Gone Buggers in Munchkin Land

This critter scared the Begeezus out of me!

I am SERIOUS!  I was backing out of Precision C-Pap when I turned to make sure I was clear on the right side of me, and, BAM, I see this bug.  At first, I thought it was inside the car, and I almost screamed.  I watched this EXTRA LARGE BUG cling to my window for dear life.  I have to tell you I do not like extra large bugs–extra large towels, extra large drinks–I should NOT admit that I like extra large fries–but these are the only type things I like in extra large — NOT BUGS, Snakes, Bears, or anything that can eat you.  I realize this bug couldn’t eat me, but that is beside the point.  I DO NOT like large bugs.  Whew!  Thankfully, the creature blew off my window when I discreetely punched the gas to 60 mph in a 50 mile zone.  AHHH

She wasn't sure she was into the shopping at this moment. She did however warm up and even managed to break something while she was at it. She flirted with everyone there ... played peep-eye and just won everyone's hearts. 🙂

OH MY WORD … I am so draggin!!  How can one little girl make a grown woman so tired?? How on earth did I do this four times already???  She completely owns me.  I love that she does.  She leaned over this afternoon to get really close to my face and touched my nose with hers.  I rubbed my nose up and down on her little blip of a nose, and she giggled wildly.  She owned my tired self all over again.

Giving me the Ami what do you think ... that you can fool me into having fun look???

She was truthfully an enormous load of fun in the store.  She giggled at my silly faces.  We danced to some of the fun old music that was piped in the store to keep us shopping.  She tried to convince me that she needed to hold and touch everything, but I knew better.

I came prepared today, with food so that I wouldn’t be tempted by all the fast food and going out, in an effort to keep my energy up.  It didn’t work!  Dang it all!

Still we had fun.  I have a blog buddy who writes about raising 5 children and the mom-fog that goes with that.  I had so conveniently forgotten that.  This is why you have children when you are younger, because they WEAR YOU SLAP OUT!  I’m just sayin’ … it don’t matter how cute they are.

See, I was good. I brought my celery sticks. 🙂 Chompin' and drivin'.

I brought my OptiFast shakes as well to make sure I got my proper balance of foods while out.  I know myself, if I go out without food, I get into a LOT of trouble. I don’t know about you all, but more times than not if I haven’t planned where I am going to eat, I end up somewhere trying to pick from worse or horrific choices.  Right now — I have my eye on the prize and I don’t want those things getting in my way.  🙂

Me and Sophie girl all tuckered out.

I Know you all remember this sexy thang! Well .. it has an addition to its sexiness!

The lovely new addition to my sleep gear. A chin restraint! YEA! Hey, I am all over it if I can get my rest back. This lack-o-sleep thang has been kickin' my rear!

Here is the full on sexy new look! I know this is every girls dream look for her night gear. What a sexy look? Don't be a hater -- cuz I look so good!! hehe! 😉

I know you all are so jealous that you don’t get to wear all this sexy gear to bed every night.  I’m tellin’ you it is just a complete ego booster!

You all have a good nite … I know I will.  😀  …..S


16 thoughts on “Gone Buggers in Munchkin Land

  1. If it works I am betting that Mikey thinks it is sexy kinky! I love you girl, have since the day we met…you are very honest….you cannot stop the blog even after you reach your goal, which you will…..you are funny, creative and inspriing….definittely a gift to all of us who read it! Love, Nancy

    • Nancy — you are right about that. He thinks it is sexy because it will keep me around longer. Little things like not waking up to a lost loved one is very sexy! 🙂 Thank you so much for your encouragement. I do plan on continuing for a while with Diary of an Angry Fat Woman — at least a year after I make goal — porbably 2 or 3 years. Love back.

  2. Oh Shonnie – I’m so sorry – the bug I could handle, the chin strap… I can’t lol I cracked up! Ohhh hahaha I am sooo sooo sorry lol

    Your granddaughter is adorableness itself! 🙂 xxx

    • Dizi … that bug flipped me out. I know … I had to share … totally sexy to the max. right? Ugh! I want to be rested though … so I strap up and gear down for bed. I am glad to laugh with you about this lovely addition to my evening attire. 😀

  3. That is the cutiest little girl EVER… My son and daughter have no children so @ 50 I will probably never be a grandmother. Also, that sleep thing, well I do not know what to say about it BUT if it works great. I had wrote a really long response but my computer died and I lost it and cannot remember what I said but it was much better than this. Finally, congrats on the weight loss. SENT VIA iPAD 2

    • Fat — I have to say I agree with you about the cutiest grand girly in the whole world … that is until I get another one. Which I should have a new baby in December. This one lives in Alaska and I don’t know how often I will see that one — whine, whine.

      Thanks for responding after losing your whole post. Don’t cha just hate that?!?!?

  4. You know that whole sexy sleep apnea machine of yours, it looks like it could be someone’s kinky attraction. Just saying…..I work with so many twisted minds. My brain immediately went there.

    • Haha … you know you are making want to know what you do … more and more. I am going back to school and studying psychology — I love the wild stuff. Aby-normal was my favorite so far. 🙂

  5. You probably hear this a lot, but your little girl has absolutely stunning eyes.

    And my jealousy over the sleep gear isn’t nearly as strong as the strange urge to try to use it as inspiration for some killer post-apocalyptic costuming gear for a story….

    • Thank you L.S — however she is my Granddaughter. Yes, I am old enough. Her mommy is almost 30 so … it was time. I do hear that she has beautiful eyes all the time. I like your word, stunning, much better! 🙂

      I think I would like to read that if you ever do write it into something. 🙂

  6. Lets address the important thing first…..WHAT A CUTE LITTLE PRINCESS. Finally I can handle snakes, bears (i dont mind them so much) its the bugs that I hate. They are creepy, they are crawly…..they just bug me. No pun intended.

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