I’m slightly off ….

I realize the above statement is no surprise for some of you, but what I meant was some days writing does not come easy.

Your brain stalls and sputters and jerks around like a car running out of gas–too bad I’m not on a hill, then I could coast.  I have started on my post at least 4 times today.  Sadly, nothing will congeal in my mind to form a fully developed and complete thought. It’s not for a lack of things to talk about; if you know me or have talked to me a few times, YOU KNOW I am rarely out of topics or subjects to converse about.  In point of fact, I have quite a number of things that I have on my mind that I want to dedicate several different blogs to.  What is my deal?  I am not completely sure.  I do have a few ideas.

Lately, I have pondered profusely in my down (sick) time, but I can’t follow those thoughts to a natural end.  I have tried.  I just keep coming up with half-way-to-finished ideas.  This may have something to do with the amount of sinus medications in my system, or it could just be one of those days where the brain refuses to harmoniously synergize with me and my creative side on command.

So … I decided to do a writing drill and just start typing about what is in my head at the moment … to see where it took me.  To see if I could end up with anything on paper (computer screen) that could be classified as a post, and here we find ourselves talking about my inability to write anything significant or related to my general topic of weight loss and my journey to improve the quality of my life and my health.

Today has been a day spent almost entirely in the bed.  I have taken breaks to play with my Sophie girl when her mom came into my room to chat about business-related things.  Love having my Sophie girl here.  That makes me think of my new grand baby that will arrive sometime mid to late December.  Sadly, I won’t see this baby as often as my Sophie girl, because this child will be born in Alaska.  Boo Hiss!  I am a doting grandparent.

I feel stuffy, puffy, itchy, bloated, and generally grumpy … how did we get here from grand babies??  I suppose a head filled with medications can equal random observations about ones self.  No exercise kinda makes me feel stuffy and bloated.  It could just be mental apparition.  I don’t like feeling this way.  I don’t think 1,112 calories consumed does a diet break  … just sayin’ … but I really feel puffy.  Boo Hiss!  Ok, I am tired of talking in a sad-sack-manner.  I just can’t tolerate sad-sack-mental fog well, even if it is me.

Niters y'all! I am still a little tired. 🙂

So … what do I focus on now?  That I am really close to 170 pounds, which is beyond cool to me.  I almost feel skinny these days (or most days, besides today–giggles to herself as she types this).  I am so jealous of OptiFast Loser’s swimming pool right now, because I would so be in mine if I had one.  Mikey is in the other room writing too, and I am getting tired of being alone so I think I will bid you all a fond ado and go bug Mikey….S

13 thoughts on “I’m slightly off ….

  1. Nice to see you are still writing despite not feeling “on top” of things. I have entire weeks and months where I’m feeling kind of below the radar. It always comes back. Hope you feel well and get your groove back soon, Shonnie! Looking forward to hearing you “roar” louder than before. A CCC 🙂

  2. Oh Shonnie – we are in tune…. total tune – I completely and utterly understand – nuff said!!!!

    Let’s keep our focus girl! I need you – you’re motivating and tremendous! A real role model – and in no time at all… a super model 😉 So close to your goal – and you’re going to get there!

    I didn’t know you had another grand baby on the way – how exciting!!! I know the distance will be hard – all I can say is thank goodness for technology!!! When I was a child we moved to Australia and I know it broke my grandparents hearts – we were out there for two years – and in those days letters and parcels took 6wks to arrive – now when there is physical distance we can still see and talk to that person in real time – I know it’s not the same – but it’s better than waiting 6wks for news! xxx

    Keep on keeping on Shonnie!!! xxx

  3. Growing up in a trailer park in Goose Creek, S.C., I dreamed of having a pool in my backyard. I wanted two things in life: to retire by 40 years of age and to have my own swimming pool. The swimming pool is overrated. If I had to do it all over again, I would never do it. You can’t imagine the amount of work you constantly do and the amount of worrying you have about your “investment” in the back. And if you survive your spouse yelling about the big dang hole in the yard and the amount of grass the pool company killed, then you might — you might — sneak off a few times very late at night and sit in your pool quietly with no one talking and admit to yourself that you actually like the thing…. But I doubt it… Most of the time you think of how stupid you were to get a pool in the first place…

    By the way, Shonnie, Mike and you (and your 14 kids) are welcome to take a bike ride to North Carolina any time and jump in our pool. Or you can just clip on your capes and fly over here for a swim…

    Maybe we can have an Optifast Bloggers Fat Festival here some day!

    • Haha! Ed! You crack me up all the time. I will talk with Mike about donning our capes for a quick hop over to see you. 🙂 Thanks for making me smile. 🙂

      I don’t have grass in my back yard–just moss–for my hubby to get annoyed about (besides he rarely yells–that’s my job–winking). There are too many trees for grass to grow. This is the reason we don’t have the pool just yet. Adding to the cost of building a pool that is going off the side of a hill would be the yummy screened in pool area that would have to be in place, or we would never be able to swim. Too many skeeters and the woods surrounding my yard would polute the pool with leaves year around, not just the fall. Since I do not dream in a small way, this addition to the pool would be extremely costly and is the reason for the current delay.

      Swiming has always been a favorite passtime (I know exercise is a surprising hobby of mine). I love how the water cuts out the noice of the world when you plung beneath the waters and in no time at all I start to unwind. Besides, it would be nice not to be asked to leave the pool for scaring the other swimmers when I just want to float. 😉

  4. “Null Bock Tag” – That’s how we call it over here. Let me translate it word by word 😉 “Zero goat day” *giggle* – just means zero drive to do anything that day.

    Cool you wrote about it, because I can’t in those moods. But hey, this o ne is for you (yes, you either like it or hate it, but… at least the lyrics is cool!!!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDSud7vAH_0

    Have fun for next day 😉


    • Martin,

      I LOVE IT! “Null Bock Tag!” I am going to say that and “Zero goat day!” to people here in the good ole USofA and watch their expressions! 🙂 OH and I loved the video. That actually sounds like a GREAT Title for a blog … just saying!


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