Weigh in #29 … Six months or 201 Days into OptiFast


I am at a cross roads of sorts.  I have been talking and talking about making the shift back to full formula.  Several of my fellows have already made the jump.  They also sit and talk about cheating on it here and there.  I can’t do that — it is all or nothing with the full formula Deal-E-O for me.  Just to put you out of your misery, ‘cuz  I know you are about to die with wonder.  I lost  … 0 LB’s … count ‘em …. Oh, wait you can’t count 0 pounds lost.  It is also 0 pounds gained.  I have to tell you I am NOT a happy girl.

I REALLY DON’T Want to go back on full formula.  I don’t like the shakes, but I sure do like the results.  My body is trying to fight me to stay this weight — I have been here (the 180 somethings) for almost 3 months.  I am SICK of this.  I know what I did that got me the bump up in weight, now, combine that with my weighing last week before 9 AM and today weighing after 10 AM — Well, I knew there would be less of a loss, but I hoped there would be a loss, even half an ounce!  No such luck … the weird thing my home scale has me down almost 2 pounds.  WEIRD!

Gotta LOVE this loseit.com chart! Down, flatline, UP, Flatline. Help me Lord I gotta get off this ride. 😐

As I am trying to share with you all my struggles, my lovely granddaughter Sophia has brought me the bag of mini-marshmallows for me to portion out a treat for her.  I am NOT a marshmallow fan, unless they are added to sweat potato casserole or hot chocolate, but those blasted things SMELLED GOOD — I’m just sayin’.  OK, now back to my whining about my miserable lack of loss.

I worked my plan exactly as I had planed it.  All the offensive foods have been removed from my home.  Now, I only have allowed snacks and treats — veggies, rice thins (cardboard crackers), and bread so thin it looks like melba toast.  Sad as those sound, they may be on the chopping block if I do not lose next week.  I am not going to play about with this for another week.  I will join my fellows who have gone back to full formula.  I am going to dial all food back to the simplest form this week and see if the scale starts moving downward again.

Honestly, I didn’t expect a big loss because of the gentle redirection back to plan, but I did expect to lose a pound or so.  I am not one of those who can eat one day and do all OptiFast the next.  I have tried; it just makes me nuts.  I kinda have to do full formula — the T-Totaler way — all in.  I am whining all over the place at that thought.  I am going to give this new plan my all — for this week.  If it doesn’t produce a loss, girlfriend here is going back on the Shakes.  OptiFast is not a bad tasting food, but sweet food … Ugghhh … and THAT just isn’t my favorite way to eat my meals.  In my mind, sweet is for desert not the whole meal, except at breakfast. God, help me!  I really DON’T want to go back to that, but I really want to get to GOAL more than anything.

Why do I want to get to goal so bad?  Because at goal weight I won’t need most of my medications, if any.  That is a worthy dream, my friends — a worth-my-while goal.  It IS worth going back on all liquids.  It is worth gagging through all the sweet liquid food until I get to my goal.

I drug out some of my old clothes and tried them on to remind myself how far I have come and that this fight is worth all I have to give.  And then, I popped on a shirt that was once so tight that I was slightly embarrassed to wear it out for something to beat about the house in.  Will you ever guess what happened?  The shirt was too big since the last time I wore it to actually be decent with my son in the house.  SMILING here.

The Pants I started weighing in at the OptiFast Program ... they no stay up anymore. Dis a maka me smila. 🙂

Me at 230 pounds in a photo I hid because I had NO idea how bad that shirt was sticking to me until the photo. Now, it hangs on me and isn't decent. Oh and those bike shorts ... uhh they too big now too. 'Dis a too maka me smile. 🙂

Lest I forget how far I have come. Me at 255 and me today in the shirt I wore to my race that was tight on my hips and tummy -- I guess you can see it isn't tight now. Smiling 😀

Yeah, I know I got a thick middle, but this girl has come a LONG way baby and she is gonna remember that when the blues try to sneak in to steal her joy. Just sayin'.

Hope you enjoyed the “Fashion Show.”  I know it lifted my spirits.  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to keep herself motivated and focused on this long race … see y‘all at the finish line.

47 thoughts on “Weigh in #29 … Six months or 201 Days into OptiFast

  1. I have started Optifast and a blog to boot! Your blog was one of the final factors I used to determine that Optifast was the way for me. Thank you for writing so frequently and providing inspiration!

