Yellow sheet? Brown towel? That is my question…

Well ... that isn't my question so much any more. 😀

Why do I have a picture of two towels?  Do I have a towel fetish?  NOPE!  They are, however, extremely important to me.  Throughout my battle with obesity, there are several things/situations that have brought shame and discouragement that were so overwhelming that I was not sure how I would get through them.  As with OptiFast loser and the chairs–my nightmare as well.  The booths that none of us large folks can fit into without rubbing–Monday, that tormenter’s power came-to-an-end for me. I will find out soon how the seats on a plane will feel now so many pounds lighter–no one will ask me to step on a scale this time.  The horses that I was told I was too large to ride.  The list goes on and on, but what does that have to do with a canary bath sheet and a regular brown towel? Let me tell you…

Last night, after Mike and got back from our bike ride at Oak Mountain State Park, I hopped in the shower like any self-respecting woman would.  Can’t go to bed smelly!  I’m just sayin’.  Mike, being the ever sweet hubby that he is, handed me a head towel even though I didn’t wash my hair for the 3rd time yesterday–just my body.   Absent-mindedly, I wrapped the head towel around my body.  I walked around the room doing things and getting ready for bed with this brown towel on my body.  Then I noticed, I have the brown towel on my body.  I looked at Mike and asked him, do you notice anything odd?  He looked at me confused.  I said what color is my towel?  He gasped, “Oh my, you are wearing the head towel.”  We both jumped and cheered.  My towel stayed on in case you were wondering.  😉

Why do I have head towels and body towels?   Because I was too large for a regular towel to cover my body.  Unless you have been really large, like myself, what towel you have is more a matter of what you like and find yummy–or you could just be a person who uses whatever is there and doesn’t care.  I am a girl who loves to snuggle up with a good thread count — just sayin’. In the past, (YEA I can say this IS a thing of the past), I had to purchase bath sheets to actually have a towel that covered my entire body.  Unless, you have experienced this non-ability to cover oneself, or know the sheer terror of rooming with other people and being caught with towels that only cover a part of your body  — not much of your body I might add — you cannot understand how HUGE this is for me.  I hated going with my children on school trips and rooming with other moms — I wanted to die if I forgot to pack my bath sheet.

This is one of those seemingly tiny victories that rock my world with joy.  Sitting at the booth with room on Monday.  A couple of months ago realizing for the first time I could bring my knee to my chest.  Donna having to reset all my weight machines because I was so much smaller the settings didn’t work anymore.  Not being broader across the shoulders than Mike.  Weighin LESS than Mike (now, 30 pounds less)!! I can cross my legs if I want to.  I can wear normal-sized clothing.  WEARING SIZE 10 and 12 jeans!  OH MY!  How does a girl express the joy of these simple things?

Me sportin' the brown towel ... and YES ... I have on clothes under the towel.

I know a towel seems small … but for me it was HUGE!  I want to dance and rejoice over a towel.  hahahaha!

Well … gonna run for now … S


24 thoughts on “Yellow sheet? Brown towel? That is my question…

  1. Woohoo!!! Doesn’t it just make you want to go out to dinner in your towel? lol What a brilliant story 🙂 fantabulous – I completely understand too! xxx

    • Well, it did make take a picture in it and post it on my blog! hahaha! Thanks for liking the story girl. 🙂 It is Fantabulous! Come to think of it, I have been having problems keeping the bath sheet up lately … never occured to me that it might be just a tad big. hahahahahhaha! 🙂

  2. You crack me up… And yes I have clothes on under the towel…. Who cares? You are a Southern Gal fer sur! I know exactly what you mean. You should see the elaborate way in which I get a series of YMCA towels all together to make it look like one towel! — And I ain’t gunna be one of those guys that put the thing around my knees and then let the big belly hang out… Towels are another source of anxiety for us former and current bigguns… Great Post !!!

    • Thanks OL!!! you always make me smile. Those towels at the Y are hand towels!! Exfoliant towels to boot–they should market them as bonus feature! 🙂

  3. I know what you mean about towels. Although I don’t generally have observers in the bathroom 😉 or even on the short walk to my bedroom, it is embarassing that regular-sized bath towels don’t do the job and cover up what needs to be covered. After the three-year-old (who is sometimes a bathroom companion) pointed and said “I see your chichi!” I switched to beach towels. Looking forward to being able to use standard-size towels again some day!

    • OB — You WILL make it there too … just hold fast to the plan you are on. Soon … very soon it will begin to be obvious that you have changed. Then people will notice and you will still be stuck back wondering if you have changed. I look forward to reading about the changes that are coming for you girl. 🙂

    • Ok … Martin … I had clothes on. I can’t be posing without them and Mikey not put a HURT on me. I won’t post any more towel pictures. hahaha.

  4. AWESOME – so glad that you are seeing these victories and knowing there are many more to come. Keep on keeping on !!

  5. You should still use the bath sheet, though; they’re glorious. You’ll be all, “THERE’S SO MUCH TOWEL.”

    At least, that’s how it is with me. I just bought some because some flooding completely damaged a lot of our towels, and they were on clearance and perfectly match our bathroom. And now I’m all, “BATH SHEET there’s so much of you!”

    So now you can revel in the little towel and the big towel!

    • L.S. ~~ You are so right about that! I will be using those big yummy towels and reveling in the fact that I DON’T HAVE to use them any more! hehe! 🙂
      Sorry to hear about the flooding your way. Hope life is returning to normal where you are. I love my bath sheets — we almost have a relationship goin’ on. 🙂

  6. Small victories along the way make all the difference!
    And each person will have their own little victories to celebrate.
    I just did a little victory dance for you!!


    • Lisa,
      You are so right — the small victories are what keep me on the straight and narrow. Thanks for dancing with me. 🙂

      Cheers to you –Shonnie

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