Do you ever have days?

Well, I been haven a month of days like this.

Sometimes when you are on a particularly trying journey, one filled with mountains of fear to climb and oceans of shame to swim, you can feel like you are hanging on by a thread or grasping for any place to get a foot hold.  I think weight loss is one such journey.  Most of our paths are littered with minefields or MINDfields of emotional triggers as well as our physiological hunger needs.  What’s a body to do when they feel much like Collin’s humorous cry for help in the above picture from our trip up Mount Evans?  What are your thoughts?

See ya soon ……(smiling)….S

***NOTE****  I just realized that this could seem like I am depressed.  I am not.  I just didn’t sleep well and this is as far as I could get with the idea that I had in my brain.  So I thought it would be really interesting to hear what what YOU do when you feel like this.   

9 thoughts on “Do you ever have days?

  1. Just getting caught up Shonnie. You know you have to take the weeks and divide by the weight loss and get your total weight loss per week. Remember you are on a long journey to the new you and you have been incredibly successful. I try to take a week off every 7 weeks. Most of it is water and comes back off almost right away. You can always do shakes and bars for a few days to get back on track. You are an inspiration to many of us out here and I hope you know that!

  2. When reading this post I was thinking about which mountains I can tell about. Then I realized – I have not such a mountain.

    In fact I would be unable to do it your way – I 100% can not. Actually I tried int he past and always failed. Controlling myself every day, keeping myself inline and work and and and… And then maybe one achieved the goal almost and falls back to former patterns. I am 100% prone to fail on this path. So my utter respect to all of you since I can not do it.

    But what I can do is sports.

    It’s painfull afterwards, sometimes like today my legs hurt so much, that I an not sit or stand still. But I love the pain, it tells me what I did. This pain even makes me want it more since it will hurt much more in the future and suddenly at one point it will be gone and another pain comes by. Almost like climbing a ladder, with every improvement comes another level of pain.

    Very masochistic – yes, but works for me.

    I see my muscles coming out, sharp edges. It almost feels like sculpting myself. And then when going out eg. runnign with someone else, I start to realize how fit I am.

    Life is cool. Cudos to all of you and especially you Shonnie.


  3. Shonnie,
    As a fellow mother it is natural for us to put others before ourselves as that is what we do! But I totally agree with you about being selfish! Sometimes we just have to be to be able to be our best selves and in the end that is going to benefit everyone in our lives! Keep up the good work!

    Mel xxx

  4. Hey, Shonnie,
    If you’ve read my blog (and I know you have, thanks so much), you know I have a lot of challenging moments and I’m not really one for “stiff upper lip” and all that rot. It’s better to get it out, I think. Glad you did and just hang in there, Butt Kicker! When I get the blues, I use my favorite music, it always gets me dancing around the house or I exercise because it changes something for me, shifts me into a better gear mentally. Writing is my other life long “crutch” for those weaker moments. So, that’s what I do. I get that you are not depressed. I understand the weight loss journey. More than you know. Might share my challenges there some day, still living them but try to focus forward. I’m not depressed either but lack of sleep can really take a toll on our moods. Hope you get some good rest soon 🙂

  5. Let’s see . . . try to pull yourself up . . . Dig your feet in and try to climb . . . Scream for help. But do not ever actually truly give up–the fall ends poorly.

  6. I laughed when I saw the picture because it reminded me of a what I wrote in my “Optifast Worries” post – “In my worst moments, when I think of trying not to regain the weight, I see myself at the edge of a dark hole, hanging on by my fingertips, and being relentlessly sucked downwards…” I just start to get panicky. Then usually I tell myself to stop it, that I’m in control, that nothing is going to happen unless I let it happen, and I just won’t. No spirals!!! For either of us…

  7. Thanks for stopping by Kathie. That starting a gaining spiral is what sends me in to the sweats. I gotta hold my own or go down. 🙂 Taking one day at a time is exactly what I am going to do. 🙂

  8. Just keep hanging on and trying Shonnie. I have been going through the same things. Mike can tell you that I lost 60# and have gained 50# of it back. So a few days ago I started over. I know how you are feeling. But think of how far you have come in your journey. I tend to get overwhelmed when I think about how much I have to lose. So I have decided to just try for 3# a week. If I make it fine, if not then there is next week. And I am not trying to set a date on all this. It is sort of like AA, take it one day at a time.

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