Puny on Steriods

my brain all stuffed up

Yep, I wore my size 8 jeans! hahahaha! She laughs manically....

Last nite we had a GREAT time with friends, listening to the Trainer Nazi’s son sing.  He is amazing.  Laughing at each other’s goofball shenanigans, all the while, we breathed in cigarette smoke.  I am HIGHLY-supercharged allergic to cigarette smoke, and I was in so much pain that, by the time we got most of the way home, we made an emergency stop at CVS to find allergy medications and a netty pot to relieve my tortured nose.

Today has been a pathetic Father’s Day for the hubby.  I did make him pop corn and oatmeal raisin cookies (of which I ate 4 throughout the day — @ 80 calories a pop–FAIL) that he was most pleased with.  I ate spicy black bean soup in an attempt to open my nose; I don’t know about you, but shakes kinda sounded GROSS with a stuffy nose.  The first time I tried to use the netty pot … uh … my nose was so stopped up that it wouldn’t work at ALL! 8 benadryl later, and still, I feel MISERABLE!!!

I just want to whine and eat crackers and hot spicy soup.  It is two days before weigh in, and that would most likely blow my weight loss again for this week.  Top that off with another week of spotty sleep and we shall see what we get when it is all said and done.

Donna "the Trainer Nazi" Jones, very sweet lady Michelle, and Donna's Lovely Daughter Angela.

Am I sorry that I went?  NOPE.  I had a blast!  I loved all the wonderful laughing and music.  My favorite thing in all the world–spending time with good people over laughs and music.

I stayed on diet all night, just whined like a baby the last few hours before sort of sleeping for the night.  Couldn’t wear my machine because I had to breathe out of my mouth …. Will I go again?  YEP.  I will take the meds before I get there next time –Just for extra precautions. 🙂

Hope y'all had a good weekend. 🙂

My Sophie girl learned to walk today ….. it has been a wonderful lazy day in the bed with foods I shouldn’t eat often … snuggling with my Mike and watching the boob tube …. I’m outy … think we are going to go for a short ride then I’m going to bed again.

….And for those of you who think I am just way dedicated … I’m NOT.  I am hungry and them blasted cookies I ate, for the lack of a better word, ATE up all my calories and left me hungry.  So, I have to go and ride so I can have some room to eat more of my spicy bean soup and crackers without it blowing my total day on my food intake.  I know it is a math game, I am not very good at math, but I am trying to learn for the sake of my goal.  Which I have not made any of the most recent goals I set for myself, but the jeans were a wonderful bonus.  I am outy for real this time …. hahahhaha …..S


Oh … the RIDE was GRAND!  Yes, my nose is still stopped up and I am so tired I can hardly believe it, but I feel GREAT emotionally. AHH!  Doesn’t hurt one bit that I got to eat again!  YEAH!

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