lose and maintain when you love yourself unconditionally!

    (Just gotta get better at taking my own advice!)

    • Haha UNS! It is so easy to say what we believe, but at times it is hard to live what we believe. Thanks for stopping by. Very good words of advice as well. I will be checking you out and hopefully we will get to know each other well. 🙂

  7. You just keep getting those little “rewards” along the way–like fitting comfortably into restaurant booths and deliberately flaunting yourself in front of the camera and being happy about it. Zig Ziglar said “You enjoy the price of success.” Everything has a price. Success just tastes so much better!

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