Draggin’ Bootay and Explosions

What can I say? It is darn good thing I work for myself and don't have to be "fresh" for anyone. 🙂

After this AM’s workout, this girly has been draggin’ booty.  It didn’t help one lick that I took my antibiotics and then ate before the time was up.  I was STARVING. I couldn’t wait to eat — so I ate my second breakfast (yes I am beginning to feel like a hobbit). Eating made me SICK-to-my-stomach: Holding my tummy while groaning, I waddled to my room and laid down to be quiet.  I promptly passed out.  It is probably as much my workout with the Donna “the Trainer Nazi” Jones–you go for a run with her and tell me if you don’t want to sleep after you eat the house down.  I was a complete wimp in class and with the weight machines.  Being sick is for the birds!  On a positive note: I am MUCH better today than yesterday, which is wonderful news.

Yep ... that's the problem

I was growing in my concern about my ears exploding from the pressure on the plane because of the infection moving into my ears.  I have a vivid imagination, and I have pondered  what this would be like.  I have had weird water noises gurgling in my ear canals.  Can’t you see me now, all skinny (well, as skinny as a 181.5 pound woman can be–major skinny for me) fitting nicely in my small airplane seat with my inner ears oozing down the side of my face in a gushy stream as I scream wildly?  Completely unaware of the ear shattering decibels my cries of agony are inflicting on my fellow passengers.  Not a pretty picture–I’m just sayin’.  My stress was building.  I wasn’t exactly looking forward to having sinus pressure in my head; you know how it feels–just like a stake driven into the center of your brain, a rugged third eye, so I am beyond relieved that today, Wednesday, I am beginning to feel much better in my body even if it is still quite weak.  Whew!  I am relieved, how about you?  I know you were worried about my exploding and with stakes in my forehead on the plane … now you can rest easy.  I should be fine.

What would be really great is if they had given me medications that needed to be taken with food instead of pills that have to be 2 hours after food consumption or an hour before.  I already eat every two to three hours which you think would be easy, but then I have to add in all the other medications that have to be timed around food and sometimes you get in a terrible mess.  I just took my evening vitamins and now I have to be awake at 10:30 to take my last antibiotic … OH YEA!  Love that my brain can’t seem to keep up with important facts like when to take my meds, but it just doesn’t work great with changes in schedule (I hear an English pronunciation every time I write that word).

I have been putting off writing my blog today … not sure why.  Maybe I have been invaded by aliens who make you want to lay in bed and sleep.

I got my eyes on you!

See y’all later … S

12 thoughts on “Draggin’ Bootay and Explosions

  1. Oh, man…whenever I get sinus infections/any kind of congestion, my doctor prescribes Allegra D…it’s one of those with the take two hours before/an hour after food thing. It’s awful! I totally understand where you are coming from. Then the sick you feel after you eat anyway…not good.

    Glad you’re starting to feel better!

    • Thanks Ducky. I find that laughing at myself and my problems just makes them lose their painful force in my life. Besides … who doesn’t like to smile?

  2. Poor thing…. I’ve been fighting an ear/sinus thing for three weeks now… UGH! Hope your ears shape up soon.

    Also, have to say…. for some reason when I saw your post title I thought you may have had other end issues… not really a visual I was hoping for, lol 🙂

    • Hahaha! Girl Anne. I wouldn’t like that image either! Haha … that made me giggle quite a bit, I supose it is best not to write when you feel mentally out of sorts, because you just might not realize the image you are portraying with your words.

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