Tomorrow is Weigh in DAY!?!?!? YIKES!

I always hated having my photo taken ... I am still a little nervous ....

What do I say?  What have I done?  Will I lose?  Will I gain?  Will I stay the same?

I haven’t been great this week as I would love to have been.  I think I stayed within range to lose, but not sure.  I almost feel like I have my grove back, so even if I didn’t lose this week I should be on schedule to lose for next week.  It has been interesting trying to scale my food back down with so much JUNK in the house.  Thankfully, I have a great family who has helped me consume all the threatening foods, and we have filled our home with only things that are within range and not so tempting as to make me nuts to eat more and more and more.  The offensive nuts with fruit have been consumed with Mikey to make sure that I couldn’t over eat and the nuts without fruit have been frozen for a later day (already pre-bagged in portions so I can thaw them according to what I need).

I will be weighing in and going to my class just before noon — so — don’t get worried if it takes me a while to post.  I liked it MUCH better when my class was at 7:30 in the AM instead of 11.  It just takes up way to much of my day waiting to be weighed.  I’m just saying.

To keep my nerves calm today, fear was trying to build, I ran on my trampoline today while watching a silly kids movie, but it was a great distraction, later Mikey and I hit our bikes for a very agressive ride.  We pushed up some hills on the highest gear we have …. OUCH on the legs, but we did it!  Then, for the fun of it and to cool off,  we blasted (over 30 mph) down the other side of the hills–cuz hell has broken forth here in the form of heat and humidity.  It is so hot I had to change chilly ties after each lap around the buildings and one circut of hills, and they were soaking in ice water.  DANG!  I got so hot even still that I started pouring my water all over me — then the hills were really cooling.  I feel pretty good.  I think I will be able to sleep well now.  I’ll let ya know if it holds until the morning.  🙂

Rejoicing in my losses up to this point and keeping my eye on the prize ... this is a LONG distance race not a sprint. 🙂

Say a prayer, wish me luck ….. and I will check y’all later …S

18 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Weigh in DAY!?!?!? YIKES!

  1. As one who had the pleasure of meeting you up close and personal, the photos don’t do you justice! And that your husband and family adore you speaks volumes to the truly special person you are! Hugs!

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    • Thanks Lafe! I feel a LOT better now than before. I’d feel even better if I was going back down again. I am not liking the way it looks like I am gonna have to head. whinnnneeee

  3. Holy moly! Is that YOU in the purple tank at Estes Park??? You look fabulous and happy. You were right in saying, “This is a long distance race, not a sprint.” Trampolines and bike riding – I want to work out with you. Fun stuff!

    • Yep, that’s me Jessica! I know big change since I started. You would probably like the way we play. Kayaking, climbing around on mountains (not on ropes just exploring the lesser traveled paths), biking (sometimes for 60 or 80 miles), and all kinds of fun stuff. Now, I am very impressed with what all you and your hubby did. Girl, you know how to get dirty and make it look good. 😀

  4. You will do fine. You always do. But here is food for thought, muscle weighs more than fat. And you have been exercising.

    • Yes, “Duckie,” (Shonnie calls you that, right?) I am thrilled, but for many more reasons than you might suspect. I usually keep my comments short, but I want to address this point at some length. (And, no, I am not offended; you just gave me the intro. to do something I have wanted to do for sometime, but it is my wife’s blog, and I leave the writing to her here.)

      I have to agree with you–my wife is quite the “corker,” and she has been for as long as I have known her. I looked it up, and found that it meant an outstanding person, and that is what she is. I have known her at a variety of weights, and can tell you that she defines “hot” in each weight category. She is and always has been the prettiest woman in the room–regardless of her size. I must admit to you that super skinny has never been my taste preference, so I have always been happy.

      Honestly, we look at before-and-after pictures, and we are BOTH shocked. She didn’t seem that different then, yet she OBVIOUSLY was. Seeing clothes that she used to fill and now literally fall off of her seems fake (yet it is VERY VERY real) and really takes some processing.

      I am happy for other reasons too. Like not being afraid that she was at risk of sudden death (heart attack, stroke, falling down the stairs because her balance sucked) anymore. Like being able to hike to the top of a mountain with her. Like being able to ride bikes aggressively with her. Like this blog giving expression to an outstanding writing talent that I have known about for years, but, here-to-fore, has been unseen by others. Like finally having success against an enemy that has thwarted her (and by extension me too) for many tear- and pain-filled years.

      These are just a few reasons. I am her cheerleader. I was when she was 255 #’s (and even when she was more), and I will be when she is about 145-150. If she gets there, and decides she wants to lose more, I will put up with it, and cheer for her then too, because I love her! 😉

      Thanks, Duckie, for the opportunity to address what was in my heart. Thanks, also to you and everyone else for your faithful support of my wife and her blog. It has made my heart very, very happy.


    • Thank you Duckie. We are both really thrilled and you didn’t stray outside the boundaries as I guess you see from my hubbies lengthy reply. 🙂

  5. Good luck with the weigh-in – sounds like you had some pretty strenuous exercise today. With the cupboards cleaned up and those dangerous bad-boy foods out of sight, you should be fine!

    • Thanks .. not so fine, but thanks so much for your words of encouragement. I read them while I waited to weigh in and they gave me courage. 🙂

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