Weigh In #30 …. Cancelled

Life happened again.  It was called BAND CAMP and we didn’t read well so I wasn’t prepared for all the extra trips back and forth to the school this morning. Can I tell you that I am beyond frustrated.  I am stark-raving-screaming-like-a-lunatic mad that I misread the information and missed my appointment!  Huurgggghhhh!

I have a call in to see if I can come tomorrow in the AM and get my products and weigh in.  I will miss my class today and my reformer class tomorrow if this is a go.  Which makes me NUTS!

Well, life happens even when you don’t want it too.  🙂

See ya!

3 thoughts on “Weigh In #30 …. Cancelled

    • I really could use one, but that would blow my diet — soooooo — we will skip that for now. I’m going for a bike ride. It works just as well and has the side effect of causing my body to become toned and I lose more weight. 😀

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