Weigh in Week #28


WOW.  Three weeks without weighing in.  Well, how do you think I did?

I’m not gonna build suspence because I just don’t have that in me today.  It has been a yucky day on several points, but major pleasant on some others.  We gotta take the good with the bad.  Today was BAD.   I GAINED.  4.5 pounds.  Totally STINKS!

Do you think I wanna jump in fighting, or lay down and cry?  Both.  I feel like such a dolt lossing a month’s worth of work.  So, how did I handle my bad news?  Did I cry?  Did I stand up and give myself a pep talk?  Did I laugh?  Have I given up?  Questions, questions!  You all are just so inquisitive today.  I guess I should talk about what I felt.

  • I felt like a dolt.
  • I kinda knew this was coming (will list the reasons I knew later).
  • I was surprisingly calm.
  • The staff was AMAZING and encouraging.
  • Fellow groupies were supportive and kind.

I talked with the “Behavior Specialist” Cady today (she is the P-Shrinker for your brain–to figure out why you are emotionally fat).  She always asks me a lot of questions, today she asked me quiet a number about how I was going to deal with this setback.  I had so many good responses.  I listened to myself speak and wondered how I was being so positve.  Why wasn’t I crying and feeling majorly defeated?  Still I feel like a dolt, but oddly I don’t feel major upset.  I don’t know why.  I think I am NOT going over aynalize it, but instead GO with it and use it to my benefit.  🙂

YUCKY Loseit.com chart for this month. Booooo HISSS

Like I really wanted to share this ONE! 😛

I am a little afraid it will spiral out of control and my body my reverse itself and start gaining again, BUT only a little.  See … (now it is time to give you the reasons I knew gaining was a STRONG possibility) … my body acted predictably.

The list of WHY:

  • Yes, I have been having my first bout with emotional eating.
    • I ate gobs of nuts.  Nuts are good for you, but loaded in FAT.  Good fat, but fat none the less and that sorta adds up when eaten in bulk.
  • I was sick for two weeks before my Vaca.
    • I could barely exercise and I was on MEDICATIONS–that sometimes cause me to CRAVE foods.
  • I went on VACA and skipped Journaling my food and ate within reason what I wanted.  I planned this time off.
  • Got home from VACA had dizzy spells and a sick grand baby.
    • Dizzy spells meant I couldn’t workout much — major time sitting on the rumpas — very costly to a weight loss if one doesn’t watch one’s food consumption closely.
    • Sick grand baby ruined chances of working out on Friday — major hit to the calorie burning factory over here.
  • Surprise visits from my Sister and Niece and my Parents arrived a day earlier than expected.
    • While these are very fun surprises, I had no plan about the food combined with the lack of exercise in place.  Major ERROR!

One too many things happened to combine for a big time weight gain.  Stinks!  I’m just sayin’.  I have so much to do and so many things to workout.  I should be able to get back on target today all family left and I should be able to get my life after VACA back on track.  So what’s my plan?  It isn’t fully formed, yet.

The plan:

–Make a game plan for emergencies like unplanned family events and “extra” dinners out and trips to the lake.

–Be selfish and take care of my health needs no matter what.  That means next time family comes I keep to my schedule until I reach goal.  I know my parents and children will understand and support me, they want me to succeed.

Not that I am going to be inconsiderate, but as Lindsey said once this is my marathon.  I want to add this is my health marathon.  This is about MY life and the quality of it as well as the quality of life for my family.  It is my # job to care for myself.  Why do I have to state this?  Because I have been shamed for being so into myself.  It think this is one area that I have to give to myself first.  Like they tell you on the air plane–you MUST first put your own oxygen mask on before helping others.  Plainly stated, I AM WORTH any and ALL efforts to give myself the gift of health.

  Today we had a fellow OptiFast graduate speak to us, Scott Thorne.  He has kept his weight off for more than a 18 months.  I really enjoyed hearing him talk.  He was funny and realistic.  He reminded us to be selfish.  That resonated with me.  I honestly think that has cost me more than anything I have done (eaten) over the last 3 weeks.  I know if I eat extra calories I MUST up the exercise.  I didn’t do that this weekend.  I let other peoples wants derail my needs for maintaining my health.  This is so very hard for me.  I was so grateful to Lindsey for having Scott speak, because it really helped me to hear that it is important to be selfish again.  It packed more power from someone who has gone through this process and is living on healthily.

Me and My biggest Cheerleader. He encouraged me for an hour on the phone and then sat with me a while this evening before he had to head out for a job. all the while reminding how far we have come and how we would kick this in the butt! 🙂

–Plan my meals for the week, possibly the month.

–Journal — period!  Even while on VACA so that I can keep up with life and stay on track. I plan to always live with purpose.

My plan for the next few days is to finish off the food that I have in the house (in appropriate portions) that are way too tempting.  Then move back to 4 or 5 shakes with one very measured meal, and work back into my daily exercise.