    • Awesome Cookie. That makes my heart swell with tears of joy. I am so glad something in my life would cause you to step out and try for good things in your own. What a blessing. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. 🙂 can’t wait to keep up with you. You will be a BK in no time at all. 🙂

  2. I’m not familiar with the program your own. I’ve always just counted calories and tried to make semi healthy decisions. However, whatever you are doing is obviously working. You look absolutely fantastic! Keep on keeping on. You will get there! PS I really like that chart. I may use that myself here soon.

      • Thanks Marica — I would never have even noticed your slip up, my mind filled in the correct word. haha. Sorry it took so long to respond, some how I missed all these great responses. Thanks a bunch. 🙂

    • Hahaha OL ….. not, I only drink the strawberry. 🙂 And there have been quite a few of them this week. I will drink the vanilla powered stuff with coffee, but only the strawberry bricks. 🙂

  3. So many people rooting for you – that’s got to help! But still at the end of the day there’s that unbudging number on the scale – I completely understand your frustration. Also your reluctance to go back on full product. If you do decide to do that, maybe you can set some finite period, like two weeks on product, so there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe that would be enough to wake up your body and starting the scale heading down again. I know they say to wait, but sheesh. Whatever you do, be gentle with yourself. You are doing great, your body is getting healthy, and things will get better.

    • I just realized I missed all these wonderful comments. Thanks OB. You had some great ideas there too. Here’s hoping tomorrow will bring good news. 😀

  4. Hi Shonnie:

    Hard decision. I would do whatever the medical team says. They have seen this before.
    I also have started to gain the weight back. Now at 163.8 the morning. However my weight loss was nerves, not sleeping etc. Would like to keep it off as I am still in the overweight category!
    Tyring to ease into retirement by working only 40-45 hours per week and looking into some outside interest more. lol Hang in there…saying some prayers for the right decision for you 🙂

    • Well, Nancy they are working with me on my plans each time. I present my ideas and they either like or change them. Right now they want me to continue on my plan for right now, but I really want to lose just a tad faster than stalling all the time. Dr. Ard’s original plan was if I got stuck to have me go back on full formula … I have just been running from it. 😀

  5. Just found this blog, and have to say you have a lot to be proud of. I have struggled with weight since college. Up… down… up… down, and recently up…. up… up… ugh! I gotta say I am not sure the title of your blog fits anymore, you are not fat anymore. I appreciate your frustration, but am glad you can look back an see your success. You have made amazing progress. Good luck getting past this hurdle and reaching your goal!

    • Thanks Casey,

      I really appreciate your kind words and you stopping by. I have a lot of buddies who are struggling through to victory in my links one of their journey’s just might be the spur you need to flip your yo you off! 😀

      Thanks for saying I am not fat anymore, but according to medical experts I am officially OBESE. I hate that word. I was, before my last bounce up “Just Overweight”, I will be back there shortly, but it is so frustrating not being where you want to be.

      My plan is to get to my healthy goal (NOT super skinny about 30 more pounds to reach 150 pounds) so that I can train for mini-triathlons and adventure races with my hubby. We have so much fun doing it together. WE want to be in the NYC Century race. It is a 100 mile ride through downtown Manhattan. MY dream ride. 😀

      • You cant always listen to medical “experts”. I look at your current pictures and see a women that might stand to lose a couple pounds, but who in America couldn’t? You certainly wouldn’t jump out at me. And knowing a bit of your story I see a woman that has A LOT to be proud of. I think the medical community had gone overboard on these labels and they can be dangerous. Public perception is different. To most folks who dont know your story the woman that fit in those first pants was obese, and the woman standing in them today is just another busy wife, mom?, who tries to eat right, but cant alway do it due to circumstance as much as anything else, and who probably tries to get some exercise, but probably doesn’t get as much as she wants. They certainly are no longer seeing and obese woman.

        Dont look at yourself and see obese! I stand by my comment your are not a fat woman anymore.

  6. First of all, and for no reason at all, thankyou for commenting on your spelling mistake in your comment on my Blog. It made me feel better because I am always doing that. In my reply to your last post I wrote “god” instead of “good”, which I hope the almightly will overlook as a genuine error. It’s something I do all the time and then say “oops” as I publish the comment and can’t do anything about it.

