Ahhhh ...... the beauty of nature

I spent the entire day yesterday languishing in the bed, watching movies and snuggling with my Mikey.  I know my life is hard, but someone has to be saddled with the duty.  We slept in for the first time I cannot even tell you when.  We were ravishingly frivolous, ordering goofy movies from Charter on Demand.  I was scandalous in my food consumption, having mostly shakes with a dash of chips (measured out to my allotted proportions of course–factually, I took one serving and divided it for two servings) here and there, because neither of us were willing to leave our comfy spot to acquire more appealing-nutrious food.  Sometimes doing nothing is as important as what you eat.

my hangin' buddy

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my day of looking at wonderful photo’s of our trip, watching silly movies, and snuggling with my honey.

I know we had copious amounts of work to do.  There were so many things that just screamed at us to be done, but I think we spent yesterday in the VERY best way possible.  I feel so incredibly refreshed.  I cannot lie … I truly long for today to be another such day … I am just not sure we can afford such luxury.  Life awaits.  One can only postpone it for so long.  Especially when you consider we just got back from a vacation, and our duties got pushed off for a week.  I am so behind in my life that I can scarcely afford an afternoon tea break much less an entire day of goofing off … yet … it was DIVINE!

We did finally drag our carcasses out of the bed for a grocery run.  It was necessary, otherwise we would have NOTHING appropriate for health and nutrition to consume.  Heck, we didn’t even have junk to eat.  We had scraped the bottom of our barrel and it was DRY.  We were out of options.  We were forced to leave our comfy place on the bed for food.  I wasn’t able to do a normal grocery run before we had back to back family visits (loved my family visits). The food situation was at desperation stage. So we trudged our little abused selves to the store.  I was a very good girl.  I got 3 bags of mini carrots and 2 bags of precut celery, 1 box of grape tomatoes, several apples, 2 red bell peppers, and 2 cucumbers for me to chomp.   OK … OK, so I wasn’t exactly perfect; I also got some super dark chocolate with nuts. YUM.  I portion them off in little tiny squares just to get the flavor once in a while.  My last stash (2 bars) lasted 6 months.   😉

I know I wasn’t active yesterday, but Friday, I was very active.  One and half hours of Donna “the Trainer Nazi” Jones and then one hour plus of bike riding with my Mikey — I was almost at exercise overload.  Today must return to normal activity and food.  Let me share a few of my favorite photos from our trip and a few comparisons.  What did you all do yesterday?  Did you have a good Saturday?  If you didn’t I hope your today is FANTASTIC!    🙂

Last visit to Colorado

Mike forgot it was supposed to be a full body shot ... but I think you get the picture.

Last Visit

This visit 2011 I don't know, is it me, or is there a difference? 🙂

Love life, live large.  🙂

Loved getting to be active with my boo man! That is priceless!

Oh ... and this picture is one of my favorites. The day I met BETH in PERSON. Gosh she is such a wonderful person.

Well ….. this girl has gotta get in the kitchen and russle up some grub for her man/men … so y’all have a GREAT SUNDAY ya hear … S


14 thoughts on “Languishing

  1. Languishing! How I love that term. Says it all. We should all do it more often. I think the world would be better for it no matter our food selections, lol. Yes, there is a big difference in your photo from the last visit to Colorada. You look good then but now you look absolutely stunning! Keep it up, appears the “languishing” didn’t cause any backsliding 🙂

    • Thanks Aurora. I love the word myself. Some words just make you want to pick up a good book or write. THANKS for saying that I look stunning. That is another delish word. 🙂

    • Thanks Grumpy!

      I don’t count 2 year old oat meal as food — just sayin’. I get worried when food lasts a long time, which has happened when I went on Atkins in the past, and when I started this diet. I am the cook here … things that are not super easy don’t get fixed when I am not cooking. 🙂

    • Love the term “Slumpathons’s” That is exactly what it was and it was GRAND! Colorado is a beautiful state. It was very fun to go there. We have “mountains” over this way that look a LOT more like hills compared to the majesty of the Rocky mountains. 🙂

  2. Looking FABULOUS my darling 😉 fabulous!!!! How lovely to have a day in bed just for the pure indulgence of it! One of my favourite things 😉 All though you steal the show… the scenery behind you is also stunning! What a beautiful place to be!

    Well, I hope we both find our mojo this week – I feel like I’ve lost mine recently – I want it back! 🙂


  3. Sounds like a great day. We need more days of doing nothing! I definitely see a difference in your photo from last year compared with this year. Congrats!

  4. You look beyond great in the pix! And sounds like your Saturday was PERFECT! I spent mine at a “campout” at a children’s fairy tale town – not much sleep but lots of fun. But kicking back all day with your honey should always be a high priority – good way to spend part of your weekend!

    • Thanks OB! Children’s Fairy Tale town? Hmmm … That sounds interesting and possibly quite fun. 🙂 A day lounging with your honey is necessity for a calm peaceful life in my case anyway. We are always working or doing so much it is just nice to hang. 🙂

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