Help me this is gonna hurt in the Morning ….

my brain after 12 PM

It’s 2 o’clock in the morning, and NO, I haven’t been to sleep.

Tomorrow is going to be painful.  I am not sure why I can’t sleep tonight.  This hasn’t been a problem in a while.  Not sure just what brought plague of insomnia on me this fair evening.  I really can’t afford the lack of sleep.

Maybe it is Mike’s slightly gross snoring.  That is a real possibility, but probably not the only cause … oh … haha … I won’t bore you with the nauseating description of his snores that started my evening off and made me punch Mike until he woke up and took some meds to calm this … uh … pause because I can’t type the problem or I will puke.  On to the next reason: It could have been he and Collin both got me slightly agitated just as I as winding down for the second time to a gentle snooze.  I got over that and started watching a really DUMB/BAD movie that was guaranteed to make a rock pass out … and well … I WATCHED THE WHOLE THING!  ARRHHHHGG (I know I sound like a pirate–but I haven’t had sleep and I was tired at 3 in the afternoon–cut me some slack).

I know this can’t be good for my fluffy tummy–not to sleep.  Well, the lack of sleep could be due to, uhhhh — the stuffing of more of the TRAIL MIX into my face.  AHHH could it be guilt that keeps me awake.  NOPE.  hahaha!  Had you going there for a moment didn’t I???  You just knew I was gonna whine again.  NOT!  I really do feel mentally better about myself, even thought I found another whole bag chocked full of 3 ounce bags of the fruit nut mix when I finished unpacking a forgotten carry-on bag.  Does anyone know if dried fruit freezes well?  There is NO way I can make it through all this.  If I keep eating this — my gut is going to explode and I will weight 50 pounds more.  I don’t know, but do gastric gases weigh much?  I know it makes the tummy look really awful.

I wish that gastric gas was all that I have added, that would be easy to “loose”. hahaha.  I know I am being cheeky … but give me a break it is 2 AM and I have had NO sleep … I get strange with lack of sleep and hard liquor.  Mikey doesn’t allow me out on those occasions … there is just no accounting what will come out of my mouth in that condition.  If you can imagine it … I say everything that is on my mind!! Hahaha!  I know you are wondering what could possibly be left that I haven’t said, but promise there is STUFF. hahaha and wink, wink.  Gosh, I have got to go to sleep before I ruin my image of myself.

So, how about if I share some photo’s that show ya why I am NOT gonna quit and Tomorrow is gonna be a GREAT DIET DAY!  I am gonna kick but and take some more FAT NAMES off my list.  Just sayin’ … cuz I am a BUTT KICKIN’ woman.  That’s right.  I bet you all think I am loaded, NOPE, just SLEEPY.  Don’t drink when your on the diet, and I am never one for getting loopy with spirits.  Don’t cha think that I am loopy enough without it? Don’t answer that if you are gonna be a smarty pants!

Ok … here are the photo’s from my last visit to Denver and my buddy Shannon.

That shirt is the brown on I modeled that I could wrap around me ... I will tag it later so you can see.

This time without cropping most of my body off. 🙂 It's also a wider angle for my face. I have to say I love it! Shannon looks great in both. 🙂

Erica and I riding the train, before Donna and I started working out ... I don't even want to know what I weighed here.

I tossed the one like this .... There was NO way I was going to bring home proof of what I didn't want to see. 🙂 This is before the raft down the gorge. I still love him. 😉 I wish we had known we would have time to change, because I wouldn't have worn my strap the twins down clothing ... I'm just sayin' they should share this kind of info! A girls likes to look her best.

Me and Mikey September 2010. Oh that Jacket is a long since been given away. 😀

Me and Mikey July 3rd Denver Civic Park for the Symphony and Fireworks show 2011. Can I say it was an amazing evening! Thanks again Shannon for such an amazing evening. Music, Fireworks, and wonderful company! Life's GOOD! Hey and I don't look so bad either! heheehe ... I Know I tooted my own horn. My daddy sez, "He who tooteth not his own horn, his horn tooteth not." 🙂

Maybe you can see why I am gonna push. There are no full body photos from last September, because I couldn’t handle it I am pretty excited about the future!  ….. S

OH ….. Help me LORD!  He is snoring again!  I am loosing my mind.  I am feeling some sofa time in his future.

12 thoughts on “Help me this is gonna hurt in the Morning ….

  1. Wow, these pictures really say it all about the past you are never going to return to. So impressive and inspiring. Re: snorers, yes, they make me crazy crazy crazy. The fact that I snore too doesn’t mean I find OTHERS’s snoring any less obnoxious!

  2. Wasn’t it! I felt like I was running around with you. Diets, bah humbug! I am on one myself but I just try to count calories and enjoy myself. It takes a lot of of you! lol

  3. You and mike look llike a realy fun couple. 🙂 I know all about gross snoring. I married a snorer. Some days its SO loud I gave him a dedicated spare room.

    • Girl … love my snorer, but some nights I lose my mind. Thanks Mida — I think we are pretty fun most days. I know we like each other a LOT. 🙂

    • I did get some. haha! I was very nervous to read that this am. I watched my Sophie girl so it was a while before I truly got to look at what I wrote.

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