I’m puny!

Yep these are going back and the 10's as well -- YIKES that means 10 and 8... I think I am going to faint! 🙂



I feel all puny today.

I think I am going to go outside and see if the sun doesn’t make me smile or rejuvinate me. I kinda feel like I have a summer cold.  I sure hope NOT!  I hate being SICK!

Oh … on a positive note … my jeans have to be taken back.  Work my size 12 curvy’s for about 2 hours, and they were baggin’ off me.  Such a terrible problem to have, but somebudy has to do it, I think it is grand that it is ME!!  🙂

Another really cool thing … I ain’t hungry.  This is a major bonus if you are gonna feel sickly is to not be starving all day to go with a lack of energy.  🙂

I’m all about lookin’ on tha bright side.  Yep, yep … that I am.  🙂

Anyway …. you all take care and I will check back with you later.

10 thoughts on “I’m puny!

  1. WOWEEE! Looking good ladieeeee looking GOOD!

    Well, I’m having a little diversion and catching up with you before I write up my blog – I hope you’re feeling better and gotten over yesterday’s urgh blurgh feelings! I’m having them right now – which is why I’m here before I’m there! Needed a smile I knew where to come 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks Dizi my girl!

      Not feeling better yet … things got a little worse. 😦 I am so glad to make you smile. Gosh I got so far behind in all my commenting! Dang!

    • Thanks Angie, I hope I am not getting sick also! I hate that you have it. Thanks pooky girl for taking the time to chat with me today. You are a super dooper friend ya know?!?!? 🙂

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