Will tomorrow be my Epic Fail?

Some Days ... The last TWO Weeks! UNCLE!

OH MY WORD … Tomorrow I WEIGH IN for the first time in 3 weeks.

I am strongly concerned that this will be my first time to gain.  Once I returned home from Colorado, my body seemed to drop pounds, but all my nut munchin’ has kinda caught up with me.  I so wish I had been able to drive to my last weigh in, because I would have most likely just flatlined.  I have been out of whack now for 2 weeks with my diet and can’t seem to get a good rhythm with working out and what to eat.

I have not been able to talk myself back into going on full formula.  I would really like to knock this thing out and get it over with.  You all think you could help me talk myself back into my grove?  Shonnie needs to get her grove on … cuz she is TIRED of being stalled out.  I have had a great time eating off plan and sans an all liquid diet, but I need to get my game face back on.   I need ta dig my little heals in and get this game over with.  Why am I in such a rush??  Not really a rush but … Well, … I can’t work on training until I do, causes too many problems.  I’m ready to train–there is this race in October that I want to attend.

I know what to do with the workouts on full formula.  Very simply put …NOT much.  All this other stuff (adding in new foods and exercise) is making me nuts.  I seem to be struggling with the whole consept … if it weren’t for the training it MIGHT be ok.  Mostly NOT!  I am very much struggling with the concept of going BACK on full formula.  There is a certain maddness that settles on you when you can NEVER eat food.  Can I do this again?  One Hundred Percent BACK on full formula?

What y’all thank?  Talk to me people … S

8 thoughts on “Will tomorrow be my Epic Fail?

  1. Hi Shonnie:

    If you go backward it is not a defeat, just an adjustment. Staying on Optifast long time is not an option and I know you can adjust to the food plan with time and weather not so hot!!!! Go easy on yourself…you have accomplished so much in such a short time. Your meds are way down and your health is much better. I am sure I speak for the whole family when I say how proud we are of you. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Hang in there!
    Love, Nancy and Dick

  2. Right then young lady… it’s like this – you don’t know what’s happening or indeed if you have anything to worry about – until you step on those scales! Let’s say that the worst has happened and you’ve gained a bit… well, I’d say that’s normal after two weeks AWOL and we are all entitled to a little holiday snacking 🙂 however bad it is – just start today off as part II – even if you gained a whopping 14lbs – 1 stone to us UK folks… when you look back at how many pounds you’ve lost – that’s a drop in the ocean – you can’t go wrong Shonnie because you’re on the right road – you know what got you here – and what got you here will keep you here! Everyone knows you’re going to make it to goal – and even you know that – because you are one of the most determined and gutsy women that I know – you have the inner strength – skies the limit! All you have to do today is get on the scales – listen to what they tell you and then take it from there – you’ve already won – because you made the decision to many weeks/months ago 🙂 xxx

  3. I think it’s pretty normal to gain weight on vacation. Our group leader says the average is 5 pounds. And it just has to be worked off. Like credit card debt, where you overcharge on vacation and then come home and have to pay it off over time. Unfortunately, we can’t be on vacation all the time! (darn it) As far as going on full product (where I am now) everyone says its much easier and the weight loss is greater, but I have to say that once I go off product? Not sure I could go back on. But whatever you decide to do I wish you luck, and esp with the weigh-in today.

  4. Hi Shonnie! I want to first congratulate you for taking on this challenge and being so focused on your goal. You definitely have a passion for what you want to achieve. Be encouraged that the desire you have will ultimately carry you through whatever you must do to succeed.
    Like most things, if you try to take in everything at once, it’s overwhelming. Forget about the concept of it. Commit (again) to one day at a time. Even if it feels sort of like starting over, that is okay. After all, you did pretty well at the beginning! : ) Commit to one day on full formula. Once you get through that one day, you will find it easier to commit to another day. And, even another.
    So, do I think you can do this again? Yes! Yes, I do.
    Don’t worry. Even the greatest of men sometimes struggled with the tasks before them. But, no man completed their task without first beginning.
    You are strong. You will do what must be done. I believe in you! GO FOR IT!!!!

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