Today … a day like yesterday…

minefields ... and booby traps

Today’s stuff:

My day started out well.  No exercise, but well.  Sophia was a very cooperative buddy today and allowed me to run my errands before leaving town.  I didn’t make a list yet, Beth … I kept meaning to, but I didn’t make it … I am blaming it on my illness.  I have all these goofy things to try to stuff in my bag this time that I have NEVER had to deal with before.

What did I need?  Well … a bunch-o-stuff:

  • New Script for hose
  • A bag that could hold my overnight stuff, my sleep apnea machine, my laptop, and my OptiFast Bricks.
  • My regular prescription drugs
  • Some new compression shorts

In my mental prep for leaving, it dawned on me that I wouldn’t have hosiery to wear on the plane.  My recovery socks (DeSoto Sport compression socks) don’t fit, and I forgot to order them.  My medical support hose were too large as well.  I was in need.  We called the Doc’s office yesterday to get new hosiery, since I could drive over and pick those up … I was gonna get the not-so-cool white hose you get if you are hospitalized.  YEA!  The DeSoto Sport recovery socks are REALLY cool, and they keep you cool too.  LOVE those things!  They have arrows and stuff on them.  If you are gonna have to wear support socks, they ought to be cool … I’m just sayin’.  Well, I won’t be lookin’ cool, I will be lookin’ funky with my white leggings on with my shorts and sandals.  Yeah, I will look special.

I don’t care because I want to have a good time when I get to Colorado.  Swelling equals not so much fun, and I want to have fun.  So, I will wear the hose on the plane to and from even though it will make me look like a massive dork.  I don’t care.  Sexy is as sexy feels, and not being swollen feels very sexy to this here girly!  I’m just sayin’. So … chica was off to make the run to the Doc’s office, with my Sophie girl, to pick up my medical hose scrip, so I could acquire new hosiery that actually fit my much smaller legs.  The things that have changed on this journey keeps surprising me.  FUN STUFF!

I had another one of those seeing someone I haven’t seen in months who was shocked by my weight loss.  Like Beth … no mattter how they react–their reaction is a positive uplifting thing.  Yeah, ALWAYS FUN!

I have been having a few longings ….

My ever present Foodmare ...... ohhhh whinnnnnnneeeee! I collected this yummy photo from a fellow blogger --click on the pic -- and check em out.

I stayed on plan all morning.  I had a fabo lunch out with the girls from my reformer class and my Sophie girl, and the meal I chose was on plan.  THEN, I just couldn’t stop being hungry.  I was hungry all day and now before dinner I have eaten 200 calories over my food allowance.  Unlike my buddy Dizi Daisy, I won’t be able to skip the next meal just because I over ate all day.  I will be hungry, and I will have to eat … so what’s a girl ta do?  This girl will be hopping on her bike and riding off the excess calories, cuz this here chick might be crazy, but she ain’t goin’ without food.  I will end up even with my exercise calories, but it will be O.K.  Promise.

Off ta ride off the food … see y’all later ….S

9 thoughts on “Today … a day like yesterday…

  1. Oh Shonnie… that bread…. I could eat the whole plate twice (if not three) times over! I didn’t even think about the socks thing – fabulous!!! Ohhhh I am so excited for you – you will have an amazing time 🙂 xxx

    • You know it really is. Even though I controled the amount of fat for the whole batch … added NO butter … still this stuff is addictive. I’m just sayin! Worse than riding my bike.

    • They are Sexy Girl Anne — cuz — healthy is sexy every time! Colorado is so beautiful I know I will have a great time. It will be fun to share it with my son for the first time. 🙂 I try to keep moving in the right direction. 🙂

    • OH MY!!!! That HURT baby! Hurt me bad. I will be so glad when I am completely well and I can eat and workout as much as I want too. Then, I will stop feeling like a whimp. 🙂

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