The day before weigh in

Every time I see this photo, I hear the theme song from batman. Dunna nunna nunna .... Batman! I know this is a random statement, but a girl has to amuse herself with what she can when she is a tad bit under the weather.

We are nearing weigh in #24, and still I grow nervous each week the day before the weigh in.

I think it is harder now that I eat regular food.  I always wonder if I had made the best choices for my goals.  More times than not lately, I have not made the wises choices. The last few days have been more real food than shakes, because the congestion makes it hard to bear the idea of a milky liquid.  I am pouring hot tea down my throat as fast and hard as I can go.  I sneak a shake or two down a day and all the while longing for something crunchy and salty.  I have managed to keep the cruchy to my nut crachers (they are addictive–they have to have something bad in them) and my very small sliced bread.  I am eating soups that have little to no calories in them but are incrediably spicy (this is really the only food I can taste).

Why do you crave comfort foods when you are sick?  I know they won’t help a single thing, but I crave them none the less.  It also seems that I have little to no will power at this time–thus the reason for making sure you don’t have stocked what you should not eat.  Today,  I have lain in the bed for most of the day.  My face feels fat and swollen, have I gained weight?  I have no idea.  I know I feel quite cruddy!  Boo Hiss!  😛

Well, I am going to go back to the resting (snuggling on Mikey) …. check back with y’all tomorrow after the weigh in ….S


12 thoughts on “The day before weigh in

  1. Holy head colds, Batman! (I’m sooo sorry, I couldn’t resist! But you started it!)

    I’ll give you my cure for feeling better (not necessarily the cure for what ails you)… from my doctor back home… take some decongestant AND antihistamine. I realize you don’t have allergies, but the antihistamine dries everything up while the decongestant relieves the pressure in your head. Also, stay away from cold beverages. I’d give you the other two pieces of advice, but they’re in direct contradiction of the Optifast diet… oh, salty foods, where art thou? Seriously, with a cold, they’re better than sweet.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    • Hahaha! Beth, you crack me up girl! Thanks for making me smile! I actually do have allergies at work here messin’ with me. I hope I feel better soon too. 🙂

  2. Yes, give yourself a break and rest, listen to your body, the cold will go and you will feel better soon. Love Nancy and Dick……Dick is reading the blog!

    • They made me Look! haha Thankfully it was good news. I think If I had gotten on the scales this evening it wouldn’t have been so pretty. Man am I draggin’.

    • Nesha … HEY GIRL! Miss you. Thanks for the well wishes. You did me good. 🙂 I hope I am feeling better soon too. I have so much I want to do and it is hard to do anything feeling like the crud.

  3. I would say not to be too hard on yourself when you are sick! I would listen to your body a little bit – like the spicy soups probably help. I wouldn’t even worry about losing or even gaining a tad when you are under the weather. Of course you don’t want to go crazy, and I think when you don’t feel well you’re weaker (meaning will power can be weaker too), but still, your body might be craving some things that do help.

    I’m starting to understand why people who are now on “real food” say the product-only time is the best. I never have to worry if I ate the wrong thing or too much, because I always eat exactly the same, every day, all week! 😉 But, that phase will come for me as well some day.

    Get better soon, and hope the weigh-in tomorrow goes OK.

    • Thanks OB! You are such an encouraging sweetie! Thanks. You are so right about “real” food creating the problems. It really isn’t bad if you don’t go all out on the exercise like I did. That was too confusing. They teach us to keep it simple and not over do things — but I did — and it messed with my ability to keep the scales moving down. You do get really nervous. I have learned … don’t go out to eat the night before weigh in or you will most likely have more water weight. 🙂

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