I’m Home

I just wanted you all to know I made it back alive (I had a southern moment there and wrote ALIVE the way we say  it … Ah…live).   Well–as in my health?  I can’t answer that for sure.  I have been dizzy ever since descending from the Rocky Mountain High … Colorado (hear John Denver).  Monday, my first day home, I slept until 12:30 noon.  I never sleep until noon.  I got up took meds and promptly went back to sleep.  Then today was weigh in … only … I didn’t weigh in.  I couldn’t walk well to the bathroom so I felt slightly trepidatious about driving in rush hour traffic to weigh in.  I took some sinus medications to see if that would get me back on the road to balance and it has helped … a little.

Just so you know …. I had a BLAST.  I saw two great friends in Colorado.  Shannon in Denver.  Beth in Colorado Springs.  I have to tell you …. those of you who know us both have seen Beth’s blog about our meeting (I thought I had reposted it on my blog, but I had not! Boo Hiss). Beth is more amazing in person than she is in her blog and she is pretty darn amazing in the blog.  I found myself wishing we had longer to visit.  We touched on so many subjects that it would take years to recount the delightful dialogue we shared over Bison Burgers and Salmon.  Great food and great conversation, you can’t get much better than that.   I keep thinking Beth and I should hop the pond and head to the UK to see our good buddy Dizi Dasiy, Martin (Martin my hubby thinks you would be a great guy to hang out with), and our new buddy Ducky.  WOW … my head just did a spin out!  Dang it all … I thought I was getting better!  Boo HISS!

I’m gonna catch you all up on all our fun treks through nature.  We had an amazing time.  I ate a LOT.  I feel fat and bloated in the tummy but my legs and arms feel smaller.  I have to tell you some of the pictures we took left me feeling very sad about my body instead of being happy.  I am still LARGE.  Boo Hiss!

I haven’t gotten back on my diet yet, I have been a lazy girl. Cuz help me Lord, I haven’t logged a single thing I have eaten in a WEEK!  OUCH!  When am I starting back plan?  That starts tomorrow–full steam ahead.  I may even go the full formula route … that sounds horrible … just sayin’!  But Chicka here –well, I can’t take the tummy feeling puffy or those extra large tummy shots.  And ….Ducky …. NO, I won’t be posting those for viewing.  You my friend are just going to have to take my word that there is some fat still to lose.  I like me too much to share them until that part of me has acted like Elivs and “left the Building.”

If  y’all want a quick run down of what all we did, well My hubby shared that on his blog.  You can get the Micro version of all the details I am gonna share with ya later on.

Blessings …..S


8 thoughts on “I’m Home

  1. ‘I’m so alone, my love without you
    You’re part of everything I do
    When you come back, and you’re beside me
    These are the words I’ll say to you

    Welcome home, welcome
    Come on in, and close the door
    You’ve been gone, too long
    Welcome, you’re home once more’ Ahhh reminds me of that song by Peters and Lee lol I

    Glad you both enjoyed your holidays – I love the pic of you and Beth Shonnie – it’s great! I can’t remember if you said, but have you been to the UK before? That would be such fun wouldn’t it 🙂 xxx

    • Haha … love that!

      It has felt like a while. I always think I am going to write while I am away, but with all the moving around and hiking and then the is there service stuff that really gets in the way. Of course talking with live friends and family does sort of slow the writing down a bit too. 🙂

      We did have a great holiday. It was SO wonderful meeting BETH! No, I have not been to the UK before or anywhere else in Europe. We were supposed to go last Christmas, but things (grand baby coming) kinda got rearranged. We were planning to go again this year, but the second grandbaby is due December 21st …. so …. gotta be here! hahahaha! It is looking like Dark Alaska for Christmas for me this year! I may need meds when I get back. You all keep checking on me.

      Oh … and when is the best time to visit the UK? Girl … it would be so fun and if Beth was there … we would blow what ever place we were at’s wall’s down! haha!

  2. Dear Shonnie,

    don’t feel bad. Accept that you had a grand time. Also accept that you worked so much on yourself, that the past few weeks around Colarado and so on were possible.

    We know the feeling, when one slacked. Also inner self doesn’t allow others to calm us. That is a good thing. But it also means: MOVE YOURSELF AND GET GOING AGAIN! (Yes, capital letters mean shouting).

    You dare not stop now, don’t you? This is a good point to even push it and really do.

    Will ya?

    And yes I so love your idea of hopping over. You won’t believe: I already have the same idea vice versa!

    An idea: Challenge Roth is something worth it as an event. First because I am racing next year and either take part in full distance or one discipline in a relay team. I dare even suggest we make a team.

    In my blog I wrote some and more info here: http://www.challenge-roth.com/en/index.html

    Of course I am also into just meeting and enjoy, be it here or in the US 🙂 Except i admit were it in the US I will at least choose one Triathlon to take part…


    • Martin,
      Your comment made me smile! I would love to meet up with you! Love to participate in a sport with you. I am not sure we are ready for the Roth Challenge! haha! I would hate to slow you down that bad.

      I have to say that it would be a HUGE blast to particpate in some fun tri activity. I know I want to do the Martindale tri http://martindaletriathlon.com/ (it is run/bike/paddle) — much, much less than an Ironman. I am not sure I could ever do an Ironman (bad knee–major crack in the cap). Oh, Martin if you look on results for 2010 you will see that Mike and I made second place in the master (our age) mixed. Our time stinks, but hey we made it and some other folks didn’t! hehehe!

      Thanks again for making me smile and see it in a different light!


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