    Now onto the “before and after” pictures. Really astounding, and a sign of the great willpower existing behind the lovely smile which you display in your photographs. Lastly, I am glad I gave Mickie a chance to comment on your qualities and his support for you. You are just a great couple and I wish you were near enough for me to offer you both a fattening cup of tea with a tempting low cal wafer on the side

    • Haha! I am so glad to make you feel good about miss-spelled words. I have so many of them — typo’s and gramticall errors it isn’t funny. Glad to know I am not alone. I completely missed the “god/good” thing. haha I read good. What does that say about me? 🙂

      I would so love a cup of tea and a scone! It would be wonderful to actually get to sit down and consume them while getting to meet you face to face. We would all have a great time I am sure. I hope to give that as a gift to myself for reaching goal. A trip over your way. Of course if we made it across the pond we would have to go to the UK. 😀

  7. Ahhhhh my sweet gorgeous darling Shonnie 🙂 Your photos are AMAZING!!! We are paddling the same boat this week… I stayed still yesterday too – but today I’ve lost… how frustrating is that? I can’t record it because it’s not my ‘official’ day! Whatever the scales say – you need to go by how you look and feel – I can’t speak for how you feel but I can tell you, you look HOT!!! If you were to say that you’d decided to stop right where you are and maintain – I’d say that was absolutely acceptable – because you not only look hot… but healthy too! So first off, go by that!!!

    Now… having said that – I totally 1 million percent… understand your need to get to goal… to a weight that is medically definited as ‘normal range’ YES! I get that – so we are continuing our journey to that range 🙂 BUT not forgetting to enjoy how good we already look and feel 🙂

    This coming week we are going to do out best for the kind of result we want – and because we are such Rock Chics… hahaha we will MAKE IT!!! xxx

    • Dizi — my sweet girl. Love you bunches, cuz you are just so good to me. We are paddling the same boat this week and my exercise keeps getting knocked off kilter — it is making me NUTS! Life’s good all the same and we will WIN! I’m just sayin’, cuz we Rock and BIG TIME!

      We haven’t quit so that means we win! 🙂

    • Thanks Miss Emm. It doesn’t feel like it because the numbers on the scale are staying the same. SO …. I got out the pics to keep me focused. I’m hungry though. hahahha … she laughs maniacally as she falls into bed hoping sleep will drive the demon of hungry far from her. 🙂

    • Thanks Red,

      I am happy about where I have come — just ready to get on to where I am going. This last bit has been a real battle. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Really loved your little crafty wall art. 🙂

    • I haven’t seen the evil Dr. Ard in a LONG time. He is now has a more elevated position and we only see the other folks and interns. Not so good the interns. Very much NOT good at working with people losing weight. I am going back to the last thing he said and am working toward full formula. I am trying one more thing. The dietitian OK’d the plan, she feels it is a good one, but we will see. She wants me to wait 3 weeks before going back to full formula. Not sure I will if I don’t move next week though. This is NUTS! Dragin around this long. It doesn’t have to be big, but it does have to go down. 🙂 Thanks for asking.

  8. Fantastic photos! 😀

    Those pictures should help you some with your frustration and motivate you to keep up the hard work.

    I’m in the process of heading back to what works too. Atkins works for me. Carbs do not. Every single time I get bored and think I can eat a few extra carbs, I get stalled.

    So I am back to Atkins induction. Good luck getting back to what worked for you.

    • Thanks Grumpy. I am working my brain into that mode. I wish Atkins worked for me. I know we all get bored with what works, but I like Atkins induction. haha! 🙂

    • Thanks Martin!

      You know I can’t give up now. I gotta push forward. Thanks for stopping by and keeping me reminded of how much I want to do. I need to get with you about your diet for training sometime. I need to start working with them at UAB on a training diet. 🙂

  9. Oh dear. Three months is a dreadfully long time to be stuck at the same weight. I’d be upset too. But you can do this. I’m so impressed by your progress. This too shall pass. Hoping for a huge whoosh of weight loss for your next weigh-in.

  10. So anyone who looks at you would say “Wow! Shonnie you look great.” So just keep up all the hard work because you will get yo where you want to be. Love you.

  11. You have come so far – you can do this !! Look at those pictures, remember how far you have been and how close you are to what you want (goal and no meds) – YOU GOT THIS !!

  12. All In!!! No meds! Worthy goal! You have come a long way and you are nearing the finish line! Then it is all about maintainence and continuing to enjoying a healthy and joyful lifestyle!

    • Yep Greg … it is such a worthy goal. 🙂 I think the maintainence will be a little easier for me — since I can exercise as much as I want then. 🙂 Or at least that is a fun hope. 🙂

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