Soooooo Where Have I been?

One of our night rides. Might just go hop on a bike in a bit ... who knows??

Let me give you the run down:

    • I have been under the weather. ~~still under the weather
    • I went to the Doctor yesterday–Thank Goodness–I don’t have pneumonia, just a bacterial infection.  YUM!  I am now on meds to clear all this up.
    • The cable internet and house phone were down yesterday; thankfully, the cable company brought us a new modem today at around 5-ish Central time. We are back up and running with phones and high-speed internet (not the cluncky stuff we have had for days that only partially worked).
    • I have mostly lain around and eaten salty soups until I feel bloated and stuffy.
    • Several times, this week Mike and I went for short rides in the evening.  I don’t do crowds when I feel yucky.

Me and my Mikey about to ride.

Today, however, I kept my Trainer Nazi appointment.  Thankfully, the gym wasn’t overly crowed when I got there.  Just so you know: I did 45 minutes of weight training and 60 minutes of reformer.  I did both of these very badly with MUCH whining and complaining.  Can I tell you that my booty is whooped today?  It is.  To add icing to my very tired cake; just following said torture session, I picked up Sophie girl and watched her dismantle my home. I chased my cute little munchkin all over my house as he strew items from every cabinet that she could open all over the house.  I swear today I looked and walked like a drunk!  If only I had some wine to dull the pain!!  When she left, I showered and plopped myself on my bed and promptly feel asleep.  Ahhh … just what the doctor ordered.

One of the few times I was in the lead ... Of course I had to snap his pic. 🙂 You have to understand I have a much better bike ... I hate it when he can keep up with me. He said I had to remember I was sick. Right! 😉

I am trying very hard to get well … next Sunday we fly to Denver, Colorado for Collin’s first trip to the Rocky Mountain State.  I want to play hard and eat well!  I will get to see a friend from childhood who lives in Denver while there … Miss Shannon.  We LOVE her!  She is such a good hostess.  We are hoping to see our very fun friend Beth while we are traipsing around Colorado Springs.  Normally, I would have my trip very well planned out by now with all the particulars nailed down, but two weeks of sickly just made my life a bit challenging; my brain just couldn’t pull to order anything.  So, here we are a scant 10 days or so away from leaving, and I have no set fast plan!  UHH!  I know we will have fun no matter what we do or who we see when we get there.  We love it there.

Here is our list of must do’s in Colorado–while they are not quite as exciting as donning our capes and flying to South Carolina to visit OpitFast Blogger, they will be quite fun:

    • Must go to Rocky Mt. National Park–the plan is to make it all the way to the top this time, previously I have only been able to make it to the third lake.  I am dying to see how it will be now that I am 79.5 pounds lighter than when we last attempted this.  Hehe–can you see me grinning.
    • I would LOVE to ride a bike from Denver to Boulder — only 30 miles — shouldn’t be too hard.  This one is still a maybe. 🙂
    • Hang out with Shannon in Denver–she has all kinds of cool stuff going on there.
    • Go to Colorado Springs and visit:  Garden of the Gods; Pikes Peak; and assorted other things.
    • We hope to visit Beth and have Tea with her while in the Colorado Springs area.
    • We are going to float the Royal Gorge, ride the train and walk across the bridge–I might be persuaded to wait in the line to fall down the hill in a cage.  I screamed a lot on that one last time.  I don’t like heights.

There will probably be a few other things added in here or there.  We plan on being active enough that I can have a few treat foods while away without gaining weight.  Maintaining is the goal over the vaca.  Hoping for a loss would probably be wishful thinking because flying makes me swell terribly — I am talking anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds.  I have no idea why, but it is usually bad!

Posted a few pics from the ride the other day … can you see how tired I am??

Hopin' Puny is almost done! Mikey sez that I look a little peved. I really don't do sick well. 🙂 Ok, Beth, does my face look any skinnier?

Peace and blessing be with you until we speak again ….S

14 thoughts on “Soooooo Where Have I been?

  1. I’m sorry yu’ve been unwell but the trip sound amazing. I’m not too good on American sports but I did go to a baseball game in St Louis once and had an amazing hot dog. Never forgot it

    • I am not good on American sports either. thanks — I am glad I am strating to return to the land of the living. I love biking, swimming, and kayaking — stuff like that. Nothing like a good hot dog. 😀

    • Finally starting to rise from the sick bed. I still have congestion and a cough … but I don’t feel like I am going to drop dead if I get up and walk to the kitchen. BIG improvement! 😀

  2. Hope you feel better soon now that you’ve seen the doctor – esp. with your trip coming up! I think you meant you were going to visit the Optifast Loser in South Caroline, not the Optifast Blogger (me)? I don’t live in South Caroline! 😉 I like to plan trips too and get nervous when too many details aren’t nailed down, but it sounds like you do already have a pretty good idea of what you’ll be doing. I hope it all works out great.

  3. Good thing you did not fly on over to here since you thought you were headed to South Carolina and we are in North Carolina…. You know us Carolinian’s all look alike…

    Boulder — one of my favorite spots on earth. My best pick is the Blue Moon Beer Tour or even better the Mind & Life Institute where you can actually feel the presence of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso.

    Biking from Boulder to Denver? Are you serious? If the high altitude does not kill you, the exhaust from the traffic surely will!

    • Hahaha! OL! You are a goof ball. You are right though all Carolinian’s look the same. 😉 I used to live in Winston Salem, North Carolina — beautiful state. I love Boulder and Denver. FYI there Big Ed (I am commenting on the 6’5″ part of you) there is a bike trail-path that even modest bikers can take there–and YES I am serious. If we work it into our adventures I will be sure to take pictures to share with ya! 🙂

  4. I am sorry this illness is hanging on for so long. You should start feeling better in about 72 hrs if the Dr. put you on antibiotics. You will have so much fun in Colorado. Bill and I have been to the Garden of the gods and Pikes peak. We road the Durango and Silverton train and visited many of the National Parks. It was a really nice vacation. Take care of yourself.

    • Thanks Loretta. I was getting better and something irritated my sinuses again today. Dang it all! We will have fun in Colorado! It is a beautiful place.

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