Weighin’ in @ Week #24

Hi there.

I am sorry for the late post, but my body just sorta whimped out on me when I got home. I was doing great all through weigh in and class … I thought maybe I was perking up, but then about half way through the grocery store, I faded to GONE.

I have been resting and souping the rest of the time.  Sorry, that I have not been a good blogger friend and checked out sites and commented.  I have thought of you all, but just didn’t have the power to lift my fingers to the keys.  🙂

I am not going to make this a long post because I still feel puny.  I may not even make it my exercise classes in the AM — which makes me very sad — so this one is gonna be short and to the point.

I have lost … drum roll please… 2 pounds this week.  Yea!  I have NO idea how that happened.  Well, Doc (AKA Dean Jones is Losing it) said it was because I couldn’t exercise and continued eating on plan … he may be on to something.  hehehehe!  We had a LONG discussion of this in class today about the weirdness of my body.

I have lost a total of 71.5 AMAZING pounds on the OptiFast Plan.  Since starting with Donna and Loseit.com I have lost 79.5 pounds — I don’t know about you all, but that number blows my mind.    Am I happy?  OH … Yeah (I am hearing the “Oh Yeah” from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), cuz with all the variables again this week — I had NO idea what to expect.  I ate mostly real food this week and LOST 2 pounds.  Blow your mind right out of the water??  It did mine.  So … I win!    Totally amazing. 🙂

                            Weight      BMI

Pre weigh       255          41.8  Morbidly Obese

1st weigh           249           40.8

2nd weigh         244           40.0 Morbidly Obese

3rd  weigh         239           39.2 Obese (Class 2)

4th weigh          234.5        38.4

5th weigh          231.5         37.9

6th weigh          227            37.2

7th weigh          223            36.5

8th weigh         218.5          35.8

9th weigh         215.5           35.3

10th weigh       Missed Obese (Class 2)

                         Weight      BMI
11th weigh       209           34.2 Obese (Class 1)

12th weigh       204           33.4

13th weigh          Missed

14th weigh       197.5        32.4

15th weigh       197            32.3

16th weigh       195            32.0

17th weigh       195            32.0

18th Weigh      191.5        31.4

19th Weigh      191.5        31.4

20th Weigh     190            31.1

                         Weight      BMI
21st Weigh       188.5       30.9

22nd Weigh       186          30.5

23rd Weigh        185.5       30.4

24th Weigh     183.5      30.1  (Obese Class 1)

That Stinkin’ BMI number is just draggin’ it’s rear!  I am ready for a 29.something-or-other so that I am just overweight!  Dang it all!  I want next week to be the week I break into the merely overweight category.  What do you think??  Can I do it???

Well, until tomorrow sweet friends, I am going to finish chewing some carrots, warm up some soup, and go BACK to bed (actually–I am still in the bed as I type).

Manana ….S

16 thoughts on “Weighin’ in @ Week #24

  1. YOU ARE FABULOUS! 2lb!!! Totally brilliant! Well done my sweetheart. I’m sorry to read you’re feeling so bummed out with sinus problems – you know Marilyn Monroe suffered too lol so do I – we are in good company! Am wishing you well and sending lots of virtual hugs to you 🙂 xxx WELL DONE AGAIN!!!! With one thing and another – that 2lb is a real achievement! xxx

  2. I’m sorry you don’t feel so good but well done on the loss. Sometimes I’ve lost weight without even knowing the reason why but I’m just grateful abyway. \hope you feel better son

    • Thanks Duckie! I am gratful that is for sure! I hope to maintain it as I am still sick and draggin’ rear. I have started a post today, but am having a real struggle completing it. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

    • Kelly/Mom — Thanks! I am sorry I feel puny too. I know it is so bizzare for me. 🙂 I am very close to having a 17-something in front of my weight number. I have to say delish to that! 🙂

    • I know Test … here’s to hoping next week will be the week that I break the obesity tag and make it to just over weight. 🙂 I have to tell you I don’t feel obese — so whatever — I am pretty darn happy.

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