Hey Y’all

I just got back from a trip and had barely started to put the normal back into my life, when I had surprise visits from family.  I just wanted you all to know:

1) I haven’t quit

2) I have not started major cheating on my diet

3) I haven’t quit blogging

Life has just been beyond interesting for me.  I miss you guys so much and selfishly I miss your encouragement.  I think I write as much for your kindnesses as I do to process my journey.  I had no idea how much you all would mean to me … how vitally I needed your kind words, your laughs, and how much I LOVE keeping up with YOU!

See you very soon with a much nicer update.  I think I am about to head out and Stalk a few of YOU!  😉

Blessings ….. S


19 thoughts on “Hey Y’all

  1. Stalk away! I have been needing to write too. I think I looked this morning and it has been 10 days since my last post. Oh well. Life happens. Keep up the tracking, and you will get there. I am feeling so encouraged that I have actually lost and kept off the last 10 lbs for about a year now. If I don’t track I go back to the same old same old!

  2. Hey Shonnie!!! I know for a fact you’re not going to cheat 😉 We will be starting fresh together tomorrow – I feel like I’ve not done so well recently, too much emotional stuff – that has been giving me ample excuse not to exercise and encouraging me to snack out too much – tomorrow I’m drawing the thick line under it all!!! Look forward to catching up with you 🙂 xxx

    • Purple, you are going to make me cry! That is so awesome … need to get you posted on that butt kickers wall of fame for that … hey you have a post you would like to link with you 5 pounds and 10 pounds lost? two posts?

    • Thanks John. I had a WONDERFUL trip. getting readjusted has been quite the challenge. Thanks for checkin’ on me. 🙂 I will be checkin’ in on you too. 🙂

  3. Nothing selfish about encouragement at all 🙂 You just gave me some and I love it! So, I’m sharing it with you ! And wow, you’re working on losing weight and being all svelt? Good for you!!!

    • Thanks Mystery. I like your name by the way. I am working on gaining control of my life, body, and health. I want me back. svelt sounds good too though. hehe 🙂 See you in a few! 🙂

    • TESTY! Hey buddy. I was wondering how your big move went. I had a BLAST on my trip. can’t wait to catch up on all that has been going on in your life. Thanks for keeping up with me. 🙂

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