Thanks for all your wonderful words of encouragement … I know this is corny, but you are the wind beneath my wings …S

18 thoughts on “Weigh in Week #28

  1. For what is worth I have every confidence that you will get back on track. Just because you went of and had a bit of fun is no reason to be despondant. You’re a fighter, and that always comes across loud and clear

  2. You are worth all efforts… good luck! When I did Weight Watchers, I somehow always followed up a week with a gain with a week of a big loss… maybe this is just part of the plan for you.

  3. Was going to go straight to bed – have had a ropey day – am a bit stressed to say the least – but I couldn’t not check you out!!!

    You know a gain of 4.5lb after three weeks not weighing in and all the stuff that has been going on – well I’d say that’s fair exchange for such a fun time out of every day life! I get where you’re coming from and that you feel you’ve let yourself down etc – but you haven’t – even though I know how you feel – I can also see that to be honest, it’s no bad thing to have a tiny slip on the graph – because it will keep you determined in the long run – it’s a reminder of all the things you don’t want – and we need that reality check – in a safe way – because you can deal with that small gain and it is sooooooooo tiny if you look at the bigger picture!

    I know for a fact you wont let this get you down for long – by this time next week you’ll have kicked most of it – if not all of it – into touch! 🙂 We are in this together for the long haul and the long haul goes way part goal – we’re keeping it in check but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to have to up our game every now and again! Shonnie never forget…. WE ROCK! 😉 XXX

  4. Yes, there will be setbacks but having that determination makes all the difference in the world, along with having a cheerleader with a moustache and who loves you no matter what 🙂

  5. Lady! I know how hard it is. I was on medications that made me gain weight and now I can’t get it off. Plus, with a new desk job, things are looking grim. One of these days it will click for you and you’ll get to where you want to be.

  6. Are you kidding me? You did great. If I don’t exercise one day and eat like I have all the freedom in the world I gain 7 pounds. You did excellent.

  7. Girl, I’m with Greg 1 1/3 lbs a week is truly minor. Just getting back on track will send those pounds melting away. Heck my weight fluctuates up and down each day. A pound up and a pound down. YOU WILL BE FINE!!! Love you much!!!!!!

  8. I am so proud of you! Who cares what the scale says? I’m talking about you bein’ a woman with a plan! And not letting the weight gain derail you! You and I have had an interesting couple of weeks… but what are we doing? We’re climbing right back on the bicycles and peddling for all we’re worth (I know I said ‘bicycle,’ but the image in my head is Fred Flintstone running for all he’s worth to propel his stone age car–or bowling on his tip-toes). And that’s how we’ll both accomplish our goals. Ignore that rude little scale and keep reminding yourself that attitude is everything in this battle of the bulge! Hugs!!!

  9. Bad weeks happen. I had one myself and gained 4.4 pounds.

    Just need to brush off that dirt and get back to work. Keeping a food journal is so important because it can show us where things went wrong while at the same time keeping us from going wrong because we don’t want to write about it.

    I have no doubts you will get back to work and the weight gained won’t take long to get back off.

    Good luck

    The Grumpy Man

    • Thanks Grumpy …. I know you know how this works. You have an amazing record for pushing through to victory. I will listen to what you say and move in that direction. Thanks for your support. 🙂

  10. 1 1/3 lbs a week is not bad for falling off the wagon. I can gain that easily in a weekend! Sounds like you have already made adjustments and course corrections! Good job! You had some fun so now time to start kicking names and taking arse again! 🙂

  11. What I always tell myself is: You might lose weight for awhile, but your body will eventually gain some weight, but you can lost it again! Don’t get down on yourself, just keep pushing forward. My weigh-in is tomorrow and I hope it is a good result, but I always prepare myself for the worse, just because I can haha!! Don’t stress, you can do it! Hang in there and keep pushing.

  12. I think you handled it well, Shonnie! Understood the reason and got a plan to deal with it. Love what Loretta said, too! You are doing great and look fabulous chickie!!

  13. I care about you.
    Don’t fall into the trap of vacation=fun=bad.
    Life is about the journey, not the bumps along the way.
    I had a good time does NOT= I have to feel guilty.
    You will never have that time with Mike and Colin again.
    Ever. Are they going to remember how thin you were? Or will they remember how much you loved them? In lifes box of what really matters its not about weight.
    If you died tonight is this what you want them to remember?
    2 lbs = water weight
    1 lbs = fecal excrement
    1.5 lbs = nuts, vacation
    4.5 lbs = brass balls. (I would never take that raft trip you did gf!)
    Wear them with pride!

  14. Shonnie – you are right we have to take the good with the bad and look how far you have come and what you have learned. This is nothing but a minor speed bump that you have already passed !! You can and will continue to do great – you have your plan, your support and the mind set to get it done. As I always say – keep on keeping on !!